How to play Blackjack online Real money at Fun88 | Beginners

Blackjack is 2nd favorite Card Game in the World (after Baccarat) with 21 highest score. See how to play Blackjack online with Fun88 free credit ₹100 for Indian.


What is Blackjack online?

Blackjack is one of the favorite card games of Indian punters. It is also known as twenty-one, since it is the highest winning score, one needs to win blackjack online. Blackjack online is played against the dealer, where two cards are drawn for the player and dealer. Whoever’s hand rank value is nearest to 21 wins the round, but it should not exceed 21.


Natural win, that is, 21 is also called Blackjack, which means that if your card value is equal to 21, then you are blackjack & no one can defeat that unbeatable win. Blackjack online also offers side bets to punters and provides them a second chance to save their loss, we’ll discuss it briefly in the article.

How to play blackjack online for real money at Fun88 – 3 Steps guide

We brought you the easiest, fastest, and smoothest 3 steps beginner’s guide to earning real money. Learn how to play online blackjack for real money and level up your gambling game.

Step 1: Join Fun88 & Select Live Casino

  • Access the official website of Fun88 India to play Blackjack online via the original directed link.
  • Click on ‘join now’ on the right side, top corner to do Fun88 register smoothly.


  • See the drop-down menu of available Fun88 products by clicking on three horizontal dashes.
  • Select ‘Live Casino’ to play Blackjack online at Fun88 India and enjoy online gambling.

Step 2: Play Blackjack with Evolution Gaming room

  • You’ll be directed to a page where all 7 Fun88 live casino game providers are available.
  • Choose ‘Evolution’ since it offers the least betting amount among all others, that is, ₹100 to play Blackjack online at Fun88 India.
  • You will be redirected to another page, where all Evolution gaming products are available. Click on ‘Blackjack’ to see all available tables.


  • Select ‘Free Bet Blackjack’ by Evolution Gaming to play Blackjack online. Free Bet Blackjack also offers to double down and split the bet; you play against the dealer, not other punters.

Note: Choose Evolution Gaming provider since it offers the least minimum betting stake of ₹100 to bet on Free Bet Blackjack and interesting betting options to play Blackjack online. The maximum betting limit is ₹100,000 at Free Bet Blackjack.

Step 3: Make your Bet with minimum of ₹100

  • The live dealer will appear, and you’ll get 10 seconds to place your bets by selecting the chips before the round begins. The minimum betting wager at Fun88 India for Free Bet Blackjack by Evolution is ₹100.


  • She will deal 2 face-up cards for you, and one face-up and one face-down card for herself. You will be given 15 seconds again to make your decision, whether you want to double down, split hit, or stand.
  • Once you have placed your bets, the dealer will deal another card for you or another card for herself, depending on the choice you make. Then, she’ll reveal her cards. The one with a total hand value near 21 or exactly 21 wins the round of blackjack online.

There’s a better perk on playing Blackjack at Fun88 India. Your first game of blackjack can be free since Fun88 offers a free bonus of ₹100 without any deposit. Register your account now & grab a Fun88 free bet bonus with no deposit of ₹100 to play your first round of Blackjack online.

Basic Blackjack Online Rules

You must know these points before you play Free Bet Blackjack by Evolution Gaming at Fun88 India. Mentioned below are some rules and informative points to give you a clear-cut idea of Blackjack.

7 General rules of Blackjack online for beginners

1. Free Bet Blackjack: Variation of blackjack that offers free double down and split bets.
2. Card decks: 8 standard decks of cards are used in Free Bet Blackjack by Evolution Gaming.
3. Betting time: Punters get 10 seconds to place their bets on the upcoming blackjack round.
4. Minimum betting limit: ₹100 is the least betting stake you need to play Free Bet Blackjack.
5. Gameplay: The dealer deals two cards for himself and the player, and if anyone gets the total value of 21 on the hand wins.
6. Showdown: At last, the live dealer reveals his card and whoever total card value is near 21, wins the game. If the card value goes beyond 21, then the winner with less value than 21 wins.
7. Payout: Pay-out for general blackjack win is 1:1 & pay-out for insurance bet is 2:1. Side bets have different pay-out returns, which has been already mentioned above, depending on the side bet you choose to opt for.

