How to play keno W88 – Bag 150% signup bonus up to ₹12,000

Wanna try your luck at game of chance? Well, keno W88 is the best. We’ll walk you through how to play keno W88. Be ready with your 150% signup bonus up to ₹12k!

KENO W88 W88 Bonus ₹12,000

Introduction to Keno W88

Keno is a lottery-style game in which winning is entirely dependent on luck. Keno W88 is based on a random number generator. However, unlike the lottery, keno is played every 5 minutes, making it more analogous to a traditional casino game.

Keno W88

Players choose up to 20 numbers and place bets on which ones will be selected at random in the next round. The player wins more money depending on the correct numbers guessed. Wait, did you know? W88 offers a variety of fascinating bet options that add to the game’s excitement.

6 Primary bet types of keno W88

At W88 India, the original keno was somewhat altered to give players higher odds. At Keno W88, players can choose from up to 6 distinct bet types. As a result, this game is fundamentally simple to play, has a high payoff rate, and is simple to win, which makes it even more tempting due to the variety of bets available.

1. Big/Ex-Score/Small – To win the bet, the total score of 20 marbles must fulfill the specified criteria.

Keno W88


  • Big: In range 811 – 1410. Payout is 1.95.
  • Ex-Score: Exactly equal to 810. Payout is 108.
  • Small: In range 210 – 809. Payout is 1.95.

2. Up/Tie/Down – Only the overall number of marbles is taken into account here, not the total number of marbles.

Keno W88

  • Up: More than 10 marbles in range 1 – 40. Payout is 2.3.
  • Tie: Equivalent number of marbles. Payout is 4.3.
  • Down: More than 10 marbles in range 41 – 80. Payout is 2.3.

3. Odds/Tie/Evens – More than 10 marbles out of a total of 20 must be even or odd. The equal number of odd and even marbles is referred to as a tie.

Keno W88


  • Odds: More than 10 marbles are odd(1,3,5,7,..79). Payout is 2.3.
  • Tie: Exactly 10 even marbles & 10 odd marbles. Payout is 4.3.
  • Evens: More than 10 marbles are even(2,4,6,8,..80). Payout is 2.3.

4. Odd/even – A total of 20 marbles will be added up. And the total score will be chosen to consider the outcome.

Keno W88


  • Odd: Total score is odd(1,3,5,7,9). Payout is 1.95.
  • Even: Total score is even(2,4,6,8). Payout is 1.95.

5. Big(odd/even) & Small(odd/even) When both criteria must be met, this is a combo bet.

Keno W88


  • Big Odd: Sum > 810 + sum value is odd (1,3,5,7,9). Payout is 3.7.
  • Small Odd: Sum < 810 + sum value is even (1,3,5,7,9). Payout is 3.7.
  • Big Even: Sum > 810 + sum value is even (2,4,6,8). Payout is 3.7.
  • Small Even: Sum < 810 + sum value is odd (2,4,6,8). Payout is 3.7.

6. Gold/Wood/Water/Fire/Earth – These are the additional bet that you will find at keno W88. The sum of your 20 marbles falls in one of the range, if your predicted correctly, then you will receive a payout.

Keno W88


  • Gold: 210-695. Payout is 9.2
  • Wood: 696 – 763. Payout is 4.6.
  • Water: 764–855. Payout is 2.4.
  • Fire: 856–923. Payout is 4.6.
  • Earth: 924 – 1410. Payout is 9.2.

How to play keno W88 in India – Within 3 steps for beginners

Let’s go on to the 3-step guidance on how to get started with keno W88.

Step 1: To signup, go to the official W88 website.

  • To play Keno, you’ll need a W88 account.
  • As a result, newbies must first create an account at W88 Register before moving on to the next step.

Keno W88

  • After you’ve created your own account, log in to W88.
  • Look for the lottery tab on the menu bar when you’ve successfully logged in.

Step 2: Go to the lottery section and select keno W88

  • Then click on it to see what lottery games are available.
  • Scroll down to find Keno W88.

Keno W88

  • Then click on Play Now for a real money game or Try Now for free.
  • To begin this exciting lottery journey, simply select keno.

Step 3: Have fun playing keno W88

  • You’re ready to get started on your keno W88 journey.
  • Before placing a wager, players must choose a bet limit based on their available funds.

Keno W88

  • The smallest amount is ₹5, and the greatest amount is ₹40,000.
  • Start with a small amount if you don’t have much experience or don’t know how to play Keno W88.
  • Select the number or a bet type and enter the amount you wish to wager.
  • Lastly, don’t for to click on Place bet to confirm your wager.

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3 Mistakes to avoid while playing keno W88

Although most of your keno-playing queries will be resolved once you begin playing & get into the swing of things. However, below 3 pointers may help you avoid making costly mistakes at live casino games in the beginning.

Keno W88

1. Not being familiar with the Keno rules – Even though keno is considered a basic live casino game that requires little skill or strategy, there are nonetheless good & bad plays. Because keno is a probabilistic game with different rules for winning from casino to casino, it’s crucial to examine these factors before placing any bets.

2. Always betting on all 20 numbers – Although each keno ticket will cost you the same amount, it is not in your best interests to wager on as many numbers as possible. This is because the chances of matching all of your numbers diminish with each additional number you choose.

3. Not setting a budget – It’s a good idea to have a game plan when it comes to how much you’re willing to spend before entering any casino game. Set limits for yourself & hold to them. While this isn’t a keno regulation, setting a limit for yourself will help you not only avoid losing too much money, but also become a more deliberate player, making the most of each wager.

W88 keno promotion – 150% signup bonus up to ₹12,000

W88 offers not just outstanding games but also terrific incentives. While playing their favorite games, W88 allows users to have the extra money in their wallets.

Keno W88

W88 welcomes new players with a 150% signup bonus up to ₹12,000 post-registration. You’ll be eligible for this incentive if you make a successful first deposit of ₹500. Make use of them as soon as possible and enjoy playing keno W88. Visit W88 Promotions for more deals & discounts!


There are numerous Keno games to pick from online. Consider your cash & pick a Keno game with bets that go inside your budget. Play a few different types to see how the payouts differ. Fortunately, you may do it completely for free at Keno W88 before you play for real money. Begin by placing the smallest possible stake. If you win a game, step up else step down. Enjoy the game & earn big money online!

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