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If you are looking for some sort of entertainment that would also allow you to win money then you have come to the right place. Learning how to play Baccarat will help you achieve the aforementioned things in minutes. Besides that, learning how to play the fast-paced game would give you the additional benefit of being cool. So, use our simple guide on how to play Baccarat at one of the best betting sites, Betway and become a Baccarat pro in no time!

The Most Basic Rules of Baccarat

Before we learn how to play Baccarat on Betway, let’s look into the most important yet basic rules of any Baccarat gameplay. This is important as you will need to almost memorize these rules as they are the basis of the gameplay.


  • When playing Baccarat on Betway India, you need to keep the main objective in mind, which is also every bettor’s goal when playing the game.
  • This goal is to get the sum of 9 or any number close to 9 with the cards that have been dealt.
  • It is important to remember that each card has its face value, except for the King, Queen, Joker, and number 10 card, which have the value of 0.
  • So, the main thing you will need to do is place a bet on which side of the Baccarat table will achieve the goal. These sides are Player Side, Banker Side, or Tie.
  • If the card sums up to more than the number required, which is 9, then the first digit of the number is dropped. For example, if the cards sum up to 13, then the number ‘1’ is dropped and the value achieved is ‘3’.

In cases with low values, an additional third card is used. To know more about these cards, let us first get to the playground itself to get a proper view of the gameplay.

Betway Baccarat: Learn and Earn in 3 quick steps

Let us look into how Baccarat is exactly played on Betway India. Betway is one of the top gambling sites in India that has been going strong with many active players. Not only this but it is one of the most trusted sites when it comes to betting.

Step 1: Log in to your Betway account and go to Live Casino

  • So, the first thing you need to do is go to Betway’s official site and create a Betway account by registering. Be sure to enter a good username and password that is easy to remember.


  • Once you have successfully logged into your account, you can complete your verification details and deposit money in your Betway account.


  • After doing that, you need to (2) click on ‘Live Casino’ and will be introduced to a new page full of exciting games.

Step 2: Select Baccarat and pick your live casino game provider

  • Now that you are on an exciting page, it is time for you to start step 2 and pick a playground.
  • You need to (3) click on ‘Baccarat’ from the available options in the Betway Online Casino tab, as shown in the picture below.

  • This is where you need to explore and find the room most suitable for you. This game room will be your Baccarat playground.
  • It is advisable to pick a game room with less betting rates. The game room (4) Pragmatic Play offers the least betting amount starting from ₹60 only which goes up to ₹15,000.

Step 3: Place bets & wait for 15 seconds for the result

  • Now that you have entered the game room it is time to examine your playground.
  • As you can see, you will find a dealer dealing with the cards while reading out the outcomes. You can find a live-chat section available where you can chat with the players.


Note: If there is a round already going on, then you will have to wait till it gets over to make a bet.

  • (5.1 & 5.2) The dealer deals with the cards while you make the bet. Here, you can see that the dealer has already dealt the cards and is waiting for you to make your bets.
  • To make the bet, you need to use the (6) betting section as shown in the picture. Here, you can make bets between ₹60 to ₹15,000.


  • Once the betting time is over, the dealer will turn the cards and recite the outcomes. She will then declare the winner.
  • In this case, the Banker side wins as it has a total of 9 whereas the Player side has a total of 0.

Important Card Rules in Baccarat

Now that we have understood how to get to our playgrounds and place bets, let us examine the cards in detail. It is mentioned above that all the cards in the game have their face values, except for the King, Queen, Joker, and number 10 cards. But what does this exactly mean? Take a look below



Ace cards from all suits


King, Queen, Joker, and Number 10 Cards, from all suits


Cards numbered 2 – 9

Face values, that is 2 – 9, respectively

Note: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades are referred to as Suits. Each Suit has 13 ranks – ranging from Ace (highest rank), King, Queen, Joker/Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 (lowest rank).

