How to play Online Casino Roulette at 10CRIC: Beginners Guide

How to play Roulette Online for real money: Know rules, betting options & payout. See gameplay at 10CRIC with a ₹5 min bet & win 150% Casino bonus up to ₹15,000.


Playing Roulette is fun as there are many betting options you can try with every round. However, finding the right platform to execute your Roulette skills is equally important. Thus, here are 10CRIC, you will not only get to play real money Roulette starting at ₹5 but also you can be a part of some of the most beneficial bonus deals in the betting world!

Understanding the Basics of Roulette

Before we dive into the tutorial on how to play Roulette for real money at 10CRIC, let us look at the different types of Roulette games you can choose from. Here, you will also be introduced to the basic objective of the Roulette game that you must remember.

The objective of the Roulette Game

Roulette is one of the few most fun casino games where you play with numbers instead of cards. If luck is on your side, all you need to do is sit back and make bets. However, there are many bets that can be made. So, although Roulette is a game that highly depends on how lucky you are, knowing which bet has more advantages can help you keep earning.


  • The Roulette wheel consists of black and red pockets or slots with numbers from 1-36 and sometimes may involve 1 or 2 zero. This is the place where a ball is spun to see where it lands.
  • Besides this wheel, you will find a similar rectangle outline of these numbers and additional blocks. This is where you are supposed to place your bets. These bets are born from a variety of combinations of numbers on the Roulette table.
  • Thus, the basic objective of the game is to see on which number the ball land on the Roulette wheel and whether that number is a part of the combination you made a bet on or not.

Roulette Variations & keep the definition & variations

Learning the rules of any casino game is cool. However, knowing additional facts about the casino game is even cooler. So as a beginner you should familiarize yourself with these words that you will come across when playing Roulette.

  • Roulette: Finally, Roulette comes from a French word referring to “Little Wheel” or “Wheel”. It also means “High Unpredictability” which is indeed very true for this game.
  • American Roulette: In this version, the pockets on the wheel are 38 in total. They consist of the numbers 1-36, zero (0), and a double zero (00).
  • European Roulette: This version is the most common and is known to be the first version of them all. Here, the wheel consists of the numbers 1-36 and only one zero (0).
  • French Roulette: This version is similar to the European version. However, the only difference here is that it has certain different betting options.
  • Mini Roulette: As the name suggests, this refers to a min game of Roulette where the numbers you can bet on range from 0-12, making it a 13-numbered wheel. This is available at some casinos.

 Play Roulette at 10CRIC starting at ₹5

Now let us get to the main part of the article. Here, we have divided how to play Roulette online for real money into 3 easy steps. Use these steps and the images as the first step in your journey of becoming a Roulette master.

Step 1: Join 10CRIC and go to Live Casino

  • The first step you need to take to play Roulette is to create a 10CRIC new account by (1) clicking on “Join Now“. Go to 10CRIC’s official site and enter your accurate details.


  • Then after logging in, you can complete your verification process and explore the (2) “Live Casino” section.

Note: You need to make a deposit in your casino wallet before playing any games at 10CRIC Live casino.

Step 2: Select Roulette and Choose a suitable game room

  • When you click on Live Casino, you will be taken to a page with many game rooms available.
  • So, to filter down your preference, you can (3) click on “Roulette”. This will show you the Roulette game rooms that are available at 10CRIC.
  • Then, from all these game rooms, find the one most appealing to you and enter the room.


Note: When selecting a game room most appealing to you, make sure that you select one with low betting charges.

  • Here at 10CRIC, the Roulette game room offered by (4) Pragmatic Play has a minimum betting rate of ₹5. So, we will be using this room as an example further.

Step 3: Make your bet and test your luck

As mentioned above, to play at Pragmatic Play’s Roulette game room at 10CRIC you need to make a minimum bet of ₹5 only. However, if you are confident in your luck, you can increase the betting amount up to the maximum betting rate of ₹250,000. If you wish to place 2 different bets at a time, then you will have to use the minimum amount of ₹5 for each bet, meaning that the minimum overall cost for placing 2 bets together is ₹10.

