How to Change Password in Dafabet? 2 Quick mode & easy steps

How to Change Password in Dafabet in 2 minutes? It’s as easy & simple. Know 2 modes to reset & change password – Manually & via 24/7 live chat by HappyIndia88!


Dafabet carries the password arrangement extremely seriously and demonstrates the strength of your password while setting it. It is compulsory to have a mixture of lower and upper case letters, a special character, and a number.

How to change password in Dafabet

  • The majority of participants access numerous betting websites and utilize different apps. Naturally, we can’t remember our usernames and passwords!
  • Suppose, you forget your Dafabet India account password but wish to enjoy betting online then you may still utilize your registered email address to retrieve your password immediately.


  • The password change procedure is fast and needs you to pay approximately 3-4 minutes to change it. You must log into your email at the time of the process. So ensure you enter active email details in your personal detail while registering an account at Dafabet India and password reset.
  • Below are the 2 modes to get your Dafabet experience continued by changing the password.
    • Retrieve through the email address
    • Contact Dafabet customer service

Mode #1: Change the password by an account holder in 2 steps

So, start with the most straightforward & instant mode to obtain your Dafabet login password quickly. For that, you need to follow the 2 simple steps now mentioned below.

Step 1: Go to and click “Can’t login?”

  • Firstly you must access the official Dafabet account to recover your lost password.


  • Go to the official Dafabet homepage and click on the “Can’t login?” hyperlink placed below the Login button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Once you click on it & you will get redirected to a new window. Follow the next step to continue resetting a password.

Step 2: Choose Forgot Password & provide your Username & email ID

  • On a new window, you will see a form and be asked to choose any of 2 options: Forgot Password or Forgot username.
  • Click on Forgot Password tab.


  • Then, you need to enter the email address that you saved during Dafabet registration.
  • Click the Submit button. Your registered email address has got a confirmation notice.


  • You must double-check your email for your Dafabet password. If you don’t remember your email address, you’ll need to go for 2nd mode which is reaching out to Dafabet customer support.

Mode #2: Reach out to Dafabet customer support

The other mode to know How to Change Password in Dafabet would be reaching out to customer support via the 24/7 live chat option.

Step 1: Go to 24/ 7 live chat


  • Go to the homepage and hover on the “Help center” on the right-hand side of the screen then click the “24/7 Live chat” option.
  • The Dafabet site will take you to the help spot once you click on that live chat option.

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Step 2: Provide Date of birth & email address

  • You are now on the help center – live chat area, where you need to select the type of your inquiry.
  • Go to the “Please choose inquiry” box which places 3rd above the “start chat” button (yellow)


  • You need to select your inquiry type from the drop-down box. Here the inquiry type will be – “Account Queries
  • When the representative comes online, you will be asked to provide your date of birth and the email address that you’ve given while registering. You will then get a link to reset your Dafabet password via email.


Note: If you do not recognize your email address then you must have to provide some extra verification documents to the representative.

You could also try further methods to reach Dafabet customer support noted below:

  • Email –
  • Call – Click the “Call us” button from the Dafabet homepage

If you are willing to update your information on the Dafabet account, then read how to change account details in Dafabet guide for beginners. Dafabet is concerned for your safety and won’t allow you to retrieve your password unless it is sure that you show valid proof of a valid member.

3 Important notes to avoid while recovering password

  1. Setting long passwords – Long and complicated passwords are not only hard to remember but easy to get mistyped when trying to Dafabet login.
  2. Setting an easy-to-crack password – Always set a password that is short, 6-10 character limit, with a combination of alphanumeric & special characters, and easy to remember every time you login.
  3. Skip providing valid email address – While recovering ensure to provide the exact email address that you signed up with.


Dafabet will assist you in acquiring access to your account. It contains no financial motive to prevent you from betting online, so you can expect customer service at all times. HappyIndia88 believes this guide on how to change password in Dafabet permitted you to continue your online betting journey. Newcomers who haven’t signed up yet, do it now & enjoy a welcome bonus of 170% up to ₹17,000 on your 1st deposit!

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