How to play Dragon Tiger online at W88- Get ₹250 free credit

Here’s a 3-steps guide on how to play dragon tiger online. Look & learn via real money gameplay at W88. Grab ₹250 free bonus with no deposit for Indian punters.


What is the Dragon Tiger?

Most online casino games are simple, but the simplest one is the dragon tiger cards game at W88. Don’t let it fool you cause of using 8 decks of cards, only two cards are drawn in one round of the dragon tiger cards game. One card belongs to the dragon side and another card belongs to the tiger side. Whichever one side gets the higher valued card than the other wins the game and gets the payout. If both the sides get the same cards then the punters who wager on a tie betting type win the game and get the pot.


  • Dragon tiger online casino games start with the punter selecting the betting chips and betting options to wager in.
  • There are four betting options in the dragon tiger card game; dragon side, tiger side, tie, & suited tie.
  • After betting time is over, the dealers deal the first card to the dragon and the second card to the tiger.
  • If the punter predicted the correct outcome of the round, he wins the match & takes the pot home.
  • Two possibilities are either a tie between dragon and tiger or one side wins which has a higher valued card.

How to play Dragon Tiger online at W88 – 3 steps guide

Grab yourself a deal of a lifetime and enjoy playing dragon tiger online on your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. Get how to play dragon tiger online at W88 in 3 simplest steps and within 3 minutes. You might take 3 minutes to reach the room, but you’ll only take 30 seconds to play the game. Hence, win more money in 30 seconds.

Step 1: Access W88 via login & select Live Casino

  • Login at W88 to play dragon tiger, and access the website via the link in the article to avoid reaching duplicated websites.
  • If you don’t have a W88 account already, follow the simplest 3-step guide to doing the W88 register within 5 minutes.
  • Select Live Casino from the horizontal list below the W88 logo where all the products offered by W88 are mentioned.


Step 2: Select Dragon Tiger by Ezugi Club

  • Click on Club Ezugi to play dragon tiger online with a minimum betting amount of ₹50.
  • Find the game name and click on Dragon Tiger to visit where all the action begins with the live dealer.


Note: HappyIndia88 recommends choosing Dragon Tiger by Club Ezugi since it offers the least minimum betting amount of ₹25 and a maximum betting amount of ₹100,000.

Step 3: Bet a minimum of ₹50 & play Dragon Tiger

  • Enter the room where all the fun begins & place your bets on the W88 dragon tiger online game by Ezugi Club.
  • Select the chip equivalent to the amount you want to place a wager of. The minimum betting chip available is Chip 50.


  • The dealer shuffles 8 decks of cards before beginning the dealing. Punters get 14 seconds to place their bets on either of the four betting options.
  • Start by selecting the chip & place bets on either of the four betting options; Dragon, Tiger, Tie, or suited tie. Punters can choose more than 1 betting option in the round.
  • Once the betting time is over, the dealer will draw the first card for the dragon from the 8 decks of cards and then the second card for Tiger from the same 8 decks of cards.
  • The difference in two cards will determine the winner of the game, one might get a higher-ranked card, or they both might get the same value card, resulting in a tie. The punter who predicted the correct winner wins the game and gets to take the prize as per the pay-out ratio.
  • If dragon or tiger wins then punters get double of what he wager in. If you win the tie bet then you get 11 times what you wagered in & if you win a suited tie bet then you win 50 times your betting amount.

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Important rules to play Dragon Tiger

It’s the simplest card game among all other online casino games like poker, baccarat, blackjack, etc. Yet there are some points beginners are unfamiliar with, like the rank of cards, gameplay, and bet types. And all of such important points to playing the dragon tiger’s online casino card game are mentioned below.

7 Basic points to know before playing Dragon Tiger

                        Card Ranks => K> Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > A
  1. Dragon tiger: Dragon tiger is a card game played between two sides, a dragon and a tiger. Punters have to predict the winning side with a higher rank card than the other. You can choose to bet on tie and suited tie.
  2. Gameplay: The dealer deals one card to the dragon and one card to the tiger once the betting time is over and punters have placed their bets. Whichever side between the two gets a higher valued card wins the game and payout amount.
  3. Cards deck: 8 decks of cards are used by the online casinos to conduct dragon tiger card games for the punters to stop them from using a technique of card counting to predict the winner.
  4. Cards rank: You must know card ranks before playing dragon tiger so that you know when you are winning or not. Dragon Tiger uses the usual rank of cards to determine the winner. King is the highest value card and then follows => K> Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2 > A are the card ranks.
  5. Bet types: There are four popular betting types in the dragon tiger card game; Dragon side, tiger side, tie between both and suites tie between both the sides. Punters can bet on all four betting options if they want to.
  6. Bet time: Punters get only 14 seconds to place their bets on either of the four betting options in the dragon tiger online casino game at W88 live casino.
  7. Bet limit: Minimum wagering stake at the dragon tiger online casino game in W88 India is ₹50 and the maximum betting stake is ₹100,000.

Note: Mentioned rules are applicable for any Dragon Tiger online casino game, irrespective of any online gambling platform. Hence, the rules mentioned in this article are universal, you can also use them offline to play the dragon tiger casino card games.

Bet type, RTP, & Payout in Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger casino game online has four popular betting options for punters with different RTP & payout. Bet type with the rarest occurrence has the highest payout ratio, that is, it offers a lot of profits up to 50 times what you bet. Mentioned below are 4 betting types of dragon tiger, their RTP, payout & description.


Sr. No. Bet type RTP Pay-out



Dragon 96.27%


The dragon side gets the higher valued card than the tiger to win the game round.


Tiger 89.64%


The Tiger side gets the higher valued card than the dragon to win the game round.


Tie 86.02%


Both the sides, dragon and tiger get the same valued card to win the bet


Suited tie 96.27%


Both the sides, dragon and tiger get the same valued & suited card, that is, the same suit.

Note: In the event of a tie or suited tie, the bet on dragon and tiger will lose 50% of their wagered amount.

Real money Dragon Tiger gameplay at W88

Initial Round: Select the chips and betting type, and place your bets.

  • Dragon tiger round starts with the punter choosing a chip equal to the wagering amount number.
  • Select the betting type among the four different types, and click on it to place your bets within 14 seconds.


  • In the above image, punters decide to select chip 50, worth ₹50 to place bets on the round.
  • He clicks on the DRAGON two times to place a bet of ₹100 on the dragon tiger game.

Final Round:

  • The dealer picks out two cards from the shuffled cards of 8 decks to put forth on the table.
  • The first card belongs to the dragon and the second to the tiger, whoever with the greater value card wins.


  • Dragon gets diamonds of 3, that is, 3♦ & tiger gets diamonds of 2, that is, 2♦.
  • Since 3♦ > 2♦ and 3♦ belong to the dragon. The punter wins the get and gets ₹200 in return.

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The simplest 3 steps guide on how to play dragon tiger online was crafted to teach you this interesting card game within minutes. We hope that it catered to its purpose in your life and online gambling journey. Start by playing at W88 India, Oh wait! Before that don’t forget to claim free credit of ₹250 with no deposit and a 150% welcome bonus deal of cash up to ₹12,000 in a live casino. Join, claim, & play to enjoy the fullest of live casino and online sportsbook.

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