How to score cards in Blackjack?


  1. The value of cards from 2 to 10 is equal to their face value.
  2. Face cards, that is, Queens, Kings, and Jacks, are worth 10.
  3. The ace card is worth 1 or 11, depending on which value will favor the hand.
    • If the total value of the hand is less than 11, then Ace is considered 11.
    • If the total value of the hand is greater than 11, then Ace is considered 1.

Baccarat online bet options

Free Bet Blackjack by Evolution Gaming is played against the dealer. Hence, you place bets on your cards. You also get the option to hit or stand after the dealer deals the first 2 cards.


Common Betting Options:

  • HIT ( + ): Punters choose the HIT betting option when they want the dealer to draw one more card for them.
  • STAND ( x ): When you already have strong cards and don’t want any other card, you choose STAND.

Free Double down:

  • Free Double down: Punter decides to double down the bets for getting another card to improve the value of his hand. Double down is also known as Free Bet, that’s why the name of the game is ‘Free Bet Blackjack’. If your sum value is 9, 10, or 11, you can choose to double your bets on your cards.

Free Split Bet:

  • Split: In a split bet, if you have a pair of cards with similar value then you can split the cards in two and bet for them separately. In free bet blackjack, you cannot split the cards if you get a pair of 10, J, K, or Q.

Insurance Bet:

  • The insurance bet is placed to reduce the loss on your cards if you believe that the dealer might have a sum value of 21, that is, a natural win. This betting option will appear only when the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. Pay-out for insurance bet is 2:1, therefore, the game will end in a tie if the dealer cards have a poker hand.

Side Bets & their pay-out at Free Bet Blackjack – Evolution Gaming

Every side bet has a different ratio for the return if you win the bet. They give punters another chance to win their money back.




Any Pair – Betting on the possibility if you will get any pair of two similar value cards.

Any Pair 


Suited Pair


21+ 3 – Betting on your two cards and 1 card of the dealer to make a poker hand texas rank.

Suited Trips


Straight Flush


Three of a Kind






Hot 3 – Betting on the combination of your two cards and 1 card of the dealer to form a hot 3 side bet.

7 Diamond – 7 Hearts – 7 Clubs


Total 21 suited


Total 21 unsuited


Total 20


Total 19


Bust It – allows the punter to bet that the dealer’s card will exceed the value of 21. 

Bust with 8 or more cards


Bust with 7 cards


Bust with 6 cards


Bust with 5 cards


Bust with 4 cards


Bust with 3 cards


Real Blackjack online game at Fun88

Round 1:
You will get 10 seconds to place your bets on your cards before the dealer deals the cards.


  1. Choose the chip: The number on the chip is equal to the amount of bet you are going to place. 100 chip means ₹100 bets.
  2. Click on the circle to place the bets on your cards. If you want to place a side bet, click on the symbol you want to bet on.

Round 2:

Once the betting time is over, the dealer will deal two face-up cards for the player and one face-up and one face-down card for the player.


  • Players get a 7 card and an Ace card, making the total to be either 8 or 18. Dealer’s one card is 7 and the other one is still face-down.
  • Therefore, the player decides to ‘HIT‘ with one more card to continue the drawing.

Round 3:

Since the player chooses to hit, the dealer will deal another card for the player.


  • The Player gets a King card, making the sum value 18. Ace will be considered as 1 since this value favors the hand.
  • The player will get another decision to make and choose from again. Since he already chose to hit before & conditions for double bet and splits are not fulfilled. The Player has to choose to STAND.

Round 4:

The dealer will deal one more card for herself and the showdown will begin. She will reveal her cards and the winner will be determined.


  • Dealer cards are 7, 6, & K; which makes a total of 23.
  • The Player’s cards are A, 7 & K, which makes a total of 18.

Since the value above the dealer’s card exceeds 21, she loses the game and you win with a 1:1 pay-out.

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Experiencing a good game is worth every penny, Blackjack brings that experience to you. Learn how to play blackjack online for real money at Fun88 India and practice to become a master. Don’t forget to grab many more perks that Fun88 has to offer. Start the journey to pave your way up in the online gambling world and have happy earnings.

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