How to Play Betway Online India: Place bets in Sports & Casino

Guide on how to Play Betway Online in India 2022 at Sportsbook & Live Casino Games. Join Betway & Win a 100% welcome bonus of up to ₹15,000 on the first deposit.

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Introduction to Betway: India’s No. 1 Betting Site 

In India, finding a good online betting site can be very difficult, especially with many online fraud activities taking place these days. However, using safe and secure online betting guides like HappyIndia88 can introduce you to the few gems in the online betting world, that are not only great sites for online betting but also rewarding when it comes to offering their customers extravagant bonuses.


Betway is one such site in India that has been gaining popularity for the top-notch services it introduces its customers to. Not only this but Betway soon will take over the betting world in India as it is considered the best place for online gaming responsibly. It offers many products and the Sportsbook and Live Casino are the most active places you can play at. So, buckle up because you are going to be introduced to the easiest way to how you can play Betway online in India.

Betway’s Sportsbook Section Offers Updates on All Sports Matches

Before we talk about how to play Betway online, let us talk about one of the best Sportsbooks in India, the Betway India sportsbook which offers its customers the best sports betting experience they can get online.

  • Here, you will find all the possible sports to bet on which makes Betway one of the most exciting places for any sports fans to be when there is a major sports tournament going on. Not only this but Betway offers its customers a Welcome Bonus of up to ₹4000 on sports if their very first bet losses.


  • As mentioned above, betting with Betway is fun as it gives you live updates on most sports matches across the globe as well as upcoming matches, and allows you to make bets using almost all the possible betting options in the betting world in the most organized layout.

Using Betway you can bet on Cricket, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis, Hockey, Horse Racing, Motor Sports, Rugby, Cycling, Darts, Martial Arts, Boxing, and even on Politics!

Place a Bet on Betway Sportsbook in 3 Simple Steps

The steps you must take to play sports betting in Betway India are very easy and it takes only 3 steps. However, using this guide is very important and so pay careful attention to these steps so that you do not miss anything.

Step 1: Log In to Your New Betway Account and Visit Sports Section

  • The first step that you must take is to create a betway account by visiting Betway’s official site and clicking on ‘Register‘.
  • Then, you must fill out the Betway registration form that you are redirected to and then click on ‘Log In‘ to start the process of how to play betway online.


  • After you have completed the registration process, you can go ahead and sign in to your Betway India account with your newly made login credentials.
  • Once this is done, you must click on ‘Sports‘ to explore the best sportsbook in the sports betting world online.

Step 2: Filter the Sports Matches and Find One You Want to Bet On

  • Now that you are here, at India’s no. 1 Sportsbook online, we hope that you have explored most of it. As mentioned above, you can bet on many sports matches that take place across the globe at one cool place.
  • From all the available sports, select a sport you want to play Betway sports betting on from the options on the left side. Since the T20 World Cup is currently the most hyped area in sports in India, let us select ‘Cricket‘.


  • The next step requires you to pick the match you wish to place a bet on. Betway allows you to place bets on live matches as well as upcoming matches, so the betting options may differ.
  • Since we are hyped for the upcoming India vs England semi-final match for T20 World Cup, we decided to place a pre-match bet on it in the next step.

Step 3: Click On the Odds and Place Bets

  • As you proceed to step 3, you must know that you are only minutes away from experiencing awesome cashback wins on sports betting online.
  • In the previous point, we explained how we will be betting on the upcoming India vs England match and so, to place bets online, you must first click on the ‘Betting Odds‘ of the betting option.


  • Here we have clicked on ‘India’s odds for the Match Winner betting option‘. This will open a bet slip box on the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Here, you must then enter the betting stake you are willing to place, and then click on ‘Place Bets‘. This way, you can click on multiple odds to open different bet slips to place bets on Betway in the Sportsbook.

Note: Odds in betting are important as you can see the total estimated returns you can get. So make sure you bet with higher odds after careful readings of the team’s previous stats since the odds are bound to change.

