3-step guide to play 3 Patti on W88: Win up to ₹12k bonus.

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w88 3 patti W88 Teen Patti

For all the card lovers, the digitalization of 3 Patti brought the top-notch opportunity to play and win cash. You can engage in long hours of immersive gaming from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to waste your time and efforts on surveying the market, we provide you with the latest 3 Patti online games on W88.


With increasing reviews and ratings, W88 assures you a smooth game anytime, anywhere. Don’t worry about the user interface, W88.com is also a mobile-friendly website. Just register at W88 and make a deposit to play and win cash through your skills and luck. But first, you need some basic knowledge to excel in the field. Let’s learn some theory, in order to perform best in practical.

Hand Ranks from Highest to Lowest

To win the game, one has to memorize all the hand ranks. Prioritize your mind in learning the hand ranks and playing wisely, after all, it’s about gaining and losing money. Below are the hand’s rank placed in highest to lowest rank order.




Trail or Set W88-3-patti-02 All three cards are of the same value, irrespective of suits. Three aces are the highest hand rank possible and three 2s are the lowest.
Pure Sequence or Straight Flush W88-3-patti-03 Consecutive three cards with the same suit. Ace, king, and queen the highest possible. 4, 3, and 2 are the lowest possible.
Sequence or Run W88-3-patti-04 Any three consecutive cards with different suits.
Color W88-3-patti-05 Any three cards with the same suit.
Pair W88-3-patti-06 Out of three cards, any two card’s value is the same irrespective of suit.
High Card W88-3-patti-07 No consecutive cards, no same suit. But still, some high-value cards like ace, king, or queen are present in three cards.

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3 Steps Guide to play 3 Patti Online on W88

Once you understood hand rankings, you can proceed to learn to play 3 Patti at W88. Follow the 3 easy steps mentioned below to play and earn through 3 Patti online at W88.

Step 1: Create or log in to your account on w88.

Access the W88 website and log in or create your account. Fill in your details accurately. Make a deposit from your bank account to the W88 website to play online 3 Patti and earn more money.


Step 2: After Deposit, find ‘Bet on Teen Patti’ under ‘Live Casino’.

Click on ‘Live Casino’ and scroll down until you find ‘Bet on Teen Patti’ and click on ‘Play Now’ to start online 3 Patti game on W88.


Step 3: Start playing and earning through 3 Patti online on W88

You’ll enter the playing lobby, in front of you is your dealer.


  1. The dealer shuffles and deals the 52 cards (joker cards are discarded) in clockwise order until every player has 3 cards each.
  2. Options available to the player:
    • A player can continue to play blind, without seeing his cards. He can see his cards whenever he wants throughout the game
    • A player can see the cards at the beginning of the game and continue playing.
    • A player can fold (quits) the game, whenever he wants.
  3. Betting Procedure:
    • Every player wagers the boot amount, that is, the minimum stake to start the game.
    • If one player decides to play blind then other players have to bet double the amount waged by blind players.
    • The betting process continues until either player asks for a sideshow or show.
  4. Sideshow: any player can challenge any other player individually to show their cards before betting. Sideshow depends on the agreement by the other player, he can either accept or reject the offer.
  5. Show: when only two players are left, any one player can ask for a show. The other player can either accept or raise the bet

The last one standing wins if all the players folded in the game. The game unfolds much like poker, the player with the highest hand rank wins the game and takes all the bets.

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To Conclude

Start small but do start, don’t be stagnant among all the opportunities. Practise makes the man better but experience makes the man best. We have provided you with theory, by heart it, and practise your hands in online 3 Patti on the W88 website. Don’t forget the deadline of the promotion and claim it as soon as possible, before it ends. We hope this guide was useful to you and soon you earn big amounts through your skills and luck.



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