Fun88 casino review – Claim 300% up to ₹1,000 on 1st deposit

Looking for best casino platform? Get unbiased Fun88 casino review. Know top 5 vendors & most played games. Join & win 300% up to ₹1,000 bonus on 1st deposit!

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Introducing Fun88 Casino

Want to play casino games without visiting Las Vegas? Play casino games in the comfort of your home with Fun88 casino. Best place for an Indian punter to visit. It is an affordable platform for every gambling lover. You don’t have to be Richie rich to enjoy gambling. All you need is ₹5 to place your bets at Fun88 Casino and earn double it whenever you win the bet.


Is it safe to play at Fun88 Casino?

How can you assure something is safe for you or not? You should believe in its credibility. Fun88 India makes its customers believe in it through a valid license, accurate SSL certificate, fast and transparent transaction, and most importantly, customer reviews. A customer can believe happily in customer reviews.


Fun88, one of the best online destinations for Indian punters is authorized by Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation to perform online gambling games. Thousands of Indian punters visit Fun88 India daily to play Fun88 casino games and earn real cash.

Top 5 fruitful features of Fun88 Casino

Have a taste of the most exotic fruit in the online gambling world, Fun88 casino. Know 5 fruitful features that will benefit and help you to become a professional from an amateur.

  1. Exclusive variety of casino games: Fun88 casino has 7 vendors to provide hundreds of casino games to its beloved customers 24×7. There is hundreds variety of each casino game.
  2. The minimum betting amount is ₹5: Fun88 India is an affordable online gambling platform. Different casino games have different minimum betting values, ranging from ₹5 to ₹50.
  3. Betting odds, options & RTP: Games at Fun88 casino offers great betting odds with higher RTP and lower house edge. They offer multiple betting options for punters to bet on and win.
  4. Easy withdrawal of your winnings: A verification process is necessary for withdrawal. Once that is done, it is easiest to withdraw your winnings with multiple withdrawing methods.
  5. Compatible with Android & iOS: Now, you can access Fun88 casino any time of the day, even while traveling. You don’t need a desktop anymore; your mobile phone is more than enough.

Top 5 Fun88 Casino Vendors

There are 7 vendors that provide live casino games for online punters. The top 5 Fun88 casino vendors are listed below to help you choose which casino game provider you prefer. Claim Fun88 free bet on live casino on signup at Fun88 India for new members!

#1. Evolution Gaming

  • Minimum betting limit: ₹10


  • Available games: Roulette, game shows, sic bo, baccarat, dragon tiger, fan tan, blackjack, first-person, and poker are popular available casino games at Evolution gaming.

#2. Ezugi Club

  • Minimum betting limit: ₹20


  • Available games: 3 Patti, Lucky 7, sic bo, bet on numbers, baccarat, 32 cards, andar bahar, roulette, cricket war, etc are 10 categories in Ezugi club with 100 variants in the casino.

#3. Playtech Live Casino

  • Minimum betting limit: ₹10


  • Available games: Casino games available at Fun88 casino vendor, Playtech are baccarat, spin a win, dragon tiger, hi-lo, poker, blackjack, roulette, game shoes, and new hot games.

#4. SuperSpade

  • Minimum betting limit: ₹100


  • Available games: Roulette, baccarat, multi-table live casino card games, Andar bahar, 3 Patti, etc are the most popular games by SuperSpade. It offers a high RTP rate and greater odds.

#5. Microgaming

  • Minimum betting limit: ₹25


  • Available games: Baccarat, sic bo, and roulette are three casino games that are available under the Microgaming live casino vendor.

5 Most played games at Fun88 Casino

Play the most popular games of Fun88 casino to earn a great deal of real money. Mentioned below are the top 5 most played Fun88 casino games. From Andar Bahar to Poker, play with a minimum betting limit and earn double it when you win a bet. Look into tips to increase your winnings.

#1. Andar Bahar

  • Minimum betting amount: ₹50
  • Game Provider: Ezugi Club


  • Gameplay: Punter has to predict which pole will get the card similar to the base card first. There are two poles Andar and Bahar. The dealer deals the card for both, alternatively.
  • Betting options: Fun88 Andar and Bahar are the two main betting options at Fun88 Andar Bahar.

#2. Baccarat

  • Minimum betting amount: ₹20
  • Game Provider: Sexy Gaming


  • Gameplay: Whichever between the two, player and banker gets the total card value near 9 wins the round. The natural win is number 9. Three cards are drawn for each.
  • Betting options: Three prominent betting options at baccarat online are Player, Tie, and Banker.

#3. Roulette

  • Minimum betting amount: ₹10
  • Game Provider: Ezugi Club


  • Gameplay: White spinning ball stops on a number embedded in a spinning wheel. The punter has to predict the correct nature of the number to win the round.
  • Betting options: Roulette online has the largest number of betting options in live casinos.

#4. Poker

  • Minimum betting amount: ₹50
  • Game Provider: Playtech Club


  • Gameplay: Two cards are drawn for player and dealer. Five shared cards are drawn on the table. The punter with the highest hand rank wins the round.
  • Betting options: Poker is played between dealer and player, you bet on your cards only.

#5. Sic Bo

  • Minimum betting amount: ₹20
  • Game Provider: Evolution Gaming


  • Gameplay: Most popular dice game of Fun88 casino. Three dices are rolled in cylindrical equipment until it stops. The nature of popped-up numbers is predicted by the punters to win.
  • Betting options: Alike roulette, Sic Bo has loads of betting options for punters to bet on.

How to play at Fun88 Casino – 3 steps guide

Enjoy the wonder of Fun88 casino with hundreds of live casino card games and enhance your real money earnings. Follow the three steps mentioned below to play Fun88 casino games easily.

  • Step 1: Access Fun88 India & Register your account – Access the official website of Fun88 India and do Fun88 register for your new account via registration and verify the contact number.
  • Step 2: Choose Live Casino under Fun88 products menu – Select the live casino from the drop-down menu of Fun88 India products like sportsbooks, slots, card games, etc.
  • Step 3: Select the Vendor & choose a game to play – Select the Fun88 to live casino game providers to play the live casino card game to bet on. Play and win real money!

Join Fun88 & earn a 300% casino welcome bonus of up to ₹1000

None can stop you to enjoy the pleasures of the ultimate Fun88 promotions. Become a new member of the Fun88 family and experience a next-level online casino experience.


Join Fun88 Casino via the registration form. Deposit a minimum of ₹333 in the Live Casino wallet to claim a 300% Fun88 casino welcome bonus up to ₹1000 in the live casino wallet.

Follow the trail set by HappyIndia88 and discover the best online gambling casino to place your bets, play games & earn loads of real cash!


What else can satisfy a gambler other than a casino with less house edge, great RTP, greater odds, high winnings, easy transactions, and smooth gameplay? We can think of nothing but all those features that Fun88 offers. Fun88 casino review acquainted you with all the best features of Fun88 casino, most played affordable games. Now, it’s your turn to join Fun88 India and make money for yourself.

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