How to Play Betway Cricket Betting – ₹500 Free Bets+₹2k Cash

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In India, cricket is the most popular sport. Nothing else comes close in terms of popularity, thus it’s only natural that cricket betting is more popular than all other types of betting in the country.
Betway Cricket

In this comprehensive guide to cricket betting, we’ll provide you with all of the information you’ll need about Betway cricket betting. We’ve got some information here to help you learn more about cricket betting, whether you’re new to it or a seasoned pro.

3 Easy Steps on How to Play Betway Cricket

For Indian users, Happyindia88 believes Betway is the finest option.  And if you want to know how to play Betway Cricket online, then simply follow the 3 steps below.

Step 1: Sign up for a Betway account

Betway Cricket

  • Newcomers must register by clicking the ‘Register’ button on the sportsbook’s landing page.
  • Existing users, on the other hand, must enter their Betway login credentials in the top right corner of the page.
  • You must now add money to your Betway account to place your bets after you have completed the first stage of creating your account.
  • Now click on the ‘Sports’ button at the top of the Betway page to proceed.

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Step 2: Choose your preferred Betway Cricket league

  • To begin betting, you must first choose a sport and its accompanying tournament.
  • Once you click on the sports tab, you will see a list of ‘Quick Links’ and “all sports” that may be bet on. Cricket, football, tennis, basketball, badminton, volleyball, and others are just a handful of the many sports available.

Betway Cricket

  • Select ‘Cricket’ from the menu bar. You’ll notice that all of the relevant tournaments are displayed for you to choose from. With Betway, you may wager on matches that are taking place in real time.
  • Select your preferred league, here for instance let’s choose Indian Premier League.
  • Now pick the match you want to play bets on.

Step 3: Begin your Betway Cricket Betting journey

  • For example, let’s imagine you want to wager on an Indian Premier League match between Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians.
  • You will have many cricket betting markets in front of you to bet on, including Match Winner, Chennai’s 1st over-runs, Mumbai’s Total Runs, and many more.
  • Also check out the article on how to edit betslip on Betway & enjoy betting.

Betway Cricket

  • Pick the bet you want to wager on.
  • A betting slip will be displayed on the right side, enter the amount you want to wager.
  • Also, note the return amount that you will receive if you win the wager.
  • Then click the “Place Bets” button to confirm your bets.

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8 Basic Betway Cricket Betting Rules

  1. If a match is cut short, the official competition regulations will determine the outcome.
  2. Outright bets are ruled void if no official result is declared.
  3. When no price is set for a tie on the match outcome and the official result is a tie, any method devised by the official regulating body to choose a winner will be used, such as a “bowl off,” “super over,” or other method devised by the official governing body.
  4. Bets will be settled on the official result if no price is offered for the tie and the official tournament rules select a winner/progressing side.
  5. In the event of a tied test match, where both teams have the same score after all innings have been completed, dead-heat rules will apply, and bets on the draw will be lost.
  6. If a match is called off due to something other than inclement weather, and no official result is announced, bets are invalid.
  7. If a match is canceled, all bets are worthless unless it is rescheduled within 24 hours of the original start time.
  8. Because of the bowling team’s slow over-rate, penalty runs may be added to the batting team’s total, but they do not count for any particular over or a defined number of overs.

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12 Major Betway Cricket Betting Options

Let’s discuss betway cricket bettings now. We’ll give you the lowdown on some of the most popular cricket bets available in this section. If you’re new, browse through the entire list and see which ones look like they’d be a good fit for you. You might uncover something new to employ in your Betway cricket betting adventures after looking over this list.
Betway Cricket

1. Match betting – The most common sort of cricket wager is the match-betting bet. Because you just have to choose between three possible outcomes, this is an easy wager. You can predict whether the home side will win, the away team will win, or the game will end in a tie. This wager is quite popular among cricket bettors due to its simplicity.

