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Worried about how to change bank details in Dafabet India? Relax & read this 3 steps easy guide and get your Dafabet bank details updated in less than 5 mins!


No doubt there comes a time when you need to switch to another bank or update your existing bank details. And this eventually leads to updating all the applications linked to that particular bank account. And today will guide you on how to change bank details in Dafabet in 3 simple steps. Come follow us!

How to change bank details in Dafabet?

Generally, there are 2 pathways when we talk about Dafabet payment: Deposit & withdrawal. Remember, you can only change the bank details associated with Dafabet withdrawal and not the deposit. Follow the below 3 easy steps to get begin the process!

Step 1: Login to Dafabet India official account

  • You must first do Dafabet login to enter into your official account with a valid username and password to change your Dafabet bank details.

how to change bank details in dafabet

  • When you log in, make sure to go to the official Dafabet India website only.
  • Newcomers can create a new account at Dafabet Register for free.

Step 2: Go to the cashier & select banking details

how to change bank details in dafabet

  • After logging into the Dafabet account, click on the Cashier tab located on the right side of the screen.
  • You’ll be redirected to a new page, where you may find all the banking-related details like Deposit withdrawal, etc.

how to change bank details in dafabet

  • Click on Banking details present on the extreme right side of the screen.

Step 3: Change your bank details in Dafabet India

  • Now you’ll be displayed with 2 options. You may delete bank details or add a new one.

how to change bank details in dafabet

  • Select the Dustbin icon if you want to delete the existing bank details of Dafabet withdrawal.
  • You may then add new bank account details for withdrawal by clicking Add bank account tab.

Below are the 7 fields you need to fill up.

how to change bank details in dafabet

  1. Transaction type – This is set to withdrawal by default.
  2. Bank account holder’s name – Check the bank account name, this is also set by default.
  3. Bank name – Select your bank name from the drop-down menu.
  4. Bank branch – Enter your respective bank’s branch name.
  5. Bank account number – Correctly enter your bank account number.
  6. Bank address – Provide the address of your respective bank.
  7. Dafabet password – Enter your Dafabet account password.

Lastly, click the Save button to update your bank details in Dafabet.

Updating bank details to deposit at Dafabet India

Well, in the above 3 steps guide we only spoke about how to change bank details for Dafabet withdrawal. You must be wondering what’s the procedure for changing Dafabet deposit bank details. Let me tell you, Dafabet India never stores the bank details you add for deposit.

how to change bank details in dafabet

  • So every time you wish to add funds to the Dafabet India account, you need to enter your valid bank details to proceed.
  • No doubt, the procedure is the same one you did the first time.
  • You may check out the Dafabet deposit article & follow the steps if you haven’t done it before.

4 Points to remember while updating bank details at Dafabet

We understand that you’re eager and want to get right into the action, but mistakes may happen anytime. Below are the 3 most essential points you need to remember, so avoid them to have a trouble-free process.

how to change bank details in dafabet


  1. Wrong Dafabet password – It’s never easy to remember passwords. However, the right password must be entered for a successful Dafabet withdrawal.
  2. Entering invalid bank details – Make sure you provide valid bank details, else you will face problems while making Dafabet withdrawals in the future.
  3. Max 3 bank accounts can be added – Dafabet permits only maximum of 3 bank accounts details to be stored in the database.
  4. Not checking bank details before deleting – Before you delete your existing bank details, take a look at them by clicking the eye icon beside it.

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Hope this article on how to change bank details in Dafabet assisted you in updating your bank details. And don’t forget to check on the important points that will help you avoid any silly mistakes while updating. Have a great time gambling at Dafabet India & keep winning lots of cash rewards!

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