How to play W88 Dota 2 for Indian Players – Get bonus of ₹15k

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Introduction to W88 Dota 2

W88 is the leading online betting site in Asia and still growing its popularity worldwide. It offers a diverse variety of games, sports to bet on, live casino card games to gamble, slots, lottery and so much more.


Experience the best E-sport game available at W88, Dota 2, and earn yourself a fortune. Know everything you need to know to play Dota 2 and earn luxurious life that you have always dreamt of through fun.

5 basic rules to play W88 Dota 2

How can you play W88 Dota 2 in a sportsbook without having a piece of knowledge about Dota 2 at all? So, let’s get you acquainted with the 5 basic rules to play W88 Dota 2 Champion League before jumping into the mainstream.

  1. There are two teams in Dota 2 game with 5 players in each team.
  2. The aim of the Dota 2 game, which is to be fulfilled by either team, is to destroy the enemy’s ‘Ancient’.
  3. Ancient is the building at the center of their base, which is supposed to be saved from the enemy team.
  4. There are 3 rounds in Dota 2 game, that take place in a three-themed format and the team is supposed to win two out of three rounds to win the match.
  5. The players to each team will face combat with players of another team throughout the game until you kill the player or destroy the opponent’s Ancient.

How to play W88 Dota 2 within 5 minutes

The wait is over and the 3-step guide is finally here, follow the three steps mentioned below to get a better understanding.

Step 1: Access W88 official and register account

Access the official site of W88 and click on ‘JOIN’ in the top right corner of the homepage to fill the registration form. Enter valid credentials to commit no mistake and no problems for further verification.


Learn to register at W88 step by step and leave no room for mistakes and further troubles while verifying your profile.

Step 2: Choose E-sports under the sports section

Click on ‘SPORTS’ in the right corner among other tabs on the homepage and select ‘e-SPORTS’ to play W88 Dota 2 Champion League.


Step 3: Select ‘Dota 2 Champion League’ & start betting

After clicking on ‘e-SPORTS’ you’ll be directed to a whole new page, scroll down in the left panel until you find ‘E-sports’. Select ‘International’ under ‘E-Sports’ and then click on ‘Dota 2 Champion League’.


You’ll see upcoming events appear on your screen on the left side once you click Dota 2 Champion League. HappyIndia88 recommends choosing Dota 2 Champion League as it is the most popular league among every Dota 2 Leagues and choosing the most recent upcoming event to bet on. We are choosing Hydra vs X3 to provide you with an example.


Observe the odds and choose the team you want to support; enter the stakes you want to wager and click on ‘Place Bets’ to place the bet.

Let’s look into an example and teach you descriptively about FT winner and FT spread.

#1. FT Winner

FT winner is the full-time winner of Dota 2 champion League, the team that wins 2 rounds out of 3. The team that destroys the ancient of another team twice in the game is considered as the winner of the league among three themed maps.


Suppose you bet for Hydra to win and you bet ₹100 stakes on Hydra. Since value odds are 1.15, which makes the total return to be (100 X 1.15 =) ₹115.

Case 1: Hydra wins: this means you win the bet and will gain ₹115 in return.

Case 2: Hydra loses: this means you lose the bet and will lose the stake you bet with, that is, ₹100.

#2. FT Spread

Full-time Spread is used to even the line in Dota 2 between the odds of two teams. Players have to bet on the possible approximate difference between the line that might occur by the end of the match.


Suppose you bet for X3 to win and you bet ₹100 stakes on Hydra. Since value odds are 2.44, which makes the total return to be (100 X 2.44 =) ₹244.

Case 1: X3 wins: this means you win the bet and will gain ₹244 in return.

Case 2: X3 loses: this means you lose the bet and will lose the stake you bet with, that is, ₹100.

We understand your concern and got your back, clear your doubts, know is W88 legal in India, and play tension-free.

3 Pointers to remember while playing W88 Dota 2

New players often end up committing mistakes that make them lose loads of money, don’t act like new players. Be an expert of the knowledge to avoid mistakes in practical. Remember the three points mentioned below vividly to avoid losing your money.

  1. Do extensive research: Research and development is the answer to your every doubt, jumping into the mainstream without knowing the game, rules, and betting patterns is the stupidest mistake one can commit. Hence, do extensive research before playing W88 Dota 2.
  2. Keep track of your bets: Don’t go betting too much that you end up losing the track of your bets. This way you’ll not only lose a track of bets but also lose a huge amount of money, which is not good for your mental.
  3. Be kind to your bankroll: Dota 2 is an addictive game and it’s really hard to be away from it once played. Be careful about your bankroll and only spend extra money on it, don’t go spending all your hard-earned money in Dota 2.

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