  • As shown in the table, all the Ace cards from their respective suits have a value of 1.
  • Next, all the Kings, Queens, Jokers or Jacks, and 10 numbered cards have the value of 0. So, if you are dealt the cards, Ace and King – then your overall value will be 1.
  • Lastly, all the cards from the suits numbered 2 to 9, have their face values. This means a 5 of hearts card has the overall value of 5.
  • Regardless of their official ranks in a deck of cards, the card having the highest value here is the cards numbered 9 or 8. When a bettor gets either of the cards it is considered to be a “Natural” as the cardholder naturally wins the round.

Betway Baccarat

Let us take a look at some examples and calculate the outcomes. If the cards dealt to you are 5 of clubs and 3 of spade, then your overall value would be 8 because 5 + 3 = 8. Similarly,

  • 4 of Diamonds and 2 of Hearts = The value of 6
  • 10 of Spades and 2 of Diamonds = 2 (10 + 2 = 12, so we drop the value 1 and are left with 2)

Note: Since cards with the number 10 are considered 0, you can deduce the value 2 by adding 0 + 2, here.

  • Ace of Clubs and 4 of Spades = The value of 5.

Third Card Rules

As mentioned above, when the cards drawn have low values, a third card can be drawn by the dealer. This additional third card is said to be the final card in Baccarat. This means the dealer can only deal 3 cards in Baccarat. However, to pull a third card out, certain rules must be followed. These rules are different on the Player Side and the Banker Side.

Note:0’ here stands for Kings, Queens, Jokers, and numbered 10 cards.

Player Side:

Overall Value of First Two Cards

Third Card

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5

The third Card is Drawn

6 or 7

The third Card is not Drawn

8 or 9

A Natural Win

  • If the Player side’s card has the overall value of any number between 0 to 5, then the dealer will draw a third card.
  • However, when the Player side’s card sums up to 6 or 7, then the dealer holds the cards in place and no cards are drawn.
  • If the overall value on this side is 8 or 9, then it is a natural win for the bet made on the Player.

Banker Side:

The rules of the third card on the Banker’s side of the table are very different from the ones on the Player’s side.

Overall Value of First Two Cards Drawn if the Player’s Third Card is

Stands if the Player’s Third Card is

0, 1 or 2

The third Card is Drawn


0 to 7 or 9 8
4 2 to 7

0, 1, 8 or 9


4 to 7 0, 1, 2, 3, 8, or 9
6 6 or 7

0 to 5 and 8 or 9


The third Card is not Drawn
8 or 9

A Natural Win

  • A third card is always drawn if the Banker’s first two cards sum up to 0,1 or 2.
  • If the Player side’s third card has a value between 0-9, except for 8, and the Banker’s first two cards have a value of 3, then a third card is dealt.
  • If the Player side’s third card has any value between 2-7 and the Banker’s first two cards have a value of 4, then a third card is drawn.
  • If the Player’s third card is any value between 4-7 and the Banker’s first two cards sum up to 5, then a third card is dealt.
  • When the Banker’s first two cards are overall a 6 and the third card of the Player is 6 or 7, then the Banker gets a third card.
  • No cards are drawn if the Banker has a value of 7. If the value is 8 or 9 then that is a natural win for the bet placed on the Banker.

Betting Odds and Pay-outs:

Although Baccarat is a game purely based on Luck, understanding the Betting odds and pay-outs would help you make good betting choices. Refer to the table below for the odds and their respective payouts.



Odds of Winning in %

Player Hand Bet 1:1


Banker Hand Bet



Tie Bet 8:1


  • Bets placed on the Player Side: The pay-out for bets placed on the Player side is 1 to 1, meaning that the player can win by getting the value 9 or closer to 9. The odds of winning the bet placed on the Player is 44.6%.
  • Bets placed on the Banker Side: The pay-out for bets placed on the Banker side is 0.95 to 1, so the probability of the Banker winning is 45.8%.
  • Bets placed on Tie: Winning a tie bet is very rare so the pay-out for bets placed on a Tie is 8 to 1. Thus, the probability of winning the bet is the least which is 9.6%.

Betway Baccarat Real Gameplay with Pragmatic Play

Now let us take a look at a Real Betway Baccarat Gameplay, to understand the rules better. Firstly, let’s now look into the basic procedure of the gameplay. This is important because besides the rules you also need to have a thorough understanding of how the game unfolds.

