How to play W88 Sports Betting: ₹300 free bet & ₹15k Bonus

For sports fanatics like you, here’s a how to play w88 sports betting guide to win ₹300 free credit & 150% Bonus of ₹15k. Support your favorite team & Bet on!

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W88 is an ideal platform for sports enthusiasts with plenty of sports games with high winning odds to place your bets on and exciting betting features that will amaze you. Try W88 Sports Betting and claim the exciting promotional offers especially for new members. Get on! Game on! Bet on!

Top 3 W88 Sportsbook India 

W88 is famous as one of the best Sportsbooks in India having top sports providers like e-sports, a-sports and Fantasy sports. Let’s have a short review of all the three W88 sportsbook providers.

1. E-sports


W88 e-Sports is sponsored by Gameplay Interactive and has a modern black and white interface. It has 20+ sports games including Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Volleyball, Boxing, Football, Ice Hockey, Handball and a lot more. It is user-friendly with Asian and European views to enhance the betting thunder.

  • Minimum bet amount: ₹5
  • Odds: Mid-range with 1.90 highest payout.

W88 India, a leading platform for Online Casino and Sportsbook in India!

2. A-sports


A-sports is sponsored by SABA sports and is famous because of the 1 day Live Football option and 25+ sports options including Hockey, Tennis, Cricket, Football, Boxing, Motorsports, Snooker/Pool, Cycling, and so on. It has a China view option and is known for its high payout returns. 

  • Minimum bet: ₹5
  • Odds: High

3. Fantasy sports


Fantasy sports is sponsored by SGG and is known for its live tournaments and daily, weekly and monthly cash rewards and pool prizes up to ₹17,200,000. It has so much variety in sports leagues that include ESL, MMA, European Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Motorsports, Hockey, Cricket and more.

  • Minimum bet: ₹5
  • Odds: High

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How to play W88 Sports Betting in 3 Steps?

As a beginner, you just need to follow the three steps below to start your W88 sports betting adventure. 

Step 1: Access the W88 homepage and log in


  • The first step to start W88 sports betting is accessing the home page and logging in with your credentials.
  • If you still don’t have your account created on W88, then make one by clicking on the Join Now button at the top of the homepage.

W88 register now! Awesome W88 promotional offers and free credit are waiting for you.

Step 2: Click on the Sports tab and select any sports provider


  • Locate the Sports tab on the top of the menu bar and select either e-sports, a-sports or fantasy sports from it.
  • The homepage will show a sportsbook page with so many sports games and betting options to start your W88 sports betting journey. 

Step 3: Start your W88 sports betting journey right away!


  • On the Sportsbook page, you’ll have so many sports games options to choose on the left side along with the Bet Slip on the top.
  • Bet Slip is where players need to start betting by depositing a minimum bet amount.
  • The centre portion is all the latest sports events and the betting styles along with it.
  • Start your betting by selecting your favourite team and filling in in the Bet Slip.
  • But before you do this, do have a look at the W88 Promotions for new players on Sportsbook.

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Top 2 W88 Promotional offers on Sportsbook

Hey Sports enthusiast, here’s what you’ll love to read! W88 offers the two best promotional offers for new players on Sportsbook.  

Note: W88 has a minimum deposit on every promotional offer including the free credite.

1. W88 ₹300 free credit



W88 is welcoming members with a ₹300 free credit on verification of all your data. The members need to verify the following W88 account details: Profile, Mobile no, Email, Bank account and PAN number. So, gear up your sportsmanship spirit with this exciting bonus offer.

Start your W88 Sports Betting Online journey & get ₹300 free credit!

2. W88 150% Welcome Bonus up to ₹15,000


Sportspeople, it’s obvious to get amazed by this outstanding 150% Welcome Bonus up to ₹15,000 on a-sports and e-sports. Become a part of the W88 family and make your first deposit of ₹500 to claim this bonus offer. Isn’t it exciting? So, don’t think of anything else before you miss out on this opportunity. Hurry and start betting on the W88 Sportsbook.

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Make your dream team come true with W88 sports betting. With just 3 steps that take less than 3 minutes, you will enter the enthralling W88 sports world and experience the best betting odds you’ll find anywhere else. W88 has proven to be the best sportsbook in India with its spectacular betting features including live betting on sports events. The other fascinating fact is the heart-bursting promotional offers that help you boost your betting advent. So, don’t delay and join W88 today!

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