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What is the Baccarat game?


Baccarat is a popular traditional card game that derived its name from Bak-uh-rah, an Italian word meaning “zero.” It is a simple card game with two parties – the Player’s Hand and the Banker’s Hand. Each of the parties has to place bets on three types – Player’s bet, Banker’s bet or Tie bet. Playing baccarat online is simple, but it comes with a few rules that beginners like you must know to strategise your win. 

Although, before jumping on to strategies and rules, let’s know the three basic steps to start your baccarat game online.

How to play Baccarat Online – 3 Steps to start your game in 2 minutes!

Win exciting jackpots in just 3 steps that take less than 5 minutes to start your winning journey.

Step 1: Log in to any credible Online Casino website.


  • The first step to start your baccarat online game is to log in or register on a credible Online casino website.
  • We have listed a range of popular online casino websites that are 100% safe and secure.
  • Click on the Join Now button to get registered and then access the games online.

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Step 2: Locate the Live Casino game option and search Baccarat game.


  • There are lots of game providers with Baccarat online game.
  • Select any one of the top providers and select the baccarat game option.
  • Start your play with the minimum bet amount – ₹100 on Fun88.

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Step 3: Place your bets and start gaming on Baccarat Online.


  • The two parties – the Player and Banker have to wager before the game in the betting time allotted by the dealer. 
  • The dealer or the croupier then distributes two cards to both parties.
  • The players are supposed to sum their card values and bring them close to 9 in order to win the bet.
  • The player having the card value close to 9 wins the bet, also called a “natural win.”
  • If there is no natural win, that is none of the players has their card value close to 9 then a third card is drawn.
  • The player having a value close to 9 wins the bet.

General Rules of Baccarat game


  • There are two parties – the Player (Punto) and the Banker (Banco).
  • Both parties can bet on three types – the Player’s bet, the Banker’s bet and the tie bet.
  • All the faces (J, Q, K) and the 10s have zero card value.
  • Ace has a numerical value of 1.
  • All the other cards have the same value as their face number.
  • After adding the value of the cards, the value must be close to 9 to win the match. It is called a natural win.
  • The sum of the cards is calculated by adding the face value of both the cards and considering only the last digit.
  • For example, if the cards are 8 and 7, then the total is 5 and not 15. 

In cases where there is no natural win, a third card is drawn by both parties. The rules of a third draw are as follows:

Rules of third card draw for the Player’s Hand:

  • If the total of the player’s cards is anywhere between 0-4, he is eligible to draw a third card.
  • If the total of player’s cards is either 6 or 7, he must stand.
  • If the total of the player’s cards comes out to be exact 5, he has the option to either draw a third card or stand.

Rules of third card draw for the Banker’s Hand:

  • If the total of the Banker’s cards is anywhere between 0-3, he is eligible to draw a third card.
  • If the total of the Banker’s card is 6 or higher than 6, he must stand.
  • If the total of the banker’s card is exact 3, he can either stand or call for a third card.

Baccarat Online Bet Limits 


1. Player’s Hand bet –

The player’s hand receives double of what he initially invested if he wins.

For example, if he placed a bet of ₹50, he’ll receive ₹100.

2. Banker’s Hand bet –  

When the Banker’s hand wins, it receives the cash by deducting commission. That is, if they invested $10, then they’ll get only $9.

If the baker’s hand wins the bet, he receives the bet amount by deducting commission. 

For example, if he placed a bet of ₹50, then he’ll receive ₹49.

3. Tie bet – 

Tie bets, also known as stand-off bets are those where the total of both the parties are equal. In such cases, the payout is equally divided with a ratio of 8:1 or 9:1.

For example, if both parties invested ₹50 then they’ll receive a payout of ₹400.

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Baccarat Tips and Tricks – 90% useful strategies

  • Always bet on the Banker. He has the maximum chance of winning.
  • Never opt for tie bets as it has the highest house edge.
  • Learn the rules and practice.
  • Improvise your skills by playing free online baccarat as listed on the websites below.
  • Once you master the beginner-level baccarat game, learn advanced level strategies to increase your win.

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With all the basic knowledge and information about the Baccarat game, start your game trial today. Earn huge jackpots with maximum payout returns on the sites listed above. Register today to start your baccarat online adventure and become a master of the game. Hope this article helped you get the best knowledge about baccarat online. See you online!

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