  • The dealer will be on your opposite on the Baccarat table and will give you some time to place your bets.
  • Once the time is up, they will pull 4 cards out on the table and place 2 on the Player’s Side and 2 on the Banker’s side.
  • Then the showdown begins by revealing each card one by one.
  • When all the cards are turned upwards, a quick calculation takes place.
  • The side whose cards sum up to 9 or closer to the number 9 wins the bet in the round.

Note: Having a good internet connection is important when playing at any Live Casino, and so it is important to play with a good connection that won’t cause any glitches. Besides this, it is advisable to always make a Betway Deposit before playing live casino games to avoid disruption.

GAMEPLAY 1 – Using First Two Cards

Round 1

  • When a new Baccarat round begins, the dealer offers the player some time to make a bet while they begin dealing the card face down, simultaneously. This time limit is often 15 seconds.


  • Here the player has placed 60 chips bet on the Banker side. This means the player placed a ₹60 bet for the Banker side to get the overall value of 9 or a value closer to 9.

Round 2

  • Once the timer ends, the dealer will reveal the cards. This is called “Showdown”.
  • When the cards are revealed, whichever side gets the value closer to 9 wins the bet/money.


  • Here, as you can see, (2) the Player Side has the cards 2 of spades and 5 of clubs. So, 2 + 5 = 7. Thus, the overall value of the Player is 7.
  • (2) On the Banker Side, we have 9 of Spades and 10 of Diamonds. Thus, the sum is 9 + 0 = 9. Here, the Banker naturally wins the round.

GAMEPLAY 2 – Using Third Card

Let us look at another round of Baccarat on Betway.

Round 1

  • As usual, the round begins with the player placing a bet while the dealer deals the cards smoothly.


  • Here, again, (1) the player has placed 60 chips, that is ₹60 on the Banker. We will now wait to see who wins the round as the timer goes off.

Round 2

  • Once the timer goes off, the showdown takes place. The dealer reveals the Player’s cards first and then the Banker’s and as you can see, the results are very interesting.


  • Here, (2) the first two cards of the Player’s were 10 of hearts each making the overall value 0. On the Banker’s end, the first two cards were Jack of Spades and 4 of Hearts. Thus, the overall value would be 4. This is when the dealer deals a third card for each.
  • (3) The Player’s overall value after a third card is 2 because the card dealt was 2 of Spades and 0 + 2 = 2.
  • (3) The Banker’s overall value after the third card is also 2 because the third card dealt was 8 of diamonds and 8 + 4 = 12. Since 12 is a value higher than 9, we drop the first digit, making the overall value 2.
  • In this case, it is a tie between the Banker and Player. Thus, the players receive their bets back.

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Up your Baccarat Skills using 3 points

  1. Understand the rules: The most important thing when playing any game is to have a thorough understanding of the rules. However, when it comes to casino games, it is always good to understand the basic rules as well as the unsaid rules. Although the rules of Baccarat are very simple, it is sometimes hard to follow because of their fast-paced nature. So, if you want to up your Baccarat skills in no time, you need to not only understand the rules in a much deeper way and not just at face level.
  2. Read the Gameplay by playing: Playing casino games makes you look cool, however, reading the gameplay and trying to predict outcomes makes you cooler. Yes, Baccarat is a game that depends on luck, but there also are some betting strategies you can use to turn the game in your favour. This move takes a while to master, so if you want to get to the top in no time, you need to play Baccarat while reading and noticing things about the entire gameplay carefully.
  3. Make Small Bets: Last and most important point is to make small bets. When you are trying to be a Baccarat pro, it is given that you will be playing many games. So, making huge amounts of bets as a beginner would only empty your pockets further down the line. This is why it is advised to make small bets as a starter to play more games. Not only this, but it is always wise to calculatedly spend your money on casinos. When you feel confident enough you can increase your betting price gradually.


Now that you have understood how to play Betway Baccarat, you can go and explore the interesting game yourself. Be mindful of the rules as well as the 3 important points that will help you up your skills in no time. Our team wishes you all the luck you will need for this luck-induced casino game but also hopes that you read each game you play and come up with your own betting strategies. That being said, happy betting!

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