  • Once you have entered your game room, you may need to wait for the next round to make a bet.
  • The dealer will give you some time to make your bet. (5) Here, you can place your chip on the combination of numbers you wish to bet on. You can also make 2 bets.


  • The dealer will then spin the ball in the Roulette and announce that the bets have been closed, so be sure to make your bets before the time’s up.
  • After that, the ball will stop and reveal the number it landed on. If this number falls under your bet combination, then you win the round.

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Types of Bets in Roulette that can help you win

Since we have taught you how to get to the game room to play Roulette online with real money, we cannot just leave you to fend for yourself. So, we have summed up the betting options that you can choose from while playing Roulette, which will help you learn the game thoroughly. Roulette is a game that has many betting options which can be divided into 2 parts.


1. Inside Bets:

As mentioned above, the inside bets on the Roulette table refer to the ones made on the Black and Red numbers on the table. However, these bets have certain combinations you can bet on besides the individual numbers. These bets are depicted by the green box in the picture.

  • Corner Bet: refers to the bets placed on 4 numbers. You place your chip at the centre of these for numbers. These bets often form a square with the chip at the centre.
  • Line Bet: refers to bets made on 2 rows of 3 numbers. Here you place your chip between 2 rows on the table.
  • Split Bets: refers to bets made between 2 numbers. Here you place your chip on the line between the 2 numbers you want to bet on.
  • Straight Bet: refers to the bets made on 1 number. You place your chips inside a number block on the table. If the ball manages to land on your number on the wheel, then you win the bet.
  • Street Bet: refers to bets made on one of the rows of the table consisting of 3 numbers. It is similar to Line bets but involves only 1 row.
  • Top Line Bet: refers to the bets placed on the first line and the zeros. Meaning, that the bets are placed on the numbers 0, or 00, 1,2, and 3. This is made by placing your chip on the line between 0 and the First line on the table. It is also considered to be a worse bet you can make as the possibilities of winning are low.

2. Outside Bets:

Outside bets refer to the bets made on the outside of the numbered part of the table, as mentioned above. These bets are depicted by the yellow box in the picture.

  • Column Bet: refers to bets placed on a column consisting of 12 numbers. You can place your chip on any of the 3 available columns.
  • Dozen Bet: refers to bets made on any of the 3 grouped numbers consisting of 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36. Since they consist of 12 numbers each it is called a “Dozen Bet”.
  • High or Low Bet: refers to the bets made on whether the ball will land on a high number or low number. Here the low numbers are grouped from 1-18 and the high numbers are grouped from 18-36.
  • Odd or Even Bet: refers to the bets made on whether the ball will land on an odd number or even number.
  • Red or Black Bet: refers to the bets made on whether the ball will land on a red slot or a black slot.


Now that you have understood the basic types of bets you can make while playing Roulette, you might have the question of which one of these two can get you more money. Well, we are here to answer that. Betting on the Outside bets is safer as they have a clear 50-50 chance of winning or losing, specifically with the odd/even bets and the red/black bets. So be sure to play with these bets as a beginner.

Real Money Roulette Game Play at 10CRIC

Let us now take a look at an example of real money gameplay at Pragmatic Play’s game room available at 10CRIC India. Since one Roulette game does not take a lot of time, we can divide the round into 2 rounds.

Round 1: The Betting and Spinning Round

  • This is the round where you will have to place your bets on the table. In this case, you can place your bets on the live table as shown in the picture.


  • Here, we have placed an Outside Bet, which is a Red/Black Bet, on the color Red.
  • After a few seconds, the dealer will spin the ball in the wheel and end the betting time. Those who managed to bet before the timer ended their bets were accepted.

Round 2: The “Were you lucky?” Round

  • Now all you have to do is wait for the ball to stop spinning and see whether you were lucky or not.


  • In this case, we were lucky. As you can see, the ball landed on a Red 36. This means that we won the Outside Bet placed on a Red colour number.
  • We are then rewarded with the betting money.


With this, you can now play 10CRIC Roulette with real cash. Remember it is always safe to start betting with small amounts of money. It is also wise to remember when to stop and step back from the table. But most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy the game. Yes, you will need a lot of luck from your end to play the Roulette game, but analyzing the bets and their odds would help you earn more than you spend. Happy Betting!

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