How to upload documents in Betway quickly in 3 simple steps

Get your documents handy & we’ll teach you how to upload documents in Betway within 3 mins. Follow the 3 steps guide & enjoy gambling at Betway India!


If you’re new to sports betting and gambling, and this is your first time using Betway, you have to understand how to correctly authenticate your account on the site. Let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure on how to upload documents on Betway.

Important documents required for Betway India

You must complete Betway verification after registering a Betway account. Below is the list of documents require for Betway.

  1. PAN ID/Aadhar card – Both front & back.
  2. Driving Licence – With proper photo & signature.
  3. Passport – Cover page & photo.

Uploading the required documents will only take a few minutes, and you should receive verification within 24 to 48 hours.

4 Causes – What is the need of uploading documents on Betway?

When there are issues the Betway live chat will normally examine the bettor’s personal information. A successful solution will be achieved in the shortest possible period.

how to upload documents in betway

  1. Account verification – On the Betway India platform, the verification step is required to limit the risk of fraud.
  2. Validate your age – Betway account must be verified to ensure that the player is over the age of 18.
  3. Withdraw cash with case – If you want to make a withdrawal from your Betway account, verification is a must.
  4. To resolve queries – Lastly, the uploaded documents will assist customer care to validate your data & resolves your queries quickly.

3 Steps – How to upload documents in Betway

Now that you know the importance of Betway verification, it’s time to see the 3 step guide on how to upload documents in Betway.

Step 1: Log in to Betway India official website.

  • Newbies must first join up with Betway India, go to the Betway Register and follow the instructions to create a new account.

how to upload documents in betway

  • Members who have already enrolled can log in to their Betway account using valid credentials.
  • To upload your documents on Betway you must first make a Betway deposit of at least ₹500.

Step 2: Click on your username & pick withdrawal

  • To begin the process of uploading your valid documents, you must first click on your username.

how to upload documents in betway

  • Select Withdrawal from the drop-down menu.

how to upload documents in betway

  • Then select Manual Verification to upload your documents.

Step 3: Select document type & upload them

To submit your documents, you must first choose one of the choices listed below.

how to upload documents in betway

  1. PAN ID/Aadhar card
  2. Driving Licence
  3. Passport

Let’s use the Driving Licence as an example. You must submit the front and back image of your chosen document. (Driving licence).

how to upload documents in betway

  • Select the front option & upload the front image, then select back & upload the back image
  • Lastly, hit the Submit button to upload the documents.
  • Remember Betway takes around 24 hours to validate your data.

4 Mistakes to avoid while uploading documents in Betway

Even after giving daled instruction, people tend to commit silly mistakes. So to help you avoid them, below we have gathered the common mistakes made while uploading documents in Betway.

how to upload documents in betway

  1. Provide valid documents – This will no doubt end in verification failure & lead to account closure if not verified again.
  2. File size less than 15MB – Remember the file size of your documents must not be more than 15 MB.
  3. Upload doc carefully – Check the proper options & then upload documents carefully. Do not upload PAN ID in the Driving license tab.
  4. Validate within 30 days – After your 1st deposit, Betway gives only 30 days to upload documents. After which your account will be locked.

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No doubt, Betway India is a registered betting platform that undergoes regular security & safety audits. Hope you can now easily do verification after reading this how to upload documents in Betway article.  Furthermore, Betway protects your information with advanced SSL encryption mechanisms.

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