Let us take a look at the 2 possible case scenarios for the India VS England T20 World Cup Match example we used above:

Case Scenarios

Betting Stake Betting Odds Total Payout
India Wins ₹10 1.83


England Wins

₹10 2.00


As shown in the table, there are two cases given where India and England win in one of them, respectively. Here, we will apply the formula Betting Stake x Betting Odds = Total Payout to see how much you can get.

  1. In case one, India wins with the odds of 1.83. So, if you place a bet of ₹10 on India for the odds of 1.83, then you will get a ₹18.33 payout because 10 x 1.83 = 18.33.
  2. In case two, England wins with the odds of 2.00. Thus, if you place a bet on England for ₹10 with the odds of 2.00, you will win ₹20 as the payout because 10 x 2.00 = 20.

Thus, when learning how to play Betway online, it is important to learn and analyze which betting options you should go for to make more accurate bets. Here, your heart might side with India since it is your home country, but if you want to win more money, then betting on England is better as it has higher odds of winning. But again, the beauty of sports betting online is that the odds can change at any time as both teams are equally strong.

Experience Endless Fun at Betway Live Casino with Many Active Players

Apart from the Sportsbook, Betway Live Casino section is the place where most of the party goes on online. Here, you will find the most fun and oldest casino games to play offered by some of the coolest game room providers in the betting world online.

  • Using Betway’s Live Casino, you can get a Betway Welcome Bonus of up to ₹5000 on your first deposit and also get a ₹500 free bet every week as a Live Casino bonus cashback offer for spending ₹500 on playing Live Casino games.


  • Playing Live Casino games at Betway can give you the pure entertainment of sitting back and placing bets at the most easy-to-use live casino website online, and also help you place accurate bets by enabling you to see the results of the payouts.

Using our how to play Betway online tutorial, you can access Betway’s Live Casino online, and play Blackjack, Baccarat, Indian Roulette, American Roulette, Hi-Lo, Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Poker, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, Spin a Wheel, Cricket Roulette, and many more variations of famous online casino games.

How to Play Betway Casino Games in Just 3 Steps

Let us now take a quick look at How you can play Betway Casino Games in only 3 easy and quick steps that can help you get the endless entertainment we spoke about above. Follow these steps thoroughly to explore the awesome world of Betway’s Live Casino online.

Step 1: Log In to Your Betway Account and Visit Live Casino

  • The first step is similar to the first step of the above one, that is you must register a Betway New Account at Betway to access the live casino domain by visiting Betway’s official site and clicking on ‘Register‘.
  • Do not forget to enter a unique username and password which is important as you will have to log in by entering those credentials on Betway’s home page and clicking on ‘Log In‘.


  • Once done, you must click on ‘Live Casino‘ which will redirect you to the live casino domain on Betway’s site.
  • Here you can explore all the awesome casino games mentioned above as well as make full use of the bonus offer we spoke about above on Satta Matka.

Step 2: Select Your Gameroom and Casino Game

  • We hope you like what you will be seeing on the Live Casino domain at Betway as there are many casino games you can choose from.
  • From all these, you can filter out your options by clicking on any of the icons for the games, or by entering the name of the casino game in the search bar.


  • This will instantly filter out what you want and what is even cooler is that it will suggest many game rooms for one casino game.
  • Here, we have selected ‘Andar Bahar‘ because that is one of India’s most played online casino games at Betway.

Step 3: Select a Betting Option and Place Bets

  • The best part about Betway’s Live Casino layout is that it is unique and thus, very different from most online casinos.
  • Here, you will find a more easy-to-use interface and layout which makes betting on Betway even easier.


  • First, you must select the betting option you want to place your stakes on from the left side of your screen. Here, we have selected ‘Andar‘ to place a bet on.
  • Then on the right side of your screen, you will see the bet slip, where you have to enter the betting stake amount. Once done, click on ‘Place Bet‘ to confirm your bets and then wait for the live dealer to deal with the cards.

