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Bet On Numbers is a Fun88 lottery online game type in India. Join today & get 400% bonus up to ₹2,000. Game starts with min bet of ₹5 & payment rate : 1 to 2,000


Introduction to Fun88 bet on numbers

Fun88 India is one of the most prominent online gambling sites in the market for more than a decade now. Fun88 offers an online sportsbook to bet on sports matches, a live casino to play online card games, slot machines to spin the wheel, and a lottery to play lottery bets.


Fun88 bet on numbers is a fancy name for betting in Fun88 lottery numbers online. Players can also bet in lottery pools at Fun88 via placing a simple bet, it offers loads of betting options and greater odds. Remember the great odds offer greater winnings.

7 Basic points to understand the Fun88 bet on numbers

In order to understand the Fun88 lottery online, one must know the basic rules to play Fun88 Bet on numbers. Mentioned below are 5 basic points to understand the Fun88 lottery online better in the live casino.


  1. Bet on Numbers: Bet on numbers is an intimidating bet game that offers the most betting options and frequent draws with 49 balls of white and red color. Fun88 lottery online is nothing new but an innovative name for betting on numbers or betting on the lottery.
  2. Fun88 lottery online objective: Players bet on either of the betting options and predict the upcoming numbers, colors, and sums in the big spherical ball filled with small balls of white and red colors, written numbers on them.
  3. A number of balls drawn: Balls are numbered from 1 to 49. 6 balls are drawn from the spherical apparatus in a single round of the game by the live dealer and the number on the balls determines the winner of the Fun88 lottery online.
  4. Betting time: Players will be granted 2 minutes and 40 seconds to place their bets on Bets on numbers before the actual action begins in the spherical apparatus.
  5. Betting options: Players are supposed to bet on either of the three betting options, either bet on numbers from 1 to 12, bet on colors from 13 to 24, or bet on sums from 25 to 36. These three options are further subdivided into a number of betting options like the maximum number of balls drawn will be red in color or white in color.
  6. Betting range: Minimum amount of money you need to play bet on numbers is ₹5 and the maximum is ₹250, which means you can afford to play Bet on numbers with just ₹5.
  7. Unusual betting odds: Even before the game begins, a table of betting odds for different numbers will appear on your screen to help you make a better decision. Observe the odds and make the decision wisely. Return to players starts from a 1:1 ratio and gets higher up to a 1:2000 ratio.

Note: Bet on numbers game will be open from 9:30 AM to 1:30 AM only, which means players can play the game between that time limit.

How to play Fun88 bet on numbers – 3 steps beginners guide

Without further ado, let’s jump into the mainstream and play the Fun88 lottery online with 3 steps beginners guide in 4-5 minutes. HappyIndia88 recommends you to play the Fun88 lottery online at Ezugi Club game provider as it allows the players to bet on numbers with a minimum betting amount of ₹5 and provides the best Fun88 lotobet.

Step 1: Access Fun88, register & bet on Ezugi

Follow the pointers mentioned below to take one step ahead for playing.

  • Access the official website of Fun88 via the original link mentioned in the article above to avoid playing at the duplicated website.
  • Click ‘JOIN NOW’ to make Fun88 register via the Fun88 registration form. Make your first priority to enter valid credentials to avoid verifications problems.


  • Select ‘LIVE CASINO’ from the horizontal list of Fun88 products on the homepage.
  • Choose ‘EZUGI’ online casino games provider at Fun88 among all others in the horizontal list.
  • Click on ‘BET NOW’ to visit the Ezugi Club page and see an exclusive range of live casino games provided by the Ezugi game provider.

Step 2: Select bet on numbers under Ezugi

  • Select ‘Bet on Numbers’ from the horizontal list of live casino games provided by the Ezugi game provider.


  • Click on ‘Bet on numbers 1’ to visit to play Fun88 lottery online and be redirected to the new page where the live dealer will help you play with numbers.

Step 3: Choose a betting option and place a bet

After clicking on the game, you chose to play, that is, bet on number 1 you’ll be redirected to a page where live dealer appears on your screen.


  • You are supposed to look into betting odds and options, make wise decisions seeing the track of previous bets and winners in the bet on numbers.
  • Choose one or more betting options from the list to bet on, either the sum of number, color of balls, or the nature of the numbers.
  • Observe the odds calculated by professional experts at Fun88, remember the great odds offer greater wins.


  • Place the bets by choosing from the list and wait for the numbers to be drawn and the winner declaration.
  • Take the pot if you win the bets, and continue to play as many rounds as you want.

Claim 400% welcome bonus up to ₹2,000 in Ezugi wallet

Customers never go empty-handed from Fun88 ever. Join and claim the best whopping Fun88 promotions made for you.


To claim a 400% welcome bonus of up to ₹2,000 in the Ezugi club wallet you must make Fun88 registration. Make your first deposit of at least ₹500 in your Ezugi wallet and complete the rollover requirements to unlock the locked bonus amount.

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We hope you understand the 3-step guide to play Bet on numbers at Fun88 and are heading to Fun88 to start gambling at lottery games. Explore more of the world’s gambling and betting with Fun88 sportsbook and live casino, do live betting and create the pool. Join Fun88 and grab welcome bonuses of up to ₹2,000. Have happy gambling and loads of earnings.

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