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Knowing the greatest online Fun88 cricket odds is essential for any successful betting. It means earning the best return on your bets. Check out our cricket betting odds to see what the best odds are for upcoming matches.

Introduction to Fun88 cricket odds

When you want to wager on Fun88 cricket, the betting odds, are the outcome of specific permutations. You need to be well-informed about where you’re spending your money to get the highest returns on your betting investment. As a result, you should become familiar with the term ‘odds’ before betting on cricket. So, let’s get this game started.

4 Must know Fun88 cricket odds types

Remember, the bigger your returns will be, if better the odds you get to choose! Fun88 India offers the most competitive cricket betting markets, with a wide range of probable outcomes for a single match.

Fun88 cricket odds

  1. European Odds vs. Decimal Odds – Decimal odds are the most widely used kind of odds particularly in Europe, Canada, and Australia. As a result, decimal odds are referred to as European odds.
  2. Malaysian odds – Malaysian odds, often known as Malay odds, are measured in decimals and can be positive or negative. If the odds are “0,” the bet is a perfect 50/50 bet that pays out 1/1.
  3. Odds in Hong Kong – Hong Kong odds, sometimes known as HK odds, are one of the most basic odds forms. The relationship between your stake and your profit is represented by the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols.
  4. Odds in Indonesia – Indonesian odds, often known as Indo odds, are odds that are multiplied by a factor of 100. The plus (+) and negative (-) signs denote the favorite and underdog team or player, respectively.

How to calculate odds at Fun88 India

Things get trickier when it comes to calculating the odds & outcome for the bet your place at Fun88 sports betting. So to make things easier we’ll understand how to calculate the odds taking an example T20 Internationals between India and Sri Lanka.

We know the most popular and easiest kind of bet to wager in sportsbook is Match winner. Let’s find the odds for Match winner – India at odds 1.11.

Fun88 cricket odds

  • Bet amount – ₹100
  • Odds – 1.11
  • Return  bet amount * odds => 100*1.11 = ₹111

Easy right? Simply multiply the amount you place with the odds of that particular bet. In this case, you can expect an amount of ₹111 in return if you win the bets placed on India.

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6 Important terms of Fun88 cricket odds

  1. Even money – When a bettor loses or wins the same amount of money that is gambled, this is referred to as equal odds.
  2. Odds against – When the chances of an event occurring are “against” them. “Odds against” in betting terms means that the amount you stand to win is larger than the amount you wager.
  3. Odds on – The reverse of “odds against” is “odds on.” It alludes to the fact that the event will take place.
  4. Favorite – The ‘favorite’ team has the best odds and is the most likely to win an event.
  5. Each-way betting – An each-way bet consists of two wagers: one for the pick to win and the other for the selection’s position.
  6. Overground – A bookmaker’s method of making money by concealing their bookie’s margin in the final price.

How to place bets on Fun88 cricket

So folks now that you are familiar with what are odds & how to calculate them, let’s quickly understand how to place bets. Below is a simple 3 step guideline on how to start betting on Fun88 cricket.

Fun88 cricket odds

  • Step 1: Login to your Fun88 official account or open one at Fun88 Register.
  • Step 2: Pick your favorite league(T20 International) under cricket & select a match(India vs Sri Lanka).
  • Step 3: Now pick your preferred bet type & start betting.

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Fun88 cricket odds

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That was all about Fun88 cricket odds! Hope you are on your way to mastering cricket betting with this easy guide. Wait no more, open your account at Fun88 India today, try placing small bets & enjoy winning big rewards. Happy Gambling!

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