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Rules, bets, odds, payouts & more! We’ve covered everything you need in this easy How to Dragon Tiger Online at Betway India guide. Get 100% bonus up to ₹15,000!


Introduction to Dragon Tiger Online

Dragon Tiger is a dynamic action card game that is popular among Asian gamers. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck with no jokers or wild cards, and 6 to 8 decks in a shoe are usually used.

Betway how to play dragon tiger online

The player can place a wager on main bets namely Dragon or Tiger, and the dealer will deal one card to each hand, with the highest card determining the winner. Side bets are what add more thrill & power to this real money Dragon Tiger game. Learn How to play Dragon Tiger online quickly in the next section.

How to play Dragon Tiger Online at Betway – 3 easy steps

Betway in particular is the ideal place for casino gaming. Mastering how to play Dragon Tiger game at Betway is the best way to experience real money for beginners with a low budget. Follow the 3 steps below & begin betting!

Step 1: Visit Betway India & log in

  • To get started, go to the official Betway India website.
  • To access their Betway account, registered members must enter a valid username & password.

Betway how to play dragon tiger online

  • To signup for a new account, newbies should follow the instructions provided in the Betway Register article.
  • After successfully checking in, go to the navigation bar and select the Live casino option.

Step 2: Serch Dragon Tiger with min bet of ₹5

  • Now, in the search box on the right side of the screen, type Dragon Tiger.
  • Betway India offers 3 different providers that offer Dragon Tiger game.

Betway how to play dragon tiger online

Note: Happyindia88 experts have already researched them & recommend Pragmatic Play provider since its bet limit starts at just ₹5.

  • Click on the Dragon Tiger casino game to proceed.

Step 3: Start wagering on Dragon Tiger game at Betway

  • Now choose a bet type, pick a chip, and place it on the bet.

Betway how to play dragon tiger online

  • The dealer will now deal 2 playing cards, one for Dragon & Tiger side.
  • The side with the greater card value is the winner, and if you correctly placed your bets, you will get a cash prize.

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6 Vital Dragon tiger rules for beginners

Now that you know how to play Dragon Tiger online in Betway India, it’s now time to understand the fundamentals of the dragon tiger casino game. Continue reading to get in-depth knowledge on how to play Dragon Tiger casino game.

Betway how to play dragon tiger online

Basic rules to play the Dragon Tiger casino game

  1. Gameplay – 2 hands are dealt in the Dragon Tiger game: 1 for the Dragon and 1 for the Tiger. The participant wagers on which side will win, as well as whether there will be a tie or suited tie.
  2. Objective – The goal of the Dragon Tiger game is to correctly guess the game round’s winning card.
  3. Betting time – At Betway India punters have 20 seconds to cast their bets on any betting choice.
  4. Betting choices – Dragon, tiger, tie, and suited tie are the 4 main betting possibilities along with other side bets.
  5. Betting limit – The lowest betting limit at Betway is ₹5, which is the minimum amount of money you’ll need to place in every round of dragon tiger game.
  6. Card values – Below are the different card values of Dragon Tiger casino game.

Card type




2 to 9

Worth face value

10, King, Queen, Jack


Dragon Tiger Online betting choices & payout

Aren’t the rules of the Dragon Tiger online casino game quite straightforward? Now let’s take a look at the various betting options & payout table for the dragon tiger.

#1. Main Bets

Main Bet





Dragon will have a greater card




Tiger will have a greater card




Both cards of the same value.



Suited Tie

Both equal rank & suit



#2. Side Bets

Side Bets



Big /Small

Big (Above 7) & Small (Below 7)


Odd / Even

Card value is odds or even


Black / Red

Suit color of card black or red



Suit of the card


1 Black & 1 Red

1 black & 1 red card


2 Black or 2 Red

Both black or both red


Real money Dragon Tiger gameplay at Betway

Round 1: Place your chips

Betway how to play dragon tiger online

  • Before the cards are dealt, players need to place a wager on the preferred betting options.
  • For example, let’s place a ₹5 bet on Tiger.

Round 2: Dealer deals 2 cards

Betway how to play dragon tiger online

  • After 20 seconds of betting time is over, the placed bets get accepted automatically.
  • The dealer deals 2 cards, 1 each for Dragon & Tiger.
  • In this round, Dragon gets an Ace(1) & Tiger gets a card value(2).

Round 3: Winning hand is declared

Betway how to play dragon tiger online

  • Since 2 >1 Tiger beats Dragon in this particular round, we won!
  • A winning amount of 10 will be credited into the Betway casino wallet instantly.

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Dragon Tiger is a fun game that anyone may learn with this easy How to play Dragon Tiger online for Beginners guide. Enthusiasts of Baccarat and Casino War, in particular, will enjoy it the most. Another reason to play this game at Betway India is it provides players with the chance to earn a significant quantity of money & has high winning odds!

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