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The Dragon Tiger game originated in Cambodia and has evolved into one of the most famous live casino games worldwide because of its simplicity and pace of gameplay. Dafabet India presents an 8-deck Dragon Tiger online casino game with real and skilled dealers obtained to you in high-definition video. Enjoy this casino masterpiece now and enrich your earnings with various thrilling side bets.

Introduction to Dragon Tiger Online casino game

  • Dragon Tiger is a game that seems like baccarat at least a slimmed-down variant of it and it plays out likewise to Casino War.


  • With baccarat standing so widespread in India, it’s possibly no wonder this take utilizes standard Asian symbolism in the formation of the Dragon and Tiger.
  • Live Dagon Tiger is a live casino game made by Playtech gaming software.
  • The casino game is like Baccarat, but a considerably more straightforward version of it because it is only played with 2 cards, Live Dragon Tiger is a very widespread game in India.

How to play Dragon Tiger game at Dafabet – 3 steps process

Dafabet is a superb destination to play live dealer casino games. Knowing how to play the Dragon Tiger online game at Dafabet is an excellent beginning for beginners. Start online betting by following the 3 easy steps summarized below.

Step 1: Go to Dafabet, Sign up & select Live Dealer

  • You need to visit the official Dafabet India website and for that, insert your username & password in the top right corner of the homepage screen to get entry to the website.


  • In case you haven’t signed up for Dafabet yet, read the Dafabet Register article, finish the joining instructions, and click the “Join Now” tab to fill the registration form quickly.
  • After successfully logging into your Dafabet account, select the Live dealer menu from the menu bar.

Step 2: Choose PT Live & click Dragon Tiger game

  • Once you clicked the “Live dealer” menu, you’ll be redirected to the All Games page to discover the Dragon Tiger game.
  • Next, you need to find the Dragon Tiger under the All Games section.


  • Choose PT Live – Playtech gaming from the page – HappyIndia88 recommending this provider since has the lowest minimum bet amount of ₹50 compared to all the other Dragon Tiger providers at Dafabet India.


  • To enter the provider’s menu, click the “Play now” button and then Click the table – “Bet on Dragon Tiger” which has the lowest minimum stake of ₹50.

Step 3: Start putting chips on Dafabet Dragon Tiger min ₹50

  • Once you’ve preferred the Dragon Tiger menu, you’ll be carried to an online table with a live dealer.


  • Choose the bet amount, then pick an amount and click “place bet” to confirm the bet.
  • The live dealer will be dealing 2 playing cards on individual sides of the Dragon and Tiger.
  • The winner will be the side holding the higher card value, and if you successfully completed your bets, you would then get a good cash reward.

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Significant rules of Dragon tiger game of Dafabet for beginners

The Dragon Tiger rules are relatively easy and could be chosen up in just seconds. HappyIndia88 will direct you to the basics of the Dragon Tiger game to be played online at Dafabet in case you’re a beginner to online casino games or haven’t heard of it before.


5 Essential points to remember while playing the Dargon Tiger casino game

  1. The goal of Dragon Tiger – The purpose of the Dragon Tiger game is to accurately determine the winning side for an individual gameplay round.
  2. Betting period – At Dafabet India, gamblers hold 18 seconds to set a stake on any bet side.
  3. Betting choices – The 4 primary betting options are dragon, tiger, tie, and suited tie, and 7 other side bets.
  4. Betting limit – At Dafabet, the lowest minimum betting amount limit is ₹50 at PT Live – Playtech provider, which is the least amount of funds you must stake in every dragon tiger game round.
  5. Value of cards – Below is the worth of each card in the game Dragon Tiger casino online you can find.
Card typeValue
2 to 9Worth face value
10, King, Queen, Jack10

Dragon Tiger bet options RTPs

Check out the speculative rate return to player (RTP) in the Dragon Tiger online casino game varies across bet types as shown below:

Bet TypeRTP
Side bets92.31%

Online Dragon Tiger game bets & payout

As you know Dragon Tiger bets are limited, most live dealer Dragon Tiger games likewise deliver side bets choices. However, there are a few side bet choices that are relatively famous in top Dragon Tiger online casino games.

#1. Main Bets

Main BetDescriptionRTPPayout
DragonDragon with a higher card96.72%1:1
TigerTiger with a greater card96.72%1:1
TieBoth cards are of the same value89.64%11:1
Suited TieBoth equal rank & suit86.02%50:1

#2. Side Bets

Side BetsDescriptionPayout
Big /SmallBig (7+) & Small (>7)1:1
Odd / EvenCard value is odds or even1:1
Black / RedSuit color of card black or red1:1
SuitSuit of the card3:1
1 Black & 1 Red1 black & 1 red card1:1
2 Black or 2 RedBoth black or both red3:1

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Live Dragon Tiger gameplay with real money at Dafabet

Let’s check out the gameplay with real money bets at Dafabet with a minimum amount of ₹50.

Round 1: Set stake

  • Players will be asked to place a stake by selecting betting choices from the left panel before the cards are dealt by the live dealer.


  • As shown in the above snapshot, a player has put a ₹100 wager on Dragon by clicking the “Place Bet
  • You can check out the estimated payout on the right panel if you win the round or Undo the bet as well.

Round 2: Cards dealing

  • The bets must be placed within 18 seconds of betting time else your bet won’t be getting set.


  • The dealer dealt 2 cards – 1 for Dragon and 1 for Tiger.
  • In this round, you can see in the image: Dragon received 6 & Tiger received 2.

Round 3: The winner announced

  • A player won this round because you can see it in an image, the higher card between 6 and 2 is 6 & a player put a bet on Dragon.


  • A winning cash reward of ₹207 would be added to the Dafabet live casino account instantly.
  • You can the estimation on the right corner panel of the game table screen displayed in Green – because we won!


Dragon Tiger is an entertaining game to be played online nowadays and it can be played by anybody. It would mostly be treasured by players who are enjoying the games like Baccarat and Casino war. Since you have already learned how to play Dragon Tiger game online at Dafabet, start playing to win a ton of real money. The rules are fairly straightforward and the gameplay is appealingly straightforward. Thus, the Dragon Tiger game isn’t intimidating to newcomers, and because of the spontaneity, it’s not dull to professional players.

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