How to play Lightning dice on Betway– Live game for Beginners

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What is a lightning dice game show?

The Lightning Dice, as the name suggests itself is a game of dice. Three 6-face dice are rolled in exciting glamourous equipment and reveal three numbers. Punters must predict the correct total value of the three numbers on the dice to win the game on Betway.


  • Place your bets by selecting the chip number equal to your wagering amount and bet spot from the betting option table. Bet spots are small squares with embedded numbers corresponding to the total value of all numbers on three dice.
  • Popular betting options are the grouped options, they have many numbers inside them and provide a much safer bet. Like, Low (3-9) and High (12-18). Players get 11 seconds to place their bets.
  • Once the bets are placed, lightning bets will be determined. The live dealer will start the roll of three dice down the ‘lightning tower’. When the dice are stopped tumbling, three faces are revealed.
  • If the punter bets on the number same as the total value of three faces on three dice, then he wins the bet and gets the pay-out as per the pay-table.

How to play lightning dice on Betway – 3 Steps Guide

Are you excited to play the Lightning dice game? Here is the easiest 3-steps guide to reach the Lightning dice game on Betway by Evolution Gaming Club. Place your bets with one of the most affordable online gambling sites.

Step 1: Log in at Betway & Select Live Casino

  • Access Betway via the official link in the article and enter your correct username and password to log in on Betway.
  • If you don’t have an account, then make a Betway register and fill the details in the registration form accurately.


  • Once you are done logging in on Betway, select Live casino to play the Lightning dice game within 3 minutes or less.

Step 2: Select Lightning Dice by Evolution Gaming Club

  • Choose the Evolution Gaming Club to play the Lightning dice game show with a minimum betting limit of ₹20.
  • Select the Game Shows room and many more game shows will appear on your screen to choose from and play.


  • Click on Lightning Dice game with 415 active players betting currently on the game and winning loads of money.

Note: HappyIndia88 recommends choosing Evolution Gaming Club to play the Lightning dice game because it offers the least minimum betting limit of ₹20 among all other online gambling game providers. The maximum betting limit is ₹500,000 at Lightning dice by Evolution Gaming Club. It’s one of the most popular game shows, as you can see in the above image that 415 active players are engaged in it currently.

Step 3: Play with the minimum bet of ₹20

  • Once you get into the room, where the Lightning dice game is held. You’ll get into the glamour of land-based casinos.
  • Select the chip number the same as the amount you want to wager in and click on the betting spot you want to choose to place your bets.


  • Once the bets are placed, the live dealer will open the doors on the top of the rectangular standing equipment with three dices on it.
  • The dice will fall from inside the transparent rectangular box with loads of rolling obstacles on a dish and numbers are revealed.
  • The total value of the number on the three dice will help the house to determine the winner and distribute the pot accordingly.

Note: The gameplay of the Lightning dice game is the same throughout the world, no matter where you play. Hence, this guide is made for everyone throughout the world, it’s global. The betting amount, live dealer, and betting time might change but the gameplay, game rule, and betting options will always be the same.

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Crucial Rules to play lightning dice

The Lightning dice game is one of the simplest dice games, it’s more like a sic bo with different equipment. Know more about the Lightning dice game in depth and enjoy the interesting gameplay after learning the rules, betting options, and pay-outs.

Basic points to play lightning dice

The key point of playing any game is knowing the basic rules thoroughly, mentioned below are some basic pointers you need to know before playing the Lightning dice game in general on any online gambling site.

  1. Lightning Dice: simple yet elegant dice game, played with three 6-face dice where the punters predict the total value of numbers appearing on three dice after rolling them in rectangular standing equipment.
  2. Numbers of dice: Three dice are used in the Lightning dice game with 6 face values; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  3. Betting spots: There are a total of 12 betting options at the Lightning dice game on Betway India live casino.
  4. Betting time: Players get only 11 seconds to select the chip and place their bets on the Lightning dice game.
  5. Betting limit: Minimum betting limit at the Lightning dice game by Evolution gaming is ₹20 and the maximum betting limit is ₹500,000.
  6. Lightning bets: Once the betting time is over, a lightning strike will appear on the betting table to select any 2-4 random bet spots, which will be called lightning bets. Each lightning bet will be given a random multiplier. If the player placed the bet on any lightning bets and wins, then the payout will be multiplied by the assigned multiplier.

