How to play & Win W88 Roulette – Win cash prize of ₹2,00,000

W88 Roulette, one of the best W88 Casino games. Learn how to play W88 roulette & Win tournament cash prize of ₹2,00,000 + ₹300 free credit + 10% Bonus of ₹15k!

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W88 Roulette is a very simple game even if you’re just a beginner. This how to play W88 roulette guide will help you play and bet and earn amazing W88 cash prizes and bonus offers. So, get ready to load more money in your jackpot bag!

How to play W88 Roulette in 3 Steps?

Explored the W88 Online Casino games and Roulette is what you want to play, then here’s a small 3 step guide to get you there.

Step 1: Log in on the W88 Official Site and Go to the Live Casino page


  • As a start, you need to access the W88 official and log in.
  • The next step is to go to the W88 Live Casino tab and you’ll be redirected W88 Live Casino page.

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Step 2: Select Club W Gold Roulette game – minimum bet amount ₹50


  • After landing on the Live Casino page, scroll down until you see the Club W Gold Roulette game.
  • Click on “Play Now” and start placing your bets on it.

Step 3: Start Betting on W88 Club W Gold Roulette

Club W Gold European Roulette has 2D and 7 Seater video views to play. With many interesting features, let us see how to bet on W88 Roulette.


  • The game has a Roulette table with numbers from 1-36 and a zero.
  • There is a dealer who spins a small ball on the Roulette wheel and the players have to bet on the spin result on which the ball will fall.
  • The betting round happens before the ball is spun and players stop betting once “No more bets” is announced by the dealer.
  • The players who predict the same outcome as the result wins the bet.

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W88 Roulette Bet Limits

Playing Roulette online on W88 is thrilling because of its numerous bet types and high payout as well. But for knowing the game completely, you need to understand the bet types as well. Because everything depends on bets, after all!


Inside Bets

The three rows on the Roulette table with numbers from 0-36 on the boxes are the inside bets. Meaning placing bets on any of the numbers that are inside the table.

Outside Bets

These are the bets that you can see on the outside of the Roulette table with Odd/Even, Red/Black, 1-12, 13-24, 25-36, 1-18 and 19-36 options.

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W88 Roulette Cash Payouts

Make your Roulette winning obvious by knowing the high payouts on Roulette online.


W88 Roulette is European or American?

Now, that you know the basic gameplay of W88 Roulette, the next important thing is to identify whether what kind of Roulette game you’re playing. This is important in order to strategise your bets and winning pattern. American or European? Let’s learn the difference first.


  • American Roulette has an extra inclusion of “00” which is again thrilling but also increases the difficulty of getting a correct guess. While on the other hand, European Roulette has numbers from 0-36 which can be easier to guess compared to the American one. The other major difference is the house edge. The house edge for European Roulette is 2.63 while the house edge for American Roulette is 5.26. Meaning, European Roulette = more Winning!
  • W88 follows the European Roulette table and thus gamblers enjoy the betting time on W88 Roulette. The speed of the ball as it slows down and the thrill and adrenaline rush that you feel with fingers crossed to wait for the outcome to land exactly what you guessed. Isn’t it amazing? Now, it’s time to get more and more amazed by knowing how to win on W88 Roulette and the exciting top promotions on W88 Roulette.

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How to Win the W88 Roulette game?

We have learnt a lot on W88 Roulette, but the most interesting part, that is knowing how to win on it is what completes it. So, read ahead to know about how to win on Live Roulette.

You know that the main aim of the Roulette game is to bet on the correct outcome and this is possible when you know winning chances.


Suppose, for example, the dealer has spun the ball on the Roulette wheel and the outcome came out to be number 19, then the players who placed the bet on 19 will surely win. But the players that placed the bet on Odd numbers will also win as 19 is an odd number. Plus the players who placed their bets on 13-24 and 19-36 will also win as 19 number is a part of that dozen. The players betting on Red number to appear as an outcome will also win. So, there are amazing winning chances on a single number! Start placing your bets on this excellent Roulette game and win more!

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Top 3 Promotions on W88 Roulette

Whohoo! W88 has “three” exciting offers on the Roulette game. Scroll fast to double up your jackpot winnings!

1. W88 ₹300 free credit


To increase more and more excitement and entertainment for the gamblers, W88 is giving out free credit of ₹300 to its new members on signup. Verify your data and grab this splendid free credit.

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2. W88 150% Welcome Bonus up to ₹15,000 on Live Casino


Increase your excitement to play on W88 even more with the 150% Welcome Bonus up to ₹15,000 on Live Casino. Now, playing, betting and winning got more interesting!

3. W88 Live Casino Tournament cash prize up to ₹2,00,000


Play W88 Roulette on any of the top W88 Casino Clubs and enter the tournaments to win a cash prize of up to ₹2,00,000. Get ready gamers, all the winnings are now on your way!

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W88 Roulette is a game full of excitement and thrill. Along with it are the W88 Top promotional offers to increase the fun. So, learn how to play Roulette today with the above guidelines and understand the betting types to make your own strategy of winning. Understand the bet limits and place your bets accordingly to win lots and lots of jackpots away!

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