How to Download Dafabet App- Update & Get 160% up to ₹16,000

How to Download Dafabet App with & without QR Code via 3 Steps Guide. Update Dafabet App for Android & iPhone users and grab a 160% welcome bonus up to ₹16,000.


The one thing most people have in common is a mobile phone. With a mobile phone, everything becomes easy thanks to the many different apps available. Dafabet, one of India’s no. 1 betting sites also has an app that allows you to make bets online, deposits, withdrawals, and more in the easiest way. Let us now take a look at how you can access Dafabet’s app in two ways.

Which is Better – Dafabet Site or App?

Before we get into the tutorial, it is important to understand whether the app is worth downloading or not. Most of the apps are born from sites, so is the Dafabet site better than the app? Let’s find out.

To be fair, since Dafabet ensures quality service, they both are equally good. If you wish to access sports betting or play casino games at any time, the Dafabet app is your perfect fit. However, if you want to use a wider screen to play games, then the site on your PC or Laptop browser is the most beneficial.


When we weigh the pros and cons, we can conclude that having the app is a better option for many reasons. As you read more about it in this article, you will know why.

Why Download Dafabet’s Official App?

As mentioned above, downloading the Dafabet India app provides users with many amazing opportunities. Not only this but it prevents them from worrying about other things and helps them focus on their game more thereby enhancing their betting experience. Let us take a look at a few benefits that Dafabet app users have.

  • Secure Payments: The first and most important benefit of joining Dafabet is the fact that you can carry out secure payments. Let’s be honest, whenever we have to pay for something using a browser, we fear that things might go horribly wrong. However, using the Dafabet app when making payments, or even withdrawing money, feels much safer.
  • Smooth Transactions: Speaking of payments, making a Dafabet Deposit or Withdrawal also becomes very easy using the Dafabet official app. You can carry out the smoothest transactions by selecting your preferred payment mode from all the available options and get your money in less than 5 minutes!
  • Easy to Use: Besides this, Dafabet’s app is very beginner-friendly. Meaning that it is very easy to use and navigate. When you join Dafabet using their app, you will notice that all the sections are categorized very well. Not only this but Sports betting and casino games are easier to play on Dafabet’s App.
  • 24/7 Live Chat: Dafabet’s 24/7 Live Chat is always available, whether you are using the app or site, and they are happy to help you even with the smallest question you have. Most mobile phones are used to chat these days and so, if you have any query, you can send their customer service a quick message and everything will be sorted out in minutes.
  • Access Anywhere/Anytime: Lastly, the best part about downloading the Dafabet app is that you can access the amazing world of online betting anywhere at any time within a few clicks. You can sit in front of your television and bet on live cricket matches going on. When commuting after a long day of work, log in to the app and play live casino games. With the Dafabet app, you can never really be bored.

Download the Dafabet App in 3 Quick Steps

Let us now take a dive into the instructions on how you can download the Dafabet App. As mentioned above, there are two steps to do so, read both of them carefully and pick the method most convenient to you.

Download Dafabet App Using QR Code

Step 1: Open Mobile Browser to Scan QR Code

  • The first thing you must do is open the browser on your phone.
  • To do a Google Lens search, click on the camera icon. This will open up your camera which will allow you to scan the code.


  • Point your camera to the image above to scan the QR code. You will notice that these QR codes have their own links which will be visible on your screen.

Step 2: Download the Dafabet App you want

  • Then, you have to click on the link to the app, you want to download. Dafabet offers 3 apps, Casino Mobile App, DafaSports Mobile App, and OW Native App. We will click on the Dafabet DafaSports Mobile App.


  • Click on the link you wish to download, and you will get a pop-up box, click on “Download Anyway”.
  • Upon doing so, the files will get downloaded. Once downloaded, you can click on “Install”.


  • Once the app gets installed, you must click on “Open”. Give it some time, and the Dafabet app will open in your phone.

Step 3: Log into your account and Start Betting

  • Once the Dafabet app gets opened, you must click on “Log In” or “Join Now” which will be available at the top of your screen.


  • Enter your details precisely and then stay logged into the app.
  • You will notice that the interface of the app runs smoothly, which allows making it easier to navigate.


  • Finally, you can start sports betting with ease and enjoy it.

Download Dafabet App Using Link

Step 1: Visit Dafabet and Select the App you want

  • To download the Dafabet App using Link, open your mobile browser and enter the official Dafabet site’s link which is


  • This will take you to Dafabet’s site where you will see 3 options to download the 3 apps offered by Dafabet – Casino App, Dafa OW App, and DafaSports App. We will download the Dafabet Casino App as an example.
  • You will have to Click on any of the icons and to download the files you must click on “Download Anyway”.

Step 2: Install the Downloaded File

  • Once the files have been downloaded, you must click “Install” to install the Casino application on your mobile.


  • This process will take a few seconds depending on the speed of your internet.


  • Once the files have been installed, you can click on “Open

Step 3: Log into your account to play

  • When you open the app, you will have to log into your account by clicking on “Log In” and entering your username and password.


  • If you do not have an account, then create a Dafabet new account by clicking on “Join Now”.


  • Once successfully logged in, you can browse through the many casino games offered by Dafabet.
  • You can then select your preferred game room on the Dafabet app, and play fascinating casino games with ease!

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FAQs about Dafabet Android & iOS App

Now that you know about the two ways of downloading the Dafabet app, let us look at some important questions that you should know the answers to.

#1. Is the app legal in India?

Dafabet offers many amazing things in a single place which almost makes it too good to be true. So, is the Dafabet franchise legal in India? To answer this in a simple way, yes. Dafabet, being one of the top online betting sites in India is legal as well as the most active site where there are hundreds of people registering every day.


Dafabet was first introduced in 2004 and has since then been very active in providing quality service to its users. What makes Dafabet legal is its official license which is provided by Antillephone License Validation. Thus, Dafabet is regulated and operated by the government of Curacao, making it accessible to Indian users.

#2. Is Dafabet’s App safe?

This question pops up in people’s minds because of the “unsafe” alert that pops up during the process of downloading. But there is nothing to worry about as that pop-up comes on screen because of your phone not being used to downloading things directly from the browser.

Thus, in short, the app is completely safe to use. Other than this, no lags have been reported when using the app and your details are very well protected by Dafabet’s high-security protocol.

#3. Will I immediately get cash back using the app?

Using the Dafabet app makes transactions run smoothly and you can get your cash within a couple of minutes transferred to your personal bank account. However, to make a Dafabet withdrawal, you must follow the rollover requirements and terms and conditions thoroughly. Dafabet’s terms and conditions hold their value whether you are using the site or app.

However, if you wish to earn extra then we recommend using their 160% up to ₹16,000 welcome bonus offer on Dafa Sports. By making a minimum deposit of ₹1,000, you can claim this bonus and complete the requirements to transfer more cash to your personal bank account.


So far, you have learnt how to download the Dafabet app plus all the benefits it can bring to you. In this article, we have shown two ways in which you can download the app, so pick one which is the most convenient for you. Other than this, we have also addressed important questions related to Dafabet that you must know the answer to, however, if you have more questions, you can always send a text to their customer service. Download and Join Dafabet’s official app today to enhance your gambling experience!

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