How to use Betway boosts – Charge up & win 1.5x more cash

Wanna boost your sports winnings? Learn how to use Betway boosts & win extra cash on special bets. Chance to win 1.5x your usual bet & make extra cash at betway!

Betway Boosts Betway Sports

Betway has introduced a new feature called Betway Boost, which allows you to bet on games with better odds. Let’s take a look at how the Betway boosts works and how to get more bang for your buck from the offer.

What are Betway boosts?

Betway boosts basically raise the odds of specific betting possibilities. Cricket, Football, Tennis, and Basketball are just a few of the sports that hold Betway boosts bets.

Betway boosts

Betway will increase your winnings for each bet with odds around 1.5x better than the regular odds. The greater your boost, the more will be your winnings. Boosted wins will be deposited as cash into your account and will be available for withdrawal.

Difference between Betway boost & Betway bets

Now that you have a clear idea of what Betway boosts are, let’s understand the major differences between Betway boosts & Betway India regular bets. To make you understand better we have taken the example of bets from each section & calculated the odds for you.

1. Betway regular bets

Firstly we’ll know about the odds offered by regular bets available at Betway.

As you can see in the image, it’s the football match between Northeast United Fc and Mohun Bagan. Let’s place a wager on Mohun Bagan to win & both teams to score.

Betway boosts

If you wager ₹100 on Mohun Bagan to win & both teams to score with a odds of 3.30 then you will get ₹330 in return if you win else you will lose ₹100.

2. Betway boosts bets

Now let’s discuss about the odds offered by Betway Boosts & why is it more beneficial for sports betting punters. We have chosen the same bet to help you clearly understand the difference.

Betway boosts

If you wager ₹100 on Mohun Bagan to win & both teams to score with a odds of 4.75 then you will get ₹475 in return if you win else you will lose ₹100.

₹300 & ₹475! Indeed that’s a huge difference. The more wager you place the more you’ll get. But make sure to thoroughly study the bet types & then place your wagers at the special Betway boosts. Take a look at Betway promotions to grab all the incredible profits & benefits available.

5 Betway boosts rules – Every gambler must know

  1. The result at the end of regulation time, including injury time, determines the outcome of Betway Boosts. Extra time, penalties do not count toward the settlement unless otherwise mentioned.
  2. If one of the selections in a Betway Boost (for example, a Football Treble) is a non-runner/doesn’t take place, all bets on the boost will be forfeited, unless the outcome has already been determined.
  3. Prices for Betway Boost are subject to change.
  4. Unless otherwise noted, all relevant sports betting restrictions apply to Betway Boosts (e.g. Football rules apply for a Football boost).
  5. Only a limited number of Betway Boost markets are available at any given moment.

3 Steps on how to place Betway boost bets

Hope the above illustration of both the regular & Betway boost bets helped you understand why is Betway boosts so valuable. Now we’ll look at how to place bets on Betway boosts bets. 

Step 1: Signup or login to the official Betway website

  • Are you new to Betway? To get started, go to Betway Register and create an account.

Betway boosts

  • Members who have already registered can access their Betway account by entering their username and password.
  • After logging in successfully, go to the sports area at the top of the homepage and move to the next step.

Step 2: Select Betway boosts under all sports

  • On the left side of the screen, you’ll see several sports games under the “All sports” menu.
  • Look for Betway boosts and click on it.

Betway boosts

  • All of the Betway boosts bets will now be displayed in the center of your screen. Now select your favorite bet.
  • For instance, let’s pick the bet on the most popular league under Cricket that is the Big bash league.
  • The bet available is Josh Phillipe & Jake Weatherald both to hit a six.
  • You may also place a wager on other sports like Cricket, Basketball, E-sports, Hockey & Tennis.

Get to know the Betway login link for newly joined members in case the direct links didn’t work!

Step 3: Start betting on your favorite game

  • Anyone who is a member of Betway can enjoy betting on Betway Boosts.
  • Get ready for a burst of action! All you have to do now is choose the bet by clicking on it.
  • You’ll be given a betting slip on the right side, where you can enter the amount and see the return wale. 
  • To confirm your wagers, click Place bets.

Betway boosts

For example: If you wager ₹100 on Josh Phillipe & Jake Weatherald both to hit a six with a odds of 3.50 then you will get ₹350 in return if you win else you will lose ₹100.

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Hope we put a big smile on your face! Betway boosts are the best kind of bets to those who want to win a little more. But make sure your predictions are correct, else you will lose all that you have in the urge to win big. As the saying goes “Fortune favors the bold”, we wish you all good luck. Start betting at Betway & keep winning!

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