Play W88 Lottery Games: Top 3 Lottery Games – Get ₹5k bonus

Learn how to play W88 Lottery games online to win ₹5,000 1st deposit bonus + other cash prizes. W88 has top 3 lottery games to gamble. Review & start betting!

W88 Lottery   W88 Lottery Games

Are you a beginner and wondering how to start playing W88 Lottery games? Or as a pro, you have explored everything except Lottery because you don’t know how to play? Don’t worry, Happyindia88 has got you! This article will help you to review all the W88 Lottery games and guide you on how to start playing and betting on them with a simple guide. Read ahead to know more!

How to play W88 Lottery Games – 3 easy steps to start

Enjoy your betting time on W88 Lottery games by following the three steps below.

Step 1: Log on to your W88 account

  • To start betting on anything at W88, the first would always be login.


  • So, login with your username and password on the W88 official site.
  • If you have created an account on W88, then quickly W88 register here.

Step 2: Go to the Games tab and select the lottery game

  • Once you login on to the site, locate the Lottery tab on the menu bar.
  • W88 Lottery has the top three games to try your luck.
  • Select any one from these by clicking on Play Now for betting and Try Now for free plays.


  • You can also click on the Lottery tab where you’ll be redirected to the W88 Lottery page with three games.
  • Scroll ahead and click on Try Now for free plays.

Step 3: Start Playing on any one of the W88 Lottery games


  • W88 Lottery Games have three options to choose from along with tournaments to win much bigger jackpots.
  • Select any one of the three lottery games and start placing your bets.


  • Click on Try Now or Play Now to start betting with W88 keno rules below:
  • The main motto of W88 Lottery Games is to predict and identify the number that will be drawn as a result.
  • The main betting is on the numbers, however, there are also side bets like Water, Earth, Fire, Small, Big, Odd, Even and many more side bets to simply increase your winning amount.

Whoohoo! Wasn’t it easy? You have just got to know how to play W88 Lottery games in 3 simple steps. Now, the next part is to know and review all the lottery games on W88 to select the best one for wagering. So, keep scrolling ahead!

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Top Promotions on W88 Lottery for new members

W88 has so much to offer, isn’t it? With overflowing promotions and bonus offers with easy to access super exciting W88 games, it sets the perfect gaming mood. To learn and start betting on W88 Lottery games that are powered by Gameplay Interactive Games, you must know about them and that’s why follow the below review guide to know more.

1. Lotto


W88 Lotto game is from RNG (Random Number Generator) just made for you as it has a simple gameplay wherein members need to select the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th digit and place them in order as predicted in the outcome within the allotted time. If you have the same sequence of numbers as the outcome, you win the jackpot. The plus point for gamblers playing on the W88 Lotto game is that there are a number of betting options including Straight, Group, Sum, Last Digit of Sum, Big Small Odd Even and many more. Isn’t it interesting? Then, try out this super fascinating games today!

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2. W Keno


A super interesting Lottery game online that gives you an option to choose which kind of Keno you wish to bet on. There are Extreme Keno, Power Keno, Turbo Keno, Super Keno and Rapid Keno. Among these varieties choose anyone and bet on the main bets or the side bets that include Water, Fire, Earth, Small, Big, Odd, Even, Up, Down, Small Even, Small Odd, Big Even, Big Odd, Wood, Gold, Tie and Ex-score. The numbers that fall under the respective bet types are mentioned on the bet type on the game display. So, simply place your bets on the one that you wish and pray for luck!

3. Keno


Keno Lottery game is based on the lottery sites from Beijing, Canada, Australia, Slovakia, and Korea. There are 20 numbered balls that are randomly drawn out of 1-80 numbered balls. The betting type of Keno Lottery is the same as the W Keno Game. With the same number of betting types, this W88 Lottery Game also becomes a must-try option.

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Top Promotional Offer on W88 Lottery

W88 Promotions are always amazing with bonuses that are so high to increase the cashout on its splendid collection of games. With that here’s the W88 promotional offer on Lottery that you are waiting to see! But don’t just see claim it now because you won’t get such a super beneficial bonus offer anywhere else!

W88 ₹5,000 Welcome Bonus on Keno Lottery


Yes, you read that right! W88 is offering a ₹5,000 Welcome Bonus for new members wanting to play and wager on W88 Keno Lottery. This enticing promotional offer in itself is a super lottery. So, don’t wait and hurry now to claim this bonus offer!

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W88 Lottery Games are a perfect place to win jackpots. Along with jackpots, there are tournaments and free plays as well to increase the excitement and fun while playing W88. The promotional offer is a plus to it. So, in short, W88 has everything a gambler is looking for. So, why not try it today? Refer to the above guide to start your W88 Lottery journey and win huge jackpots. Good Luck!

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