2. Win the coin toss – The win toss bet is a cricket wager that isn’t particularly related to the performance of any specific team or player. You’ll simply have to predict which of the two sides will win the coin toss at the start of the game. This is a nice way to literally wager on a coin flip.

3. Combination Toss – If you like the concept of the win toss wager, you might also enjoy the concept of putting a toss combination bet. To begin this wager, choose the team you believe will win the coin toss. However, there is a second aspect about which you must make a decision. Once you’ve decided which team you think will win the toss, you’ll need to determine that team will also win the match. You must correctly pick both components of the combo to win this bet.

4. First Ball Dot or Not – Here you will have to place a bet on either yes or no. No matter which team is playing(either A or B) you have to decide whether the first ball will be a dot or not.

5. First Ball of the Match – This is another interesting betway cricket betting option, here you will have various options to pick. Predict whether the first ball of the match will be a dot, a single, 2 runs, 3 runs, 4 runs, 6 runs, wide, no ball, or a wicket. This is a bit tricky bet, but if your luck is with you then you can definitely go for it.

6. Highest Opening Partnership – This type of wagering is frequently available in online Sportsbooks’ in-play or live sections, as well as as an early post option. The goal is to choose the team that will make the highest opening partnerships.

7. Methos of Dismissal – You get to choose how a batsman on the crease will be dismissed if you place this wager. Bets on how a batsman will be removed can be made while he is still in the crease. Bowled, Caught, LBW, Run Out, Stumped, or Any Other are the most common options.

8. Totals (Over/Under) – The goal is to predict whether a result will be over or under a given benchmark, which will increase or decrease as a match progresses. Also known as ante-post options, but more commonly known as in-play markets, the goal is to predict whether a result will be over or under a given benchmark, which will increase or decrease as a match progresses.

9. To Go 50 runs – The goal is to correctly predict which player will hit this batting average.

10. To Go 100 Runs – In this match, a century is expected to be scored. This is a straightforward yes/no wager that pays out regardless of anybody on either side hits a century.

11. Player of the Series/Man of the Match – In cricket, it’s very typical for a single player to be named Man of the Match or Player of the Series. You can choose the player you think will win the title with these two bets. These wagers are typically only accessible in big markets, so if you’re betting on lesser market cricket matches, you might not see them.

12. Even/Odd Runs – You’ll select whether you think a team’s total runs during a match will be an odd or even amount in this type of cricket wager. It’s worth noting that in this wager, a score of 0 is considered an even number. This wager is straightforward to understand because there are only two possible outcomes.

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Betway Promotions – Claim ₹500 Free Bets + ₹2k Bonus

Betway features a plethora of unique deals that are both generous and beneficial to its users. Betway has created a special section named Free Bet Club for its loyal Indian customers. At Betway, free bets are not the same as a welcome bonus, but loyal and frequent players can earn free bets every week. Customers can utilize their free bets to wager on a variety of sports, including cricket, football, basketball, tennis, and hockey. Now that’s a great start for your Betway cricket betting journey.

1. ₹500 Free Bets

Betway Cricket

Free bets are a fantastic way for sports betting aficionados to enjoy a sporting event while also betting for free. Betway offers 500 Rupees in free bets when a customer wagers 500 Rupees on one or more sports events with odds of 2 or more. The minimum deposit amount is 500 Rupees, and it must be placed in the Free Bets Club section.

2. ₹2500 Welcome Bonus

Betway Cricket
All new customers at Betway receive an exclusive 100% bonus up to ₹2500 as Sports Welcome Bonus. After placing your initial deposit, you will be eligible for this bonus. For this promotion, a minimum deposit of ₹500 is required.
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Betway Cricket betting is a fantastic way to get even more involved in one of your favorite sports. If you’re new to cricket betting, take your time to get used to it. Start by betting small amounts of money on some of the more fundamental wagers listed above. As you gain experience and confidence, you can begin to experiment with some of the more sophisticated bets we discussed earlier. We hope you now have a better grasp of betway cricket betting. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and best of luck in your future Betway cricket betting adventures!

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