6 Fun88 Welcome Bonus in India 2022 – Get code & win ₹30,000

Fun88 Sign-up Bonus offers the best promotions in India 2022! Get code & apply to win #1. Slots: 130% up to ₹30,000 #2. Casino & Sportsbook: 400% up to ₹3,000..


Online betting is a form of entertainment that adults truly enjoy. But it is also something that is looked away from because people fear spending too much money on it. Luckily for such people, Fun88 offers some of the best promotions that you can use to enjoy the essence of sports betting and more. Below mentioned are some of the most exciting promotions at Fun88 that you should know about.

Online Slots: 130% welcome bonus up to ₹30,000

Another way of spending time while having fun is by playing games at the online slots at Fun88. The promotions offered at online slots by Fun88 are as intriguing as their games. Yes, here at Fun88, you can sit back and play various games on slots that can also help you earn great deals. If you wish to do so, the offers below will be the most appealing to you.

1) PlayTech, Microgaming, & NetEnt: Win 130% up to ₹ 30,000

  • With this promotion, you can get a great deal on games at 3 of the best gaming sites.
  • This promotion gives you a 130% bonus up to ₹3,000 on online Slots at Fun88 for the minimum deposit of ₹500.
  • This is applicable for the online slots on the platforms Play Tech, Microgaming, and NetEnt.


2) Pragmatic Play offers 300% up to 2,000 + 50 free spins

  • An interesting deal as the one before on slot games is the one offered by Pragmatic Play.
  • This promotion gives you the opportunity of earning a 300% bonus up to ₹2,000 for the minimum deposit of ₹500.
  • Not only this but it also gives you 500 Free Spins that you can spend on a game slot at Pragmatic Play.
Slots Platform Min. Deposit Amount Bonus Offer R.O. Times
Play Tech ₹500 130% up to ₹30,000 20
Microgaming ₹500 130% up to ₹30,000 20
NetEnt ₹500 130% up to ₹30,000 20
Pragmatic Play ₹500 300% up to ₹2,000 + 50 Free Spins 20

4 Must-know requirements to apply for the promotions

  1. This is applicable to new joiners only and can be used on their respective online slots.
  2. The rollover requirement for these promotions is 20 times that should be completed within 14 days.
  3. The bonus amount will be credited to your main wallet after the conditions are met.
  4. The 50 Free Spins offered by Pragmatic Play will be credited in the Games of Olympus Slot available on the same platform.

Sportsbook Promotions: 400% bonus up to ₹3,000

Fun88 is home to some of the best promotion offers when it comes to their sportsbook section. They make sure that their players truly enjoy the essence of gambling and thus offer a variety of promotions for sportsbooks you can choose from. For those who wish to bet on various sports games at Fun88, the below-mentioned promotion is for you. Refer to the table to get a better understanding of the offers.

3) Fun88 Sports, BETB2B, & SABA Sports: Win 400% up to ₹3,000 on the first deposit

  • Although there are many appealing bonus offers at Fun88 India, this one is the best. It not only gives you a good cashback offer but also requires you to make the lowest available deposit on online betting sites.
  • In order to claim this bonus, you need to make a minimum deposit of ₹500. You can then win 400% up to 3,000 bonus amounts.
  • This bonus is applicable for Fun88 Sports, BETB2B, and SABA Sports.


4) Virtual Cricket: 200% bonus up to ₹1,000 at Fun88

  • Only here to have fun with your favourite sport cricket? Fun88’s got your back. Here, you can get one of the coolest deals on Virtual Cricket.
  • The second promotion at Fun88 Sportsbook offers 200% up to ₹1,000 on Virtual Cricket. To claim this, you need to deposit the minimum amount of ₹500.
  • This bonus is applied to the Virtual Cricket Platform.

Sports Platform

Min. Deposit Amount Bonus Offer R.O. Times

Fun88 Sports


400% up to ₹3,000 20
BETB2B ₹500

400% up to ₹3,000


SABA Sports ₹500

400% up to ₹3,000


Virtual Cricket ₹500 200% up to ₹1,000


4 Conditions for Sportsbook Promotions at Fun88

  1. These bonuses are applicable for new Fun88 Registrations and can be used in their respective platforms alone.
  2. As shown in the table, the rollover requirement for each bonus is 20 times. This must be met within 14 days after application.
  3. After the rollover requirements are done, you can redeem the bonus amount which will be transferred from your Bonus wallet into cash in your main wallet.
  4. This promotion cannot be used simultaneously with other promotions.

Live Casinos: Win a 400% welcome bonus of up to ₹3,000

Besides offering some cool sportsbook promotions, Fun88 also lets its new joiners enjoy the thrill of betting at Live Casinos. They offer great welcome bonuses in return for very low and affordable prices. These promotions are exclusively for those who wish to play at Live Casinos. The table below gives you a clear picture of what they offer.

