How to play Casino Holdem Poker at W88 – Get ₹250 Free bonus

This is a guide on how to play Casino Hold’em Poker for beginners: a real-time game with sample images included. Play at W88 & get a no deposit $250 free bonus.


What is Casino Hold’em Poker?

Casino Hold’em poker is a variant of the Texas Hold’em. In Casino Hold’em poker, players play poker against the house and in Texas Hold’em, players play poker against other players on the table. Hence, one can say that Casino Hold’em poker is a simpler and less complicated, yet very fun variant of Texas Hold’em.


  • Punters start with placing an ante to begin the game. The dealer deals two hole cards face-up for the player and two hole cards face-down for himself.
  • Then, he deals three face-up community cards on the table, and the punter is faced with two options, either to continue playing by doubling the bet or leave the game by choosing to fold.
  • If he continues to stay. the dealer deals with the other two community cards and if the player’s card combination is better than the dealer, then the player wins.

How to play Casino Hold’em poker at W88 – 3 Steps guide

Step 1: Join W88 & Select Live Casino

  • Do W88 register to play Casino Hold’em poker online and win more real money.
  • Select ‘Live Casino‘ to visit all online casino games available at W88 India to play.


Step 2: Play Casino Hold’em with Evolution Gaming room

  • Choose Top games by Club Evolution to play Casino Hold’em poker online, since it offers a minimum betting limit of ₹50.
  • Select Poker since you want to play Casino Hold’em poker, a variant of the most popular Texas Hold’em.


Step 3: Make your Bet with minimum of ₹50

  • Select Casino Hold’em room under Poker category in Club Evolution room.
  • The live dealer will appear on your screen to conduct Casino Hold’em poker play for you.


Note: We recommend Club Evolution to play Casino Hold’em poker as it offers a minimum betting limit of ₹50 and a maximum betting stake of ₹100,000. It’s the most popular room, 697 active players are playing Casino Hold’em poker in the image above.

Basic Casino Hold’em Poker rules

Let’s learn the basic rules of Casino Hold’em poker before you start playing, after all, they are most important. Among all the rules, knowing the hand ranks of Casino Hold’em poker is the most crucial one.

7 General rules of Casino Hold’em Poker for beginners

  1. Casino Hold’em Poker: Variant of Texas Hold’em poker, the only difference is that you play the game against the dealer, not other players. Hence, there are only 2 people playing Casino Hold’em poker, a dealer, and a player.
  2. Card deck: One deck of cards is used to play Casino Hold’em poker in every casino.
  3. Hole Cards: The dealer deals two cards, face down for himself and face up for the player, called hole cards. These are individual cards and cannot be shared by the other player.
  4. Community Cards: Five shared cards are dealt face-up on the table, which is known as community cards. They are shared by every player to create the highest possible Casino Hold’em poker hand rank.
  5. Gameplay: Community cards belong to both, dealer and player. The Player has to get the highest possible hand rank from his hole cards and community cards than that of the dealer to win Casino Hold’em poker.
  6. Objective: Player has to make a higher hand rank possible than the dealer to win the match.
  7. Showdown: At the end, the dealer reveals his cards and the one with higher hand rank wins the Casino Hold’em poker online.

How to win Casino Hold’em Poker?

Learning the rules takes less time but mastering the game to earn some real money can take a lifetime. So, let’s get started with the hand ranks first, from highest hand rank to lowest hand rank.





1.      Royal Flush


W88-Holdem-Poker-02 Consecutive cards from an ace card to ten cards of the same suit.


2.      Straight Flush


W88-Holdem-Poker-03 Any five consecutive cards of the same suit make a straight flush.
3.      Four of a Kind


W88-Holdem-Poker-04 Any four cards of the same rank, the suit doesn’t need to be the same.


4.      Full House


W88-Holdem-Poker-05 Three of the five cards are of the same rank and the rest two are also of the same rank, irrespective of the suit.
5.      Flush


W88-Holdem-Poker-06 Any five cards of the same suit, are not necessarily consecutive.


6.      Straight


W88-Holdem-Poker-07 Any five consecutive cards of a different suit.

The presence of an ace card, king card, queen card, or joker card will be preferred.

7.      Three of a                         Kind


W88-Holdem-Poker-08 Any three cards of the same rank with any different suits.


8.      Two Pairs


W88-Holdem-Poker-09 Two cards of the same rank with another two cards of the same rank make two pairs of the same rank cards. The suit doesn’t need to be the same.


9.      One Pair


W88-Holdem-Poker-10 Two cards of the same rank, but they can be of a different suit.


10.     High Card


W88-Holdem-Poker-11 The lowest hand rank is any 5 cards of different suits in any order.


The importance of learning the ranks of the hands before you go into the field is really important. If you’re a new player, we would suggest you keep a printed copy in front of you until it is imprinted on your brain like a tattoo.

Casino Hold’em Poker bet options

You face four betting options in one round of Casino Hold’em poker, it starts with ante and ends at either win or fold.


  1. Ante: The wagering amount stake by the player in Casino Hold’em poker is called an Ante.
  2. Bonus: It is a side bet, optional, and cannot be placed alone. It is applied on the first five cards only and if you have pair of aces or better, then you win the bonus side bet.
  3. 2X Play: After the first three community cards are drawn by the dealer, two options will appear on the screen. You must choose 2X Play if you want to place a bet double the initial stake for moving forward.
  4. Fold: If you don’t want to continue playing the Casino Hold’em poker, then choose Fold to get out of the game.

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Real Casino Hold’em Poker game at W88

Round 1: Casino Hold’em poker starts with placing an ante by the punter.


  • Select the chip with the same number as the amount of bet you want to place and click on the ante.
  • Players place a bet of ₹50, the least betting amount to place at Casino Hold’em poker by Evolution at W88 India.
  • ₹100,000 is the maximum betting amount one punter can place on Casino Hold’em poker at W88 India.

Round 2: The dealer will deal the cards and you’ll be faced with two betting options


  • The dealer will deal with two face-up hole cards for you and two face-down hole cards for herself.
  • Then three community cards will be drawn by the dealer and you’ll be faced with two betting options.
    1. 2X Play – continue to play and place the bet double to your initial wagering amount.
    2. Fold – Leave the game if your cards are not strong enough to beat the dealer.
  • Your cards – King & Ace. Community cards – 2, 6, & 8 card. Players choose to play ahead & click on 2X Play at W88 India.

Round 3: The dealer deals other two community cards and reveals the winner by showing her cards.


  • Once you made your decision, the dealer deals with two more face-up community cards and then, reveals her cards.
  • Dealer cards – 7 and 5. Player cards – King & Ace. Community cards – 2, 8, 6, 6, and Ace cards.
  • Dealer creates a pair with her cards and players create two pairs with their cards. 2 pairs > 1 pair. Hence, the player wins.

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We hope this guide to Casino Hold’em poker helped you understand the rules, hand rank, poker, the difference between Casino Hold’em poker & Texas Hold’em, etc. In short, we hope you learned how to play Casino Hold’em poker in the simplest way possible.

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