How to play casino dice games at Betway – 100% up to ₹15,000

This is the complete easiest guide on how to play casino dice games for beginners. Witness real money gameplay & get 100% up to ₹15,000 welcome bonus at Betway!


Dice games utilize or contain one or more dice as their exclusive piece while gameplay, generally as a random gadget. Usually, dice games rarely require a massive asset. Here, you will get everything to learn how to play casino dice games at Betway India with a minimum bet amount of ₹20.

Introduction to casino dice games at Betway

There’s no condition to grind anywhere when you hit the dice while playing casino dice games at Betway. All you must do is get comfy in front of your computer or mobile device and observe as winning possibilities arise at the click of a button.

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  • A glance at a dice games table shows different betting trails that fill in a collection of thrilling opportunities, and at Betway, you can relish them whenever you want.
  • Put your betting chips on a spot to show your bet, a love dealer then rolls the 3 six-sided dice in the shaking spot on the table, and notice what they get.
  • Uncover the delight of putting bets such as High-Low, Any double, any triple, 7, 4, 5, 6, and many more.
  • Play the casino dice game on Betway India, and discover the most prosperous bonuses that will come to your hand soon.

How to play casino dice games at Betway – 3 Steps guide

Thunder and lightning aren’t a cup of tea of anyone’s, but in this instance, you may desire dice games of lightning theme to hit perhaps more than onetime. Follow HappyIndia88’s easy 3 steps guide for beginners below to learn how to play casino dice games at Betway live casino.

Step 1: Access Betway & Select live casino

  • Access Betway through the official link provided by HappyIndia88 and insert your proper username and password to login into your Betway account.
  • You just need to click the “login” button present on the top right corner of the homepage.

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  • Don’t have an account yet? click on the “Register” button, then Sign up for your Betway account by following the guide Betway register and fill the required details in the signup form accurately.

Step 2: Click on the Live Casino tab and select dice games

  • Once you complete your Bestway registration or are done logging in on Betway, from the homepage menu bar, click on the live casino tab to proceed
  • Once you are on the live casino page, find and select “Dice Games” under the categories mentioned in the sub-menu.

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  • There are 5 dice games available at Betway – Live Sic Bo, Live Sic Bo Deluxe, Live 7 up 7 down, Live lightning dice, and Live Fan Tan.
  • We have selected Live lightning dice just to show you how they work as an example.

Step 3: Pick Live lightning dice & place a minimum bet of ₹20

  • Once you enter into the casino dice game – live lightning dice, you’ll get into the atmosphere of physical land-based casinos.

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  • Choose the chip the same as your preferred bet amount and click on the betting place you wish to decide to put your bets.
  • Once the bets are set, the live dealer will unlock the doors on the top of the rectangular-shaped gadget with 3 dice on it.
  • The dice will drop from inside the transparent rectangular-shaped container by rolling speedy and numbers are displayed.
  • The total value of the number on the rolled 3 dice will enable the house to decide the winner and spread the stakes consequently.

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Significant points to playing casino dice games at Betway

The casino dice games are more like a sic bo game with additional tools. Learn more about the casino dice game at Betway in deep and appreciate the impressive gameplay after understanding the rules, betting choices, Etc.

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3 Basic rules to play casino dice games at Betway

Your winning rate playing casino Dice games at Betway will mainly come down to fortune, but there are a few rules you must follow.

  1. Bet on high or low: You own a nearly 50% probability of obtaining a low (3-9) or a high number (12-18). So put either of those bets to cover multiple prospects and you would win about half the time you play!
  2. Play it safe: Bet on numbers 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13. You must hit one of those numbers each 7 game rounds to split even.
  3. Hit for the bars: Place a slight bet on the numbers 3 and 18. Although the likelihood of acquiring these numbers is low, it’s the only method to win 1000x your stake!

3 Other casino dice games at Betway India

As said earlier, there are 5 casino dice games are available to play online at Betway for Indian punters: Live Sic Bo, Live Sic Bo Deluxe, Live 7 up 7 down, Live lightning dice, and Live Fan Tan. Let’s have a brief look at the rest of 3 casino dice games at Betway below:

#1. Live Sic Bo

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  • Just like all casino dice games at Betway, Sic Bo is a game of luck.
  • The game eventually spins around you putting a bet on which varieties of numbers occur on the dice when they are moved.
  • If the numbers on the dice are in-line with your stake and promising to it, then you will lift a success from a predetermined paytable.

#2. Live 7 up 7 down – Dice Duel

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  • In the live 7 up 7 down also named dice duel, two dice are used in the game, one red and one blue.
  • The dice utilized are the traditional type that comprises 1 to 6 on the six surfaces.
  • You can put bets on the numbers, odd/even, or on the winning prediction of dice will win.
  • Dice Duel gives you a total of 22 seconds to set your bet. You can pick main bets, number bets, or odd/even.

#3. Live Fan Tan

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  • Live Fan Tan is a casino dice game provided by Evolution Gaming club & is willing to be played at Betway.
  • Live dealer executes the game with the lowest betting limit of ₹20.
  • Live Fan Tan is one of the most straightforward casino games in the world, people usually call it a Game of Beads.
  • In the casino dice game at Betway, a random number of dots are placed in lines of 4 beads each until the final group of beads is displayed.

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Real money gameplay of dice game at Betway

HappyIndia88 took an example of the Live Fan Tan – one of the beloved casino dice games to show you the real money gameplay.

Round 1: Choose chips & bet choice to set your bets with the lowest amount of ₹20

  • Pick the number of chips you wish to set a bet of; remember the chip of 20 is equal to ₹20.
  • Click on the betting choice you would desire to put your bets on; you can put multiple bets.

how-to-play-casino-dice games-09

  • In the image above, a player picked Chip 20 to stake on at a live Fan Tan casino dice game at Betway.
  • He selected 2 betting prospects – Small & Even betting choices at Fan Tan at Betway India.

Round 2: Live Dealer will set the beads in the line of 4

  • While you put your wagers, the Live dealer will choose a random number of beads from the stack in transparent glass.
  • Then the dealer will organize the beads in the 4 queues until the final batch stays. The number of beads left in the final line includes 4 potentials – 4, 3, 2, or 1.

how-to-play-casino-dice games-10

  • In the picture above, 2 beads are remains in the final line. Punters who selected any betting choices among 3: 2, even, and small, win.
  • Punter preferred Small & Even to bet with ₹20 apiece. Therefore, he won ₹78 according to the pay table.


HappyIndia88 believes that you have learned how to play casino dice games at Betway India to be played online by going through this guide. You can start your gameplay and enjoy it without worrying your brain. Then, why delay? Join Betway India & get yourself additional money via the casino dice games.

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