5) Evolution Gaming, PlayTech, & Pragmatic Play gives 400% up to ₹3,000 on new account

  • This promotion is among the best when it comes to Live Casinos. Here, you have to deposit money starting from a low amount and can proceed to win at various casino games.
  • The minimum deposit required for this promotional offer is ₹500. This will give you a 400% bonus of up to ₹3,000 on Live Casino games.
  • This is an application on the Live Casino platforms for Evolutions Gaming, Play Tech, and Pragmatic Play.


6) Sexy Gaming offers 300% up to ₹1,000 bonus on your first deposit

  • Another option to go for in Live Casino is the promotion offered by Sexy Gaming. This platform gives you the thrill of online gambling at a low price.
  • Just like the ones above, the minimum deposit for this promotion is ₹500.
  • This is promoted by the Live Casino platform, Sexy Gaming which will give you 300% up to ₹1,000 on Live Casino Games.

Live Casino Platform

Min. Deposit Amount Bonus Offer R.O. Times

Evolution Gaming

₹500 400% up to ₹3,000


Play Tech

₹500 400% up to ₹3,000


Pragmatic Play

₹500 400% up to ₹3,000


Sexy Gaming

₹500 300% up to ₹1,000


3 Terms to keep in mind claim the Casino Promotions

  1. These promotions are applicable to new Fun88 accounts and on Live Casino games only – 1 promo at a time.
  2. The rollover requirement, which is 20 times, must be met within 14 days of application. This means you will have to bet on any game 20 times to earn the cashback bonus.
  3. The bonus amount that you will win will be transferred to your main wallet, once the rollover requirements are met. You can then make your first Fun88 Withdrawal.

How to claim the Fun88 bonus? Get code in 3 simple steps

Now that you have been introduced to many intriguing Fun88 Promotions, you can go ahead and grab them. Don’t know how to do that? Well, we’ve got you! Here, we have mentioned easy steps to claim the Fun88 Promotions that can get you in the Fun88 family in minutes.

Step 1: Sign Up to join Fun88

  • The first step you need to take is to create a Fun88 account. To do this, go to Fun88’s official site and (1) click on “Join Now” available at the top right corner of the homepage.


  • After that, you can select whether you want to register through an existing Social Media account or create a brand new one. If the latter, you can enter your details as shown below.
  • Click on “Register” and officially get an account at Fun88.

Step 2: Make your first deposit to double up your money

  • The next thing you need to do is make your very first Fun88 deposit on your new Fun88 account.


  • To do that you will need to (2) Click on the “Deposit” button available at the top right corner of the home page.
  • You will be taken to a new page where you can select your preferred mode of payment mode. These modes include EWallet, UPI, Cryptocurrency, Prepaid card, etc. 
  • After that, you need to enter your preferred amount – depending on the welcome promotion you want. You can click on “Deposit”.

Note: You can apply for a promotion after making a deposit only. Thus, we advise you to should go through the available promotions before depositing your minimum amount to know the terms & conditions better.

Step 3: Apply for Your Preferred Promotion Offer

  • Lastly, after depositing the minimum amount required, (3) go to the promotions page at Fun88 and select the promotion you decided that you want.


  • (4) Click on “Know More” and read the terms and conditions once again.


  • Once done, you can (5) click on “Apply Now” and complete the rollover requirements to claim your reward.

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To-Do’s for claiming Promo Codes at Fun88

Taking precautions when applying for these promotions is always good as these promo codes are a one-time thing. So, before we look at the intriguing promotions offered by Fun88, here are 3 “to-dos’” that you need to keep in mind when claiming promo codes at Fun88.

  1. Double Check: Always make sure you have applied for the right bonus code. As you will see below, most of these bonuses have similar deals, so be sure to apply for the one that would appeal to your needs and entertainment the most.
  2. Be mindful of the Requirements: Claiming bonuses is a good thing. However, you also need to be mindful of certain requirements, like the rollover requirements or the number of days you are given to complete the rollover requirements. If you do not pay careful attention to these then you may lose out on exciting benefits that await you. Most of the time, the rollover requirements are updated every 30 minutes.
  3. Read the Terms and Conditions: This section is probably one of the most ignored sections in the world and it is understandable why. However, this is the most important section when it comes to online betting that cannot be ignored. Going through the terms and conditions of each welcome promotion at Fun88 can help you understand the most compatible promotion you can get for yourself.


With this, you now know about the Fun88 promotions as well as how you can get access to their promo codes. Fun88 is definitely one of the best websites when it comes to online betting. They offer a wide range of promotions that you can choose from beginning at a less price. Sign up on Fun88 today to claim these exciting offers!

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