How to connect W88 Customer Services 2022 – W88 Live Chat

W88 customer services are available 24×7 via 3 accessible modes – Email, Live Chat & Line. Resolve your queries at any time of the day with W88 CS support 2022!

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Contact W88 Customer Service in 2 Steps!

A simple 2 step guide is enough to know how to connect with W88 customer services. Follow the steps below to get all of your questions answered.

Step 1: Go to the official W88 website and select Live Chat Option


  • As a newbie, it is obvious to have too many questions and for that, you need to first access the official page of W88.
  • Once you have arrived at the landing page, locate the Country change option on the top of the page and change the country to India.

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Step 2: Start your conversation with the W88 CS agent on 24×7 W88 Live Chat


  • Once you have successfully completed the first step, you need to locate the Contact Us button on the W88 homepage on the right-hand side.
  • Once you click on that, a slider will open with so many 24×7 member service options.
  • Select the 24×7 Live Chat feature, and a new window for chatting will get opened.
  • Enter whatever query you have and get the best out of it.

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What are the other options to connect 24×7 W88 Customer Services?

Members can contact W88 customer support by email, Line, or Whatsapp in addition to the W88 Live Chat option stated above. With so many options to get in touch with W88 services, you can relax and start your gaming stress-free at W88.

1. Email


W88 customer services also have an email option for the members to solve their issues. 

For connecting via email, you just need to select the email option from the Contact Us slider or you can also scroll down the W88 homepage to the bottom to see an email option there. The email address of W88 customer services is

All the W88 modes of communication are accessible via mobile phone as well as a laptop or computer.

2. Whatsapp

W88 members can also communicate with one another over Whatsapp. In the same way you text & call your friends, enter your query in the message body and send or simply hit the Whatsapp call button and get your queries resolved. 

W88 customer service number is (+63)9609114056. If you call this number, you should be aware that international calling costs may apply.

3. Line


Just so that your gaming thunder don’t go down, W88 has multiple 24×7 contact options for its members.

The Line is another trendy app like Whatsapp. It is popular in Korea, Thailand and Manila and has the same pattern as Whatsapp, Telegram and similar apps.

Note: W88 Line app is not launched in India yet. Happyindia will break the news whenever the W88 Line app launches in India.

Top 4 W88 customer service genuine reviews by customers

With so many options to get in touch with W88, members are thrilled and amazed to get everything in just one tap. All of these settings are available on both your phone and your computer. Everyone has their own preferences, and thus you can choose any W88 contact options according to your choice. However, whichever option you choose, it is 100% guaranteed that anyone can access the friendly W88 contact services.


1. Helpful and patient CS agents

All the W88 contact options are represented by a team of agents that communicate with you. With utmost sincerity and kindness, these agents try to understand your query and answer it accordingly. 

2. Speedy Server Connection

  • To get in touch with the W88 contact agents, you don’t need to wait for the server to connect. It takes just 15-16 seconds or even faster than that, and within a minute you can have your issue solved.
  • Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, W88 agents are well aware of everything they communicate to you. So, worry-free, you may enjoy gaming and gambling while accumulating massive cash on W88.

3. Effective

  • So many reviews tested that W88 customer services have been effective to solve their problem. 
  • Any doubt regarding any issue can be communicated, and the team will provide you with the best solution to your problem.
  • So, in case you are stuck somewhere or are curious about knowing anything on W88 India, these customer services will help you with everything.

4. 24×7 customer services

  • Along with effective services, quick server connectivity, and a sincere contact team, another special feature of W88 customer services is that they are 24×7 available.
  • At any time throughout the day, sitting anywhere, you can contact W88 customer care. 
  • So, muster up all your gaming spirit and get everything you were looking for on W88.


The only weakness of W88 customer services

W88 is recently launched in Jan 2021 in India, and thus it has not been so flourished here. 

However, to catch up with the new audience, W88 is giving it all to become the best service provider in India.

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Solving your problems and ensuring an excellent gaming experience for the users is the motto of W88 customer services. So, without any worry, you can enjoy gaming and gambling by taking away huge wealth on W88. So, what are you thinking now? Get! Set! Gaming!

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