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Learn hand rankings from highest to lowest along with various odds & payouts. Discover complete Beginner’s How to play 3 Patti with Money guide at 10CRIC India!


3 Patti is one of the most popular card games, and it is especially popular at Diwali taash gatherings in India. Players may enjoy a friendly and picture-perfect adventure when playing 3 Patti for real money at 10CRIC India!

Introduction to 3 Patti online

3 Patti is a simple, action-packed card game popular with desi gamers throughout India. The game format varies depending on the provider. Some offer Player vs Dealer or Player A vs Player B, yet the aim remains the same.


Your goal is to predict which side(Player A or Player B) will have 3 cards that make a better hand. Check out our how to play 3 Patti with money guide. Then visit 10CRIC, one of India’s greatest 3 Patti casinos to play for real money.

How to play 3 Patti Online at 10CRIC – 3 easy steps

It’s quite simple to learn how to play 3 Patti with money. Trust us & follow the below 3 steps & you’ll be able to play in a matter of minutes!

Step 1: Head to 10CRIC India official site & sign up

Teen Patti is typically played in India, which is why you won’t find a 3 Patti table at an online casino as frequently as a baccarat table unless you are playing at 10CRIC, which is specifically designed for the Indian market.


  • To get started, go to the official 10CRIC India website and create an account. Follow 10CRIC Register instructions to set up quickly!
  • To log in to your existing 10CRIC account, registered members must provide their valid username & password.
  • After logging into your profile successfully, go to the menu bar and select the Live casino option.
  • Then, to locate the 3 Patti games, click on Top Indian Games.

Step 2: Select Ezugi 3 Patti with min bet of ₹100

  • The Super Spade and Ezugi 3 Patti tables are the 2 providers that offer this classic 3 Patti table game at 10CRIC live casino.


  • Happyindia88 recommends you choose Ezugi’s 3 Patti since the bet limit is small ₹100, which is ideal for beginners
  • Click on the 3 Patti live casino game to enter the table.

Step 3: Start placing 3 Patti bets at 10CRIC

  • Start betting and making money now that you’ve entered the 10CRIC 3 Patti gaming table.
  • Before you start betting, remember to check out the hand rankings listed below.


  • Bets can be placed on any of the side (Player A or Player B)
  • The dealer deals 3 face-up cards to each side.
  • There are 3 possible results in 10CRIC 3 Patti: Player A wins, Player B wins, or a tie (Push).
  • The winner is chosen by using the 10CRIC 3 Patti hand rankings to rank the cards, and the side (A or B) with high sequence will be paid out.
  • Side bets like as Pair Plus & 3+3 Bonus, are also available to players.

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Basic 3 Patti Online Rules

The game’s basics are simple and clear: put a wager and beat the dealer’s hand. Playing for real cash Playing Teen Patti versus a live dealer rather than other players has some advantages. The number of variables you must keep track of when playing Teen Patti online against a dealer is minimal.


6 Fundamentals of 3 Patti game for beginners

  1. 3 Patti game – 3 cards are dealt alternately to 2 players, and the person with the highest hand rank of cards wins the round and gets the winning amount.
  2. Betting limit – The minimum betting limit for Ezugi 3 Patti games at 10CRIC India is ₹100.
  3. Betting options – Player A and Player B are the 2 sides to whom the dealer deals the card. Side bets like Pair plus, a 3+3 bonus are also available.
  4. Betting time – Punters will have 12 seconds to put their bets at the 10CRIC live casino after which the dealers deal the cards & no more bets are accepted.
  5. Hand rankings – The winner of the 3 Patti games is determined by hand rank. 3 selected cards are arranged in such a way that they form a sequence, which will help the player in winning.
  6. Winner – The round is won by the player who has the highest hand rank set of cards. That is why you should be aware of the hand rankings from highest to lowest mentioned below.

7 online 3 Patti hand rankings

You’ll understand the hands in 3 Patti if you’ve already played poker. A winning online 3 Patti hand is made up of 3 cards that match a precise pattern, sometimes known as sequences. All paying hands in standard 3 Patti are listed here.


Bet TypeDescriptionExample


Royal Flush

A 3-card combination of Ace, Kind & Queen of the same suit.10CRIC-how-to-play-3-patti-online-with-money


Pure Sequence

3 cards of the same suit in a row. A Pure Sequence is also known as a Pakki Round.



3 of a kind

3 cards that are all of the same ranks. The best hand in the game is usually referred to as a Trio or Trail.10CRIC-how-to-play-3-patti-online-with-money



3 cards of various suits in a row. A “Normal Run” sequence is another name for it.10CRIC-how-to-play-3-patti-online-with-money



3 cards that are all of the same suits. If two flush hands must be compared, the suited hand with the higher value wins.10CRIC-how-to-play-3-patti-online-with-money


The same rank is shared by 2 of the 3 cards in the hand. They are not required to be suitably attired.10CRIC-how-to-play-3-patti-online-with-money
7High card

If no further sequences are formed, the highest-ranking card will be used to determine a possible win.


Keep in mind that every game variant may vary the rewards or substitute alternative sequences for any of them.

Odds of 3 Patti hands rankings

Some hands will be simpler to get than others, as you may have guessed. It’s far more difficult to be dealt a Royal or Straight flush than it is to be handed 2 cards of the same rank. It’s equally important to learn the odds of each hand in order to wager wisely! Below are the 3 Patti odds of all hand rankings.

Sr NoHandOdds


Straight flush0.22%


Three of a kind0.24%






6High card


Online 3 Patti payouts at 10CRIC

Depending on the hand type you were dealt with, your winning hand will give out a varied cash prize. When you place 3 Patti wagers on the Pair or Better or 3+3 side bets, you’re increasing your chances of winning even more money. The payouts for the 3 Patti hands are listed below:

Pair or Better – The player’s 3 cards must contain a pair or better in order to win this stake. This is quite rare so the payout is high when compared to regular 3 Patti payout.

Sr No

Bet typePayout


Royal Flush200:1
2Straight Flush


3Three of a kind







6One pair


3 + 3 Bonus – This is another side bet when the cards from both side (Player A and Player B ) are combined to form a 5-card hand. The hand rankings remain the same. If you bet on a 3 + 3 bonus & a hand is formed after the cards are dealt then you will be paid out.

Sr No

Bet typePayout


Royal Flush1000:1
2Straight Flush


3Four of a kind



Full house25:1



7Three of a kind


Real money 3 Patti gameplay at 10CRIC India

Round 1: Place bets with min bet ₹100


  • First step is to pick your preferred bet chip & decide whom to bet on(Player A or Player B).
  • You get only 12 seconds to decide & place bet.
  • For instance, let’s place ₹100(minimum) on Player A.

Round 2: Dealer deals 6 cards face-up


  • Once the bets are placed the dealer begins to deal cards.
  • Dealer place 6 cards, 3 each to Player A and B alternatively.
  • The side with better hand rankings wins the round.
  • Player A gets A♣ 10♣ 7♠
  • Player B gets 6♣ 2 J♠

Round 3: The winner will be paid out


  • As per the 3 Patti hand rankings, Player A has a better hand (High cards).
  • Since we placed a bet on Player A, we won the round. An amount of ₹195 will be credited to the live casino wallet.

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Finally, we have reached the end of How to play 3 Patti with money guide, hope you are all set to kickstart your taash adventure at 10CRIC India. Playing 3 Patti for real money is the most thrilling because the bets you put have a possibility of rewarding bigger cash prizes, something you wouldn’t get if you were playing for free. Enjoy betting!

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