As you can see, Betway’s Live Casino domain, helps you see the possible winning payout you will be receiving if your bet wins. Since the odds of Andar are 1.90, you will be receiving 10 x 1.90 = ₹19 in return if your bet, Andar wins.

3 Must-Know Betting Tactics Before you Place Bets on Betway

Now that you know how to place a bet on Betway Sportsbook and Live Casino, let us look at 3 of the best-known betting tactics that could help you place more accurate bets on Betway.

  1. Analyze the Betting Odds: As mentioned above, the betting odds are very important when it comes to online betting because these determine the amount of payout you will be receiving for the bets you place online. The betting odds multiplied by the betting stakes equal the total payout, so the higher the odds are the better.
  2. Use Minimum Betting Rate: If you are a beginner who wishes to bet safely and responsibly and thus, has turned towards Betway, then it is important that you use the minimum betting rate available in the sportsbook. Doing so would help you try and test all the various betting options available for you as well as make parley bets, something that pros do.
  3. Make use of Bonus Offers: Lastly, it is important to remember that Betway is the go-to site for many gamblers because it truly cares about its customer’s satisfaction and thus, you must make full use of this by claiming the bonus offers they put your way. The Sportsbook at Betway has a bonus offer which allows you to win up to ₹4,000 on Sportsbook and you can get up to ₹15,000 on Live Casino on your first deposit.

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Top 3 Important FAQs You Should Be Asking

If you are reading this then congratulations on learning about most of the awesome things Betway offers, how you can place bets to win, and the 3 great tactics you can use to place these aforementioned bets online. But before we bid adieu, let us introduce you to 3 important FAQs that you should know the answers to.

1. Is Betway Legal and Safe for Online Betting?

In India, online betting is not exactly legal however, there are many sites that keep their online betting business running online. This is also the main reason why we are suggesting sites like Betway as they are backed by the required legal licences. Thus, when the question arises of is Betway legal in India then yes, it is legal. More importantly, they hold a foreign license which makes it possible for them to fully function online legally in India.


Betway holds a Dynamic Seal of Authorization from the online license provider Malta Gaming Authority. This enables Betway to not only fully function online but also offer its Sportsbook and Live Casino services to many Indian sports bettors in the country. Apart from this, the site itself is safe to use and you can make sure of it by clicking on the lock icon next to the website’s link on your browser. If you see the sentence ‘Connection is Secure’, then it means that the site is safe to use.

2. How Can I Win More Bets at Betway?

As you have seen above, placing bets at Betway is easy and winning these bets at Betway can be easier if you follow certain Betway Betting Tips and Tricks to win. Using these would give you a clear guideline of how and when you should place your bets online strategically.

Thus, using a good strategy can help you not only win more bets at Betway online but also would help you save up more cash by maximizing your profits and minimizing your losses. As a beginner, you should also use the 3 aforementioned betting tactics to up your gaming skills in no time.

3. How does Betway Ensure I Gamble Responsibly?

Many people who talk about Betway’s awesome products always mention how the site helps its customers game responsibly in India. But how can you be sure of that is something many people have wondered about. Well, the answer is simple, Betway lets you set betting limits for yourself so that you limit your game time and spend less.

Setting a betting limit when it comes to online gambling is a great way to truly enjoy the fun aspects of gambling as well as enhance your gambling skills and become a pro. And Betway ensures that you do so by helping out as you can set daily, weekly, or monthly limits on the site. This way you can develop and maintain a good relationship with gambling online.


This was the easiest tutorial on How to Play Betway Online you can find on the internet in India. Betway is considered to be the greatest betting site India has ever experienced as it hopes to change the perspective of gambling online as something more positive and fun. Using Betway ensures that you not only gamble safely but also experience the joys of betting to the maximum level. Whether you want to side with your favourite teams by placing bets on them or enjoy your leisure time at a live casino game room, Betway welcomes you all!

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