Note: Betting spots and betting options are the same, Lightning Dice by Evolution gaming club likes to use bet spots, instead of using bet options.

Lightning dice equipment – Lightning Tower


The lightning tower is a name given to transparent rectangular standing equipment designed to roll three dice. Three dice are kept on top of the lightning tower and the live dealer triggers the action by pulling the slab. Dice falls inside the lightning tower, where rolling obstacles are placed until it falls on the slab and stops. This tower is designed with loads of lights to make it electrifying and give it the look of a land-based casino.

Lightning dice betting spots & pay-out


Sr. No.

Betting Option Pay-out Description


Low/High 1-9:1
  • Low: total value of three dice is between 3 to 9
  • High: total value of three dice is 12 to 18


Any Double 1-3:1
  • Two dice among the three rolled dice have the same number, it can be any number.
3.        Any Triple 24-249:1
  • All three rolled dice have the same number as each other, it can be any number.
4.        Total 3 or 18 149-999:1
  • If the total value is 3, then the payout is 149:1
  • If the total value is 18, then the payout is 999:1


Total 4 or 17 49-499:1
  • If the total value is 4, then the payout is 49:1
  • If the total value is 17, then the payout is 499:1


Total 5 or 16 24-249:1
  • If the total value is 5, then the payout is 24:1
  • If the total value is 16, then the payout is 249:1


Total 6 or 15 14-99:1
  • If the total value is 6, then the payout is 14:1
  • If the total value is 15, then the payout is 99:1
8.        Total 7 or 14 9-99:1
  • If the total value is 7, then the payout is 9:1
  • If the total value is 14, then the payout is 99:1
9.        Total 8 or 13 6-49:1
  • If the total value is 8, then the payout is 6:1
  • If the total value is 13, then the payout is 49:1
10.     Total 9 or 12 5-49:1
  • If the total value is 9, then the payout is 5:1
  • If the total value is 12, then the payout is 49:1
11.     Total 10 or 11 4-49:1
  • If the total value is 10, then the payout is 4:1
  • If the total value is 11, then the payout is 49:1
12.     Bet on all numbers 1-999:1
  • If you click on the ‘Bet on all numbers’ betting option, then the selected chip will bet on each and every number in the betting option table.

Note: Never choose the ‘bet on all numbers’ betting option, there’s no point in betting on all numbers since you’ll lose a lot of money and will not win equivalent to what you lose. There are rare conditions when the ‘bet on all numbers’ betting option will help you earn more but that’s not worth it, since the chance of winning a lot through the ‘bet on all numbers’ betting spot is rare.

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Live gameplay of lightning dice on Betway

Initial Round: Select the chip & place the bet on Lightning Dice

  • Firstly, select the chip equivalent to the amount of bet you want to wager in.
  • Second, choose the betting option among all and click on it to place your bet.


  • In the above image, the punter chose to place a bet of ₹100 on ‘High 12-18’.
  • Hence, he chose chip 100 and click on ‘High 12-18‘ to place his bets and wait.

Final Round: Dice are rolled & numbers are revealed

  • While you place your bets, the live dealer picks three dice and keeps them on the top of the equipment.
  • Then, he pulls down the trigger to open the door and three dice fall down through various obstacles.
  • Three dice fall and stop with three numbers facing up, punter predicts the nature of the numbers.


  • The live dealer rolled three dice in the equipment and they reveal three numbers: 5, 3, & 6; making a total of 14.
  • Since the punter bet on ‘High 12-18‘ and the total value of three dice is 14, he wins the game and gets ₹200 in return.


As promised, this popular dice game will electrify your online gambling journey with glamourous settings and gorgeous dealers. An ultimate guide on how to play Lightning Dice on Betway with 3 simplest steps to reach the gambling room and place your bets within 11 seconds with a minimum betting limit of ₹20. Play and experience a land-based casino on your laptop or mobile screen with the Lightning game. Join Betway & claim a 100% new member cash bonus of up to ₹15,000 in the live casino.

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