How to change account details in Dafabet in 3 simple steps

Wanna update your Dafabet account details like name, DOB, email, etc. Here’s 3 steps simple guide on how to change account details in Dafabet India instantly!


When it comes to filling out account details, people make mistakes all the time, and this is no exception. We also discovered that many users are afraid to provide accurate information while creating an account, but subsequently run into difficulties during the KYC procedure. So, how to change account details in Dafabet? This article will help you out!

How to change account details in Dafabet?

All you gotta do is, simply follow the 3 easy steps given below & you will have your Dafabet details updated in no time. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Go to Dafabet India official site

how to change account details in dafabet

  • To update your Dafabet details, you must first log into your official Dafabet account with a valid username and password.
  • Make sure you visit the official Dafabet India website to do Dafabet login.

Step 2: Click on My Accounts under the profile tab

how to change account details in dafabet

  • After successful login, hover your mouse over the profile icon, and you’ll see a list of options under that.
  • Just click on My account & you will be routed to a new page if you click on it. You may also learn how to change bank details in Dafabet with ease.

Step 3: Start updating your Dafabet account details

On a new page, you will be displayed with all the information. Basically, there are 3 sections.

how to change account details in dafabet

  1. Account details
  2. Communication details
  3. Home address

Before you start updating your Dafabet India account, remember that you are allowed to update only the communication & home address section.

how to change account details in dafabet

  • To update the Dafabet account details section, you must contact customer support. The guidelines are present in the next section.
  • Make all the necessary changes & confirm them before you update.
  • Once you finish updating, click the Save changes button below to confirm.

Contact customer support to update account details at Dafabet

Dafabet India knows that account details are very crucial when it comes to security, so any changes required must be done via the Dafabet customer support team along with verification.

how to change account details in dafabet

Below are the 3 options for contacting the Dafabet customer service team. Pick any one of your choices.

  1. Live chat – active 24/7
  2. Email –
  3. Call – On the official website.

You’ll need to give a solid cause for changing your Dafabet account details, as well as documentation to back it up. If Dafabet India suspects something is wrong, they will not enable you to make changes to account details since it might compromise your security.

3 things to remember while updating account details

Hope you are happy to find out the solution for How to change account details in Dafabet. Well, there’s something more you need to know while updating account details. Newbies can set up a new account for free at Dafabet Register.

how to change account details in dafabet

#1. Enter correct details – You are updating details because you gave the wrong information the first time you registered. So make sure this time you don’t make such mistakes to avoid further problems.

#2. Provide valid documents – When updating account details via Customer support, you may be asked to provide documents for verification. Provide real documents else your changes won’t be accepted.

#3. Give a genuine reason – Lastly, it’s obvious to question the reason for updating your account details. Be it a change of email address or currency or anything, provide a foolproof reason.

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And now we have reached the end of how to change account details in Dafabet article. Hope you may now freely do the required changes in your Dafabet India account & resume your gambling adventure. Enjoy betting on an incredible package of sports & live casino games and make some easy money online Have a great time gambling!

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