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As an adult, you cannot really be entertained by playing dice games like Snake and Ladder anymore, so how about something more thrilling? Sic Bo is one such prominent casino game 3 dice determine your luck. If you lose, you lose, but if you win… you get exciting rewards! So here is a tutorial on how you can entertain yourself by playing Sic Bo online at W88!

Understanding Sic Bo – The Basics of the 3 Dice Game

Before we get to how to play Sic Bo online, let us first understand and be thorough with the basic aspects of the dice game. The things written below are something that you must memorize in order to strategize and play Sic Bo online. Thus, your basic goal when playing the game is to win more than you lose, since it all depends on your luck.

The Objective of Sic Bo

As emphasized above, Sic Bo, also known as Precious Dice, is a game that depends on luck. This also means that you can sit at the table and make any bets from the available betting options and see if you win or lose without knowing much about the Sic Bo game rules.

  • The objective of the game is to predict the overall sum of the three values on the dice when it stops moving. So, if the face value of the first dice is 3, the second dice is 1, and the third dice is 5, then the overall value would be 3 + 1 + 5 = 9.
  • This prediction is made through bets. Sic Bo gives its players many betting options, thus, the players have a wide range of bets to choose from. Some of these include Big or Small bets, Even or Odd bets, Combinations, Triples, and many more.


  • These bets are made by placing chips on a board available at any Sic Bo table, as shown in the picture. Each of these bets has its own pay-outs. So, making these bets wisely is a must. As you read further, you will be introduced to these bets and pay-outs in detail.

As for the rules of the games, there aren’t many. You just need to make accurate bets before the timer ends, wait for the results, remember the payouts, and most importantly, be respectful on the table.

The Gameplay

Let us now look at the gameplay of Sic Bo. Knowing the gameplay crucial to any game, as it can help set a fixed time to think about the bets you must make. On the Sic Bo table, you will find a dealer sitting in front of a table with a cylindrical glass section. Inside this glass, lays 3 dice that sit upon a vibrating machine. This setting is made so that the dice are rolled using this machine.


  • So, the first thing that happens in a Sic Bo game is that you place your bets on the table by placing your chip on the slot whose outcome you predict.
  • Then the dealer will announce that all bets have been closed and the machine will start rolling the dice.
  • When it stops after some seconds, the sum of the face value of the three dice is announced. Depending on the total number, you can see if you won the bet or not.

Thus, the rules, as well as the gameplay of Sic Bo, are very simple making it one of the easiest casino games. It is a game you must try even though you are new to the betting world.

How to play Sic Bo in 3 Steps using W88

Let us get to the main part of the article, which is how to play Sic Bo using W88, Live Casino. W88 is one of the best online betting platforms in India that not only ensures full entertainment and satisfaction of its customers but also responsible gambling.

Here, you can enjoy the most exciting Live Casino games provided by some of the top game providers. So, we recommend using W88 India to start your journey with Sic Bo.

Step 1: Login and Visit the Live Casino

  • The very first step you need to take is to log in to W88 India. To do this, you must have a W88 Account which has been created.
  • This account should have a unique username, strong password, accurate personal details, precise bank information, complete account verification, and lastly, a minimum deposit amount.


  • Once all this is completed, you need to go to their Live Casino domain.
  • To do this, click on “Live Casino” available on the homepage’s ribbon, as shown in the picture above.

Step 2: Find your preferred game room

Next, you need to find a game room that is suitable for you. Choosing a game room is like choosing your playground, so be sure to select a good one with a minimum betting rate. W88 Online Casino offers some of the best game rooms with minimum betting rates.

  • First, you need to type “Sic Bo” in the search bar and you will be introduced to 2 options.


  • The Sic Bo room offered by PlayTech is most suitable as the betting rate starts from ₹20 only. Besides this, it has an easy-to-use interface that you can navigate well.


  • Once you click on “Playtech”, a new tab will open up for you. Here, you need to then click on “Sic Bo Deluxe”. This will take you to the game room.

