How to play Betway Roulette in 3 Steps: Win Bonus of ₹60k

Play Betway Roulette now to win 100% Bonus of ₹60,000. Plus 100% Bonus of ₹2,500 for newbies. Isn’t it fascinating? Get a review of top 5 betway roulette games.

Betway Roulette   Betway Roulette Game

What are the types of Betway Roulette?

Betway India is one of the leading Live Casino and Sports Betting websites with a library of fun, exciting and entertaining games to thrill all the gamers. Betway Roulette is one such game that has gained force with so many amusing live roulette games. 

Especially for Indian players, Betway roulette has spectacular options like lightning, roulette, exclusive cricket roulette, Las Vegas roulette, Speed roulette, Bollywood roulette, Immersive roulette, Slingshot Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, and a lot more. From European roulette and American roulette to French roulette, Betway has it all.

3 Steps for How to play Betway Roulette

Start your Betway Roulette game within 4 minutes in just 3 steps. Get exposed to the best Online Casino game with the most exciting features on Betway!

Step 1: Log in on the official Betway site and locate the Live Casino tab


The first step to start gaming on Betway is accessing the official website (links on the buttons above) and log in with your credentials.

Once you have logged in, click on the Live Casino tab on the menu bar.

Step 2: Click on the Live Casino tab and select Roulette


Among the various casino games option, choose Roulette, and a list of roulette games will appear in front of you.

Select any roulette game you want to place your bets on.

Step 3: Select the best Roulette game of your choice and start betting


  •  The game consists of a spinning wheel with numbers in red and black alternately from 1-36 and a zero (European Roulette) or 1-37 (American Roulette) or 1-36 (French Roulette).
  • A croupier rolls a small ball on the wheel, and the players have to predict the number on which the ball will land.
  • The player with the correct prediction wins the bet.
  • There are two betting patterns – inside bets and outside bets.
  • Outside bets have better winning odds but give a low payout as compared to inside bets.
  • Inside bets, being the opposite to outside bets, has a very slight chance to win but has a huge payout if you win.

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Review of Top 5 Betway Roulette Games in India

Betway roulette offers more than 20 roulette games on its Live Casino with so many splendid and exciting features including a special Hindi table view. Below are some of the top roulette games you can find on Betway.

1. Bollywood Roulette


An exciting roulette game in the Hindi language wherein you can chat live with the dealer. This is a European roulette game with 1-36 numbers and a single ‘0’ pocket, while the rest of the rules and betting patterns remain the same. With the betting limits from ₹5 – ₹50,000 and high payouts up to 35:1 on Straight up, this Betway Roulette game is a must-try thing.

2. Cricket Roulette


With the name of India comes the name of Cricket. Isn’t it amazing? Get more amazed with the Live Cricket Roulette game on Betway. This is also a common draw European roulette wherein the casino atmosphere is set according to the cricket theme, and players can bet up to the limit of ₹10 – ₹50,000. The payout odds for this game are also high, 35:1 for a straight-up bet.

3. Speed Roulette


For players loving the speed and thrill of betting along with it, Speed Roulette is the best option for you. The game consists of a small ball spun around the table with numbers ranging from 0-37, and every round takes 25 seconds. Within such a short period, you become either Richie rich person or Poorie poor. Although whatever you become, the betting patterns and the payout on this is remarkable. Players can bet from ₹30 – ₹24,000. 

4. Lightning Roulette


The most exciting and electrifying game just like the name has a few different rules but is more entertaining. The game round starts with 1 -5 lightning numbers that are randomly struck by lightning. This game gives the highest payout with 50x up to 500x (49:1 to 499:1) and the players can bet between ₹20 – ₹50,000.

5. Immersive Roulette


This is the most popular European Roulette among gamblers because of its exclusive features. The popularity of this game is that it has only female croupiers to play along the game. The spinning time is 30 seconds, and players must place their bets in the initial 10 seconds. The bet limits range from ₹100 – ₹50,000.

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Claim 100% Welcome Bonus up to ₹60,000 on Betway Roulette


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Betway Roulette is among the best live casino games you’ll find. With Indian tadka to these games and outstanding gaming features, it has become the most preferred option. So, what are thinking about? Just three steps, and there you go on an exciting Betway Roulette adventure. Also, the welcome bonus is an addition to the excitement, isn’t it? So, start betting right now with the most amusing game online!

Video tutorial on how to play Roulette at Betway with real money

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