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Dafabet Baccarat   Dafabet Baccarat Game

Dafabet is a leading platform for gamblers to play and bet on the best Online Casino and Sportsbook in India. With a plethora of online casino games, it is obvious to get confused about which to bet on. However, for bettors looking for betting on Dafabet Baccarat, here’s a simple guide that will help you know everything about it.

How to play Dafabet Baccarat in 3 Steps – Easy & quick

Dafabet offers best baccarat online games for gamblers to enjoy playing and betting with the live baccarat option. Start your Dafabet baccarat betting journey with the three easy steps below.

Step 1: Log in on Dafabet official website and click on the Casino tab


  • Every player must log in on the official dafabet website first.
  • Once you are logged in to your account, click on the Casino tab on the menu bar and you’ll be directed to the Dafabet Casino page with so many gaming options.

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Step 2: Click on the Live games option and select Baccarat live


  • Once you land on the Dafabet Casino page, the next step is to click on the Live Games option.
  • A variety of live casino games will appear in front of you. Select Baccarat live from them.
  • Under Baccarat live there are too many baccarat games including Speed Baccarat, Grand Baccarat and Goa Baccarat.
  • Select Grand Baccarat game and start betting.

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Step 3: Place your bets on the most popular Baccarat live


To start betting on Grand Baccarat, first understand the rules mentioned below:

  1. There are two players – the Player and the Banker.
  2. A live dealer shuffles the cards and distributes two cards to each player and the participants have to bet on the winning hand.
  3. There are three bet types in this game – Player’s hand, Banker’s hand and Tie bet.
  4. Each hand has to bring their card value closer to 9 in order to win the bet.
  5. The players also have a third card draw option under certain situations as mentioned in the Game guide.


The payout ratio on Grand Baccarat for the three bets are as follows:

  • Player’s hand – 1:1
  • Banker’s hand – 0.95:1
  • Tie bet – 8:1

6 Simple Dafabet Baccarat rules for beginners

Before entering the actual betting round, you must know the basic rules of baccarat. Increase your winning chances by knowing the Dafabet Baccarat rules below:

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  1. The card value Ace is 1 in this game while the face cards (J,Q, K) and the 10s have their value as zero.
  2. The other cards have the same value as on their face cards.
  3. The calculation of determining the winning hand is made by adding the card values of the two cards.
  4. While calculating the card value in Baccarat, the last digit of the two-digit number is eliminated.
  5. For example, if the Player’s hand have cards 5 and 6, then the value is 1 and not 11.
  6. The basic aim of the game is that both the players have to bring their total value closer to 9 to win the match.

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3 Reasons to play Dafabet Baccarat

Happyindia88 has reviewed all the online gambling sites and came up with this report that Dafabet has the best Baccarat game options that will amaze gamblers with high payout returns. Below are three reasons we found to play Dafabet Baccarat:

  1. Splendid variety in baccarat games including speed baccarat, no commission baccarat, lounge seven-seat baccarat, goa baccarat and many more.
  2. Live sexy dealers on the screen shuffling the cards and hosting the game.
  3. Great Dafabet promotions on Baccarat games.

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Dafabet Baccarat has easy gameplay with simple rules to follow. However, to constantly win the matches it does call for regular practice to improvise the skills. To predict the outcome and accordingly expertise your betting game is what Baccarat is all about. Play Baccarat games on Dafabet to have the best betting experience along with the fascinating promotional offer that drives your gaming energy to the next level. Have fun betting on Dafabet baccarat!

Find How to play the Dafabet Baccarat video tutorial below:

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