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What is Fun88 exchange betting?

Fun88 betting exchange is not the same as a traditional online sportsbook. You can only wager ‘for’ an outcome at a regular sportsbook. An exchange is a one-of-a-kind platform where you can wager on certain outcomes. Of course, this gives you more betting options than a traditional sportsbook.

Fun88 exchange betting

The difference is that Fun88 exchange betting takes a very small percentage of each winning bet. This is referred to as the commission, and the remainder is paid to you. Naturally, the lower the commission, the more attractive a betting exchange becomes. The more sports available, the higher will be the odds, and the more money in the markets, the higher the quality of the betting exchange.

Fun88 exchange betting terms – Back & Lay

Betting exchanges, as previously said, allow players to wager against each other. The back bet is referred to the player attempting to predict the outcome of a given match. On the other hand, the lay bet is exactly the opposite. To put it another way, the player is betting against the outcome. Find 9 Fun88 betting tips and implement now to win more.

In simple words:

  • Back – Implies placing a wager on the outcome of an event.
  • Lay – Implies placing a bet that something will not happen.

Fun88 exchange betting

As a result, the sole purpose of an online betting exchange service is to connect these two players and allow them to put their bets into action. This is only possible with betting exchanges, and it is not possible with a regular sportsbook.

If you want to choose the best sports betting odds, avoid all of the traditional sportsbooks and head straight to Fun88 exchange betting. The following section will provide a real-time example of how betting markets operate. Keep an eye out!

How does it work? Calculating the odds!

Keep in mind, you are not betting against the bookie which is why you’ll find the best odds. Below is a detailed explanation of how the Fun88 India exchange works.

Fun88 exchange betting

Let’s take the example of the most popular game that is cricket. Since the odds for Melbourne renegade vs Perth scorchers are much better, we’ll try betting on this and see the results.

Case 1: Firstly we’ll begin betting on a back bet with odds 57 & see the results.

Fun88 exchange betting

  • Back wins – If you wager ₹100 on the back bet that has odds 57. You will get ₹157 in return (including stake).
  • Back loses – If you lose the bet, then you will lose the amount you wagered that is ₹100.

Case 2: Now let’s check the results for betting on a lay bet with odds 61.

Fun88 exchange betting

  • Lay wins – If you wager ₹100 on the lay bet that has odds 61. You will get ₹157 in return (including stake).
  • Lay loses – If you lose the bet, then you will lose the amount you wagered that is ₹100.

3 Steps on how to play Fun88 exchange betting

We know you can’t wait to get started with exchange betting, so we won’t waste any more of your time. Learn how to place a bet on the Fun88 exchange in three easy steps and get started right away.

Step 1: Visit Fun88 official website & login

  • If you’re already a Fun88 user, the first step is to go to the main Fun88 website and log in to your account.

Fun88 exchange betting

  • New to Fun88? No problem! To register a new account at Fun88, follow the Fun88 Register step-by-step instructions & get your account created for free.
  • Then click on the Exchange tab on the menu bar once you’ve registered or logged in.

Step 2: Pick your favorite game with high odds

  • On a new window, you’ll find a list of different games on your left side of the screen.

Fun88 exchange betting

  • Pick your favorite game & event under it to begin betting.
  • Let’s pick Melbourne renegade vs Perth scorchers under cricket since it has better odds and cricket is always fun to punt on.
  • Remember, you can only place wagers on in-play games under the Fun88 exchange betting.

Step 3: Start betting at Fun88 exchange

  • The betting table will appear in the center of your screen once you’ve chosen an event.
  • Pick your preferred bet type (back or lay) and place your wagers on it.
  • Happyindia88 suggests you place bets on Back to earn more profits.

Fun88 exchange betting

  • You may also check how much money you’ll win if you win the bet.
  • There are no limitations when it comes to wagering.
  • The minimum bet amount is ₹50 & Maximum bet amount is ₹60,000.
  • After you’ve made your bets, click “Place Bet” to confirm them.

How to calculate the commission?

Remember not all betting exchanges charge the same commission, it’s critical to understand how the commission rate influences your profit. Learn how to calculate betting exchange commission at Fun88 and how it impacts your win. Remember, Fun88 charges 4% commission on your winnings at exchange betting.

Fun88 exchange betting

Let’s now use an example of cricket math between Melbourne renegade (57) and Perth Scorchers (61) to check out how much commission you will pay.

  • Amount staked: ₹100
  • Odds: 57
  • Estimates return: ₹100 + ₹57 = ₹157
  • Fun88 commission rate: 4%
  • Comisssion on return: 4% of 157 = ₹6.28
  • Total return amount: ₹157 – ₹6.28 = ₹150.72

3 Profitable advantages of Fun88 exchange betting

Customers who desire more control over their sports betting have found betting exchanges to be quite popular. Below are some of the benefits of picking Fun88 exchange over regular sportsbooks.

  1. Better odds – With Fun88 exchange betting, you can often get better odds.
  2. Easy to make profits – Since the odds are comparatively high, your chances of earning money also get higher resulting in more profits.
  3. In-play betting is fun – With betting exchanges, in-play betting is also fun, as the odds and stakes vary all the time depending on what’s going on in the current event.

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Fun88 exchange betting

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Fun88 Exchange betting is simply fantastic. They give gambling a competitive edge that regular sportsbooks don’t provide. Fun88 exchange features excellent liquidity on all main and most minor markets, allowing you to compete with other gamblers rather than the house. Because the house receives a cut of profits, the odds are always in your favor. You have more betting possibilities, more enjoyment, and more chances to profit with the Fun88 exchange!

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