How to play Casino war at W88: Get ₹250 cash prize on signup

Have you tried this simplest table game named casino war? If not we’ll teach you how to play casino war game at W88 India. Signup now & win ₹250 bonus for free!


What was the first card game you learned as a child? For some, it’s a 5-card draw. Others prefer to play ‘go fish’ or blackjack. And it was ‘war’ for some of us. Right? Let’s refresh those childhood memories now!

What is a Casino war game?

W88 Casino war game is based on everyone’s favorite childhood card game. You win if your card beats the dealer’s using the poker card values and Ace high.

W88 Casino war

Casino war is one of the simpler table games to learn because it is played with a regular 52-card deck and requires no expertise. Players can wager on whether the player or the dealer will draw a higher card. This is how it goes. Keep reading to know more…

Rules of W88 casino war game

Casino war is one of the most straightforward games to play at W88 India. The rules are simple & straightforward. Beginners can start betting in a matter of minutes & make money quickly. The W88 casino war game rules are listed below.

W88 Casino war

Let’s begin with the types of bets. There are basically 2 bet types: BET & TIE.

#1. If you bet on TIE, the Player and Dealer’s card must be the same to win this bet, else you lose.

#2. If you bet on the main BET;

  • If the Player’s card > Dealer’s card, then you win.
  • If the Player’s card = Dealer’s card, you must choose to Go to War or Surrender.

Case 1: If you choose Surrender, you will lose half of the main bet placed.

Case 2: If you opt for War, you must place another bet equal amount to the main bet. The 3 cards will be burned before you get a new card.

  • If the Player’s card > Dealer’s card, you win (the main bet is push).
  • If the Player’s card = Dealer’s card, you win (the main bet is push).
  • If Player’s card < Dealer’s card, you lose (main bet and war bet lose).

W88 casino war game paytable

It’s crucial to grasp the game payout of any live casino game before diving into the gameplay. The paytable for the W88 casino war game along with bet types is explained. Below is the payout given for each outcome of the W88 casino war game.




Player > Dealer


Player = Dealer

       War, Player > Dealer



       War, Player = Dealer



       Surrender, Player = Dealer


Below is the paytable for each bet type available at the W88 casino war game.







      War, Player > Dealer


      War, Player > Dealer




3 steps on how to play casino war game at W88

The W88 casino war game has a long history and is currently gaining popularity on the internet. Because of the interesting graphics, fast-paced, and, most importantly, the payouts, the casino war is the most popular at W88. Why waste any more time? Follow the 3 easy steps below to begin.

Step 1: Visit the W88 official website & then login

  • To participate in the Casino war for real money, newcomers must create a new account at W88 Register.
  • Already registered members can access their W88 accounts by simply entering their W88 credentials.

W88 Casino war

  • Click on the Games area of the navigation bar after logging in.
  • Your favorite Casino war game will be displayed at the top under the games section.
  • Click on the Play Now button to begin the real money game.

Step 2: Pick W88 casino war with a min bet amount of ₹2

  • Happyindia88 is concerned about the safety of your finances and gambling concerns.

W88 Casino war

  • To avoid large losses as a newbie, we recommend placing the smallest bet possible that is ₹2, and gradually increasing your stakes once you’ve mastered the W88 casino war game.
  • Remember, W88 offers free plays for beginners at the try now section.

Step 3: Enjoy betting on W88 casino war game

Now you can enjoy betting while remembering the W88 casino war rules. To refresh your memory below is a brief illustration of how the game works.

W88 Casino war

  • The game is played with six 52-card decks. A new deck will be utilized for each new round.
  • You will be given 3 slots to wager Player 1(Bet /Tie), Player 2(Bet /Tie), and Player 3(Bet /Tie).
  • Then both the player and the dealer are dealt a card, with the better rank card winning. 
  • If the player and the dealer both have the same card rank, the player has the option of going to war or surrendering.

You are all set to begin your W88 casino war. Go gamble now!

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W88 Casino war

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In the end, W88 casino war game is one of the most straightforward casino table games you’ll ever encounter. It’s also among the quickest especially when it comes to online. You’ll want to keep an eye on your bankroll as a result of this. Due to unpredictability, it’s common to have long periods of wins and losses. Your money will come in and out so quickly that you’ll feel like you’re in a war. Enjoy your favorite casino war at W88 now!

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