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Here’s the easiest 3-steps guide on how to play Sic Bo Online. See live gameplay at Fun88 with a minimum bet limit of ₹20. Get free bonus ₹100 with no deposit.


What is Sic Bo? Online casino game

Sic Bo is the most played dice game, where three dice are rolled in the inverted glass equipment. The bottom of the equipment vibrates to roll the dice and stops to reveal the face-up value of three dice.


  • The Sum of numbers on face-up dice is the result and players are supposed to predict the sum to be big, small, even, or odd.
  • There are many betting options at Sic Bo, just like roulette. Punters can bet on the value of all three dice, one dice, or two dice. The pay-out in Sic Bo online ranges from 1:1 to 999:1.
  • In this article, you are on a journey to learn everything about Sic Bo. How to play, rules, betting options, pay-out, real gameplay and so much more. Grab the lesson and turn it into an experience.

How to play Sic Bo online for real money at Fun88 – 3 Steps guide

Without wasting any time, let’s get into the lesson on how to play Sic Bo online for real money at Fun88 is the simplest, easiest, & fastest 3 steps guide. Know the exact path to reach the room, before learning the rules.

Step 1: Access Fun88 & Select Live Casino

  • Do Fun88 register smoothly via clicking on ‘join now‘ and filling in the correct details in the registration form.
  • See the drop-down menu of Fun88 products by clicking on three horizontal dashes in the top left corner.
  • Locate & select Live Casino to visit all online casino game providers available at Fun88 India.


Step 2: Select Super Sic Bo by Evolution Club

  • Select ‘Evolution‘ gaming club among all the providers available to play Sic Bo online at Fun88.
  • Choose ‘Super Sic Bo‘ under the category of ‘Sic Bo’ games in the Evolution Gaming room.


Note: We recommend choosing Evolution gaming club to play Sic Bo online because it’s the most affordable with a minimum betting limit of ₹20 and a maximum betting limit of ₹250,000. As you can see in the image above, 933 players are currently engaged in betting at Sic Bo online in Evolution Gaming Club.

Step 3: Place  your bet of ₹20 minimum

  • Select the chip, the number on the chip determines the amount of wager. For instance, chip 20 = ₹20 & so on.
  • Select the betting option you prefer to wager on. Punters can bet on more than 1 betting option at Sic Bo Online.


  • 6 face three dice will vibrate in a piece of small glass equipment, strong enough to roll the dice without any human hindrance to create more transparency between players and the house.
  • Face-up numbers on all three dice will determine the winner of every betting option. The most common betting options are even, odd, big, and small numbers.
  • If the punter placed the bet on the right nature of the dice numbers, then the player wins the amount as per pay-out.

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Crucial Sic Bo rules in online casinos for beginners

Know important rules to play Sic Bo online in any live casino with the least betting limit as a beginner. Master the trick to balance out your loss in the ‘Live gameplay’ section.

Basic rules to play Sic Bo online casino game

  1. Gameplay: Three dice are rolled in vibrating equipment and revealed the number when they stop in the equipment. Punters tend to predict the nature of the total value of three numbers that appear on the dice.
  2. Objective: Aim of the punter in Super Sic bo online at a live casino is to predict the correct sum of
    numbers or the nature of the total value that appears on the dice after the equipment rolled it.
  3. Betting options: There are multiple betting options in Sic Bo online casino game.
  4. Betting limit: Minimum betting limit at Super Sic Bo is ₹20 & maximum betting limit is ₹250,000.
  5. Betting time: Punters get 18 seconds to place their bet on Sic Bo in online casinos.

Sic Bo Online betting options & pay-out



Name Pay-out





  • The small – total value of dice is 4 to 10
  • The big – total value of dice is 11 to 17




  • Even – the sum of dice numbers is even, 14
  • Odd – the sum of dice numbers is odd, 15




  • Sum total of dice numbers.
  • 14 sub-betting options.




  • Predicting the face value of one or more dice.
  • One, Two, Three, Four, Five, or Six.




  • Predicting two possible same faces of dice.
  • 2 ones, twos, threes, fours, etc.




  • The face of all three dice is the same.
  • three of ones, twos, threes, fours, etc.


Any triple


  • Betting on dice to have the same numbers.
  • Irrespective of choosing a particular number.




  • Predicting the number of any two dice.
  • 15 sub-betting options under this bet.

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Live gameplay example of Sic Bo at Fun88

Round 1: Choosing the chips & betting options.

  • Start by selecting the chip, equivalent to the amount you want to wager in.
  • Then select the betting option by clicking on it & your bet will be placed automatically.


  • The punter chose to bet with a minimum betting amount of ₹20. Hence, chose the chip 20.
  • He clicked on ‘Even‘ & ‘Big‘ to place the bets on two betting options. You can choose more than one betting option.

Round 2: Dice are rolled & the winner is determined

  • Three dice are rolled in the equipment & numbers are revealed to determine the winner of the game at Fun88 India.


  • Faces of three dice are = 2, 3 & 5; making a total of 10 (Even and small number)
  • Since the punter placed a bet on Even & big, he lost one bet and won the other.
  • As a result, he wagers ₹40 in the game & won ₹40 in the return, balancing the loss.


Hope you got what you were looking for, the ultimate guide for beginners to learn how to play Sic Bo online for real money at Fun88. You don’t need to join Fun88 to apply the rules, you can play Sic Bo at any online gambling platform and the rules will remain the same. It’s the perks offered by Fun88 that count the most. Join & start gambling for free by claiming a free bonus of ₹100 with no deposit.

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