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Introduction to Fun88 Fan Tan online

Fan Tan is a gambling game based on pure chance and luck, played in China for centuries. It’s played with a number of beads randomly placed on the table and predicting the remaining number of beads when divided by 4. The dealer keeps removing the beads in four until only one, two, three, or four beads have remained.

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Fun88 India is a trustworthy online gambling site with thousands of active users visiting and playing every day. Play Fun88 Fan Tan online with a live dealer and earn 2.85 times of profit on your initial bets after winning the game.

5 Basic rules of Fun88 Fan Tan game

Fan Tan online is the simplest game we have ever come across and most addictive of all, our professional experts get attracted to it easily too. Let’s see the basics of the Fan Tan game before jumping into the mainstream, mentioned below are 5 basic pieces of information.

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  1. Objective: The aim of a player playing the Fan Tan game is to predict the remaining number of beads in the last line once all the beads are removed and sorted in lines of four beads each.
  2. Beads Picking: Live dealer selects a random number of beads from the pile of beads using a cup and spreads them aside from the pile.
  3. Betting Options: Players are supposed to bet on either four betting options: 1, 2, 3, or 4 before the dealer picks the beads.
  4. Bead Sorting: After betting time is over, the live dealer sorts the beads in lines of four beads with a special stick collecting four at a time.
  5. Determine the winner: The last line of remaining beads determines whether the player won or not.

If you predicted the same number as the number of remaining beads in the last line, you get a 2.85X times pay-out of your initial bet at Fun88 Fan Tan online.

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How to play Fan Tan online at Fun88 within 3 minutes

We understand your excitement and know that you don’t want to wait any longer, therefore without any due we present you 3 steps guide to playing Fan Tan online at Fun88 within 3 minutes.

Step 1: Access Fun88, sign up & select Evolution

Access the official site of Fun88 and click on ‘JOIN NOW’ to register your account at Fun88. Enter valid credentials, follow this step-to-step how to register at Fun88 guide to avoid further problems in the verification procedure.

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Follow the mentioned below steps one by one at a time, to jump into the Fan Tan Game mainstream:

  1. Choose ‘Live Casino’ given in the panel with other products of Fun88.
  2. Select ‘Evolution’ from the horizontal list of casino games providers at Fun88.
  3. Click on ‘BET NOW’ to redirect to a page where all the action happens.

Step 2: Choose Fan Tan & click to play

After clicking on Bet Now, you’ll be redirected to a new page filled with all the online casino games provided by Evolution Game Provider, then Click on ‘FAN TAN’. There’s only one game available under Fan Tan online, click on it and wait to be redirected to a new page.

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Step 3: Live deal appears, place a bet

You’ll be redirected to a page where a live dealer is standing in front of you. You’ll get 14 seconds to place your bet.

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  • You have four betting options to choose from 1, 2, 3, or 4, beads
  • Select the chip equal to the amount you want to bet on and select the number you want to bet on.
  • Wait for the dealer to spread the beads and sort them out, the remaining beads in the last line once the removed beads are sorted in lines of four beads.
  • The remaining beads will determine whether you win the round or not.

Continue to play the Fan Tan game until your time and balance allow you.

3 Points to remember while playing Fan Tan online

Fan Tan is like a magnet of Live casino games and you’re some iron, it’s difficult to stay from this simple yet elegant game. Therefore, players often lose their minds and end up making some common mistakes. But we got your back, mentioned below are 3 Pointers to remember while playing Fan Tan online at Fun88

  1. When in doubt, hit on 2 beads: Our experts played this game often and tracked the previous winning numbers, number 2 was always found to be an advantage. Hence, whenever your brain is getting too panicky in order to predict the winning number, just skip the beat and bet on number 2.
  2. Keep track of your time: Fan Tan online is really addictive and players often lose track of time and even track of their account balance while playing it. But we suggest you to allot a particular amount of time for the game and spend the rest on other hobbies of yours.
  3. Save your bank balance: When we say Fan Tan online is an addictive game, we meant it. Save your bankroll and allot a particular amount specifically for the Fan Tan game only and then play the game. Spend the extra money on gambling, not the money you’ll need to spend on groceries.

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Fan Tan game is an attractive game and we hope this 3-step guide helped you understand the game descriptively. Fun88 is not only about games based on luck, play games like poker based on skills and strategies. Sign up at Fun88 and claim a 400% first deposit bonus up to ₹2,000 in Evolution Live Casino wallet.

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