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Fun88 Andar Bahar   Fun88 Free ₹1000

Introduction to Fun88 Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a popular Indian card game known to be originated from Bangalore and played with a single card deck. Digitalization made the expansion easy to other parts of the world & its popularity has been increasing for more than a decade now.


Fun88 brings this exciting opportunity to earn through a simple card game based on pure chance onto your doorstep. So, don’t let the opportunity slip your hands and give it a strong try of your luck. Fun88 is a leading and trustworthy online gambling site, a perfect destination to begin your journey.

5 Basic rules of Andar Bahar for beginners

Will you ever go swimming in the ocean before learning to swim in a swimming pool? Then why are you willing to risk your real money by swimming in the mainstream before learning? Let’s learn some basic rules & understand Andar Bahar at Fun88 India.

  1. Joker Card: Dealer deals the first card face up, known as ‘Joker’ from a deck of 52 cards.
  2. Two Pillars of the game: There are two piles in the game for the players to bet on, Andar & Bahar.
  3. Drawing of Cards: The dealer deals the card alternately to each pile until the card matches the ‘joker card’.
  4. Determine the winner: Which pile exposes the ‘Joker’ card first, wins the round & whoever bet on that pile, will get 25% paid more of the waged amount.
  5. Note: The ‘Joker’ card is not the card with a joker on the face, it’s just an initial card drawn by the dealer to initiate the game & start the betting procedure.

Begin to play the most popular game at Fun88 India for Indian players, but wait learn how to play first.

Learn to play Fun88 Andar Bahar in 3 minutes

You have been so patient till now and we genuinely appreciate your cooperation with us. The wait is over, we present you a 3-step guide to learn to play Andar Bahar at Fun88.

Step 1 – Access the Fun88 website & register your account

Access the official website on Fun88 & register your account by clicking ‘JOIN NOW’ in the top right corner of the homepage. Enter your valid credentials to avoid further verification problems that might occur in the future.


Commit no mistakes to avoid further problems, learn to register at Fun88 & join tension-free with a 3-step guide.

Step 2 – Head to Live Casino & select Ezugi

Select the ‘Ezugi’ game provider under the ‘Live Casino’ tab & then click on ‘BET NOW’.

HappyIndia88 recommends playing Andar Bahar under ‘Ezugi’ because it has the least betting amount, that is, ₹50 while other providers have ₹200-₹500 as the minimum betting amount. Pick the right Fun88 wallet before depositing your money to begin your live casino adventure.


Step 3 – Select ‘Andar Bahar’ & start playing

After clicking on ‘BET NOW’ a new page will appear on the screen by the Ezugi game provider. Click on ‘Andar Bahar’ & then click on the game to start playing.


The dealer will appear in the lobby, handling the cards & dealing with the best. Study Fun88 casino review before gambling.


The dealer will deal the shuffled cards:

  • She’ll deal with the joker/base card first and allow the players to make a bet then.
  • After the betting time ends, she’ll deal the cards alternatively for Andar & Bahar piles.
  • The dealer continues to draw the cards until one pile gets the same card as the base card.
  • The pile which gets the card similar to the base card wins the round & the player who bets on the winning pile gets 25% of the paid amount.
  • For example: if a player waged ₹100 on Andar and wins the bet, he will get ₹125 as a return payout but if he loses then he’ll lose his ₹100 too.

Continue to play as long as you want and as many rounds as you want.

We understand your concern and will do our best to clear your doubts, know whether Fun88 is legal in India & bet tension-free.

3 Mistakes to avoid while playing Fun88 Andar Bahar

It’s important to start but it’s more important to know when to stop & we teach you that, keep these 3 pointers in mind while playing Andar Bahar at Fun88 Live Casino and avoid the common mistakes made by beginners.

  1. Chasing Loss: Yes, the hope never dies, and hence, it becomes difficult to quit until you win. But don’t go losing all your money in hope, play with the mind, not faith. Sit in gambling with the amount of money, you are comfortable with losing.
  2. Getting carried away: Playing Andar Bahar is like eating a cheesecake, you’ll get carried away within seconds and end up making bad decisions. We see many players losing sight of their bankrolls & losing a lot within some hours.
  3. Low grasp of rules: When you’re sitting at a gambling table, you can’t take a chance of not knowing the rules. Don’t gamble with shaky rules or you’ll end up losing the money and blaming the casino for cheating.

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