Step 3: Make your bet wisely and wait for results

  • Once you have entered your game room, it is time for you to make a bet. As you can see, you must make a bet on the table below.
  • Here, we have chosen to bet 20 chips, that is ₹20 on Three Dice. You must make bets before the timer goes off.


  • After the timer goes off, the bets will be locked and the machine will spin the dice. This is when your luck will be tested.
  • Once the dice stop spinning, the results will be read out. Here, we managed to get lucky. Now, it is time for you to test your luck!

Betting Options and their Pay-Outs in Sic Bo

In Sic Bo, the betting options are many. Thus, choosing the right one becomes very important. Let us now take a look at the betting options in Sic Bo and their Pay-Outs which will help you build a strategy to keep winning and doubling up your cash!

Betting Option


Small or Big

Odd or Even






Any Triple





  • Small or Big: Here, the bet is made on whether the overall sum will come under the “small” group or the “big” group. The small group includes the numbers 4 to 10 and the big group includes the numbers 11 to 17. The payout for this is 1 to 1.
  • Odd or Even: Here, the bet is made on whether the overall sum is an odd or even number. The payout for this is 1-1.
  • Single: Here, the bet is made on predicting the overall value of 1 or more dice. The payout for this is 1 to 1, 2 to 1, or 3 to 1, depending on the bet made.
  • Double: Here, the bet is made on predicting two of the face values to be the same, meaning, 2 out of 3 dice show the same face value. For this, the pay-out is 10:1.
  • Triple: Here, the bet is made on predicting that the face values of the 3 dice are the same. You must choose a specific number here. The pay-out is 30 to 1.
  • Any Triple: Here, the bet is made on predicting that the face values of the 3 dice are the same. You do not have to choose any specific number. The payout for this is 180 to 1.
  • Combination: Here, the bet is made on predicting that the number of any 2 dice to be a combination, like 2 or 3. The payout for this is 5-24 to 1.

Besides these common bets, there are Total bets and they are the basic bets in Sic Bo. They have specific payouts.

Total Bets


4 or 17

60 to 1

5 or 16

30 to 1

6 or 15

18 to 1

7 or 14

12 to 1

8 or 13

8 to 1

9 or 12

7 to 1

10 or 11

6 to 1

  • Total Bets: These bets refer to the overall sum of all the 3 dice. As you can see, there are 14 betting options under Total bets. The payout differs accordingly.

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Sic Bo Live Gameplay at W88

Let us look at a Live Gameplay of Sic Bo at W88’s Live Casino. This will help you get an idea of how to play the game once you have joined the room.

Round 1: Place your bets before the timer ends

  • The first thing you need to do is make your bet before the timer ends. However, we suggest that you should make your bets before the timer hits “10 Seconds”.
  • This will lock in your bets beforehand. When the timer ends, no more bets will be accepted.


  • Here, we have placed 20 chips, that is ₹20, on “Three”. This means that we have placed a single dice bet predicting that one of the dice will have the face value of 3.

Round 2: Wait for the dice to reveal the outcome

  • Once the bets have been closed, the dice will be rolled using the machine.
  • After a few seconds, it will stop to reveal the face value. Now, the dealer will announce the outcome.


  • Here, the first dice has the value of 2, the second dice has the value of 2, and the third dice has the value of 3. Thus, the overall value is 7.
  • So, we won the bet because one of the dice’s values is 3. As you can see, we bet ₹20 and won ₹40 in return, a great perk of playing Sic Bo at W88.


In conclusion, learning how to play Sic Bo online at W88 is a fun way to spend your leisure time. Yes, you need to deposit some amount of money but the best part of it is that it can double up within a day. Besides this, the rules and gameplay of Sic Bo are very easy to understand and play so you can sit back and enjoy it. However, be thorough with the betting options and payouts of the game so that you make more accurate bets and win more than you deposited. Use W88 and apply for casino bonuses to gain additional benefits. Now it is your turn to test your luck and keep winning, good luck!

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