How to Win Blackjack at Online Casino for Real Money ALWAYS!

How to Win Blackjack Online Casino? 7 Proven Ways to earn Profit all the time! Follow Professional Strategies to increase the 98% win rate & earn ₹5,000 daily.


Blackjack online is a card game with a 21 total value winning limit, 3 cards are drawn to each player and whoever gets the value near 21 wins the game. Even though it might look like a game of luck, it can be won with simple tips & tricks. Mentioned below are 7 winning tricks that can help you win more real money at 10CRIC by playing blackjack online. Play the most popular online card game after baccarat at 10CRIC and follow up on the 7 ways to win some extra cash.

#1. Compare Odds & Payouts before Play

Different live casino providers offer slightly different odds and payouts, explore as many live casino roulette providers as you can and pick the best one for yourself. You will get the information on odds, RTPs, and payouts from the game’s instruction box, choose the provider with the highest odds & RTP to play online roulette.


  • Great odds offer a greater payout, RTP is the percentage of the amount that a player gets in return after winning the game of roulette online. The payout will be equivalent to the odds on the betting option.
  • Live casino will always have a slight advantage due to house edge but that doesn’t mean that you are being rigged. Hence, research different online betting platforms before playing roulette and understand their odds.
  • Select the online gambling platform with better odds, less house edge, and low betting limit, one of all that comes to mind after hours of research is 10CRIC India, join and play with a minimum betting limit of ₹5.

#2. Avoid getting intimidated by Side bets

Blackjack online offers amazing side bets for some extra win with greater odds but they also come rare. Betting on side bets is like having an ultimate way to earn through other outcomes, opt for side bets when you have a good amount of money to spend and strong trust in your luck. Mostly they are related to the pair in the cards.

  • Blackjack online has a lower house edge of 0.1% and treated odds of 25:1 on different side bets. They attract the players with such a great amount of payout ratio. Don’t get into the trick.
  • Side bets, like house edge, are another way of winning more money for live casino game providers. That doesn’t indicate that online casinos are rigged, but be aware.
  • Do hours of research if you want to be sure and neglect every trust issue to find the best online casino, and if you believe in our years of experience, go ahead with 10CRIC live casino.

#3. Martingale Strategy for Blackjack Online

The Martingale strategy is the most popular strategy for the stock market and gambling. Many players opt for this strategy with a positive progression, it’s best for long-term goals and overall profits.


  • The best way to use Martingale is to bet on the outside bets, easier and increased chance of winning the game. The trick is to keep increasing the betting amount in the same ratio until you win the round.
  • For example, if you place a bet of ₹5 on your cards and lose, then put a bet of ₹10 on your cards. If you lose again, then put a bet of ₹20 and if you win, you will get ₹40 in return.
  • Martingale’s strategy is the best way to earn back your lost amount and give immense profit on a long-term basis. The most important condition of this strategy is to be loyal to one betting option.

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#4. Understand when to double the bets

What is the betting meaning of a double-down bet? When the live dealer has drawn 2 cards for each player, you get an option to double down if you want to, which means, asking for one more card by betting the same amount of money you wagered initially and continuing playing.

  • For instance, if the value of the first 2 cards drawn is 11, then you should double down and ask for one more card, If you are lucky enough to get a King, Queen, Ace, Joker, or 10; you will win the game by perfect blackjack score.
  • If the value of your first 2 cards is greater than 15, we recommend not taking the chance and believing in your luck. But if the value is less than 11, go ahead and double down your bet.
  • There are higher chances of winning the blackjack online by doubling down your bets when your 2 cards value is 11. Take a chance & give double down a chance to help you win.

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#5. Learn when to split the bets

If you are here with a long-term goal then you have to learn to neglect the small losses associated with online gambling. Grab an opportunity to earn more real cash when your opponent’s cards are weak. Split the bet if you have the same set of cards, that is, a pair.


You should never split a 10 card, even when the value of the dealer’s card is less than 5. Don’t be in a rush to win millions overnight, it’s a way long process than you can think. It requires constant vigilance, discipline, and management of money, time, and emotions. If there’s double money already on the table, never split a ten.

#6. Don’t do too much Progressive Betting

There are multiple betting strategies with a progressive style, which suggests you keep placing your bets with a positive progressively increasing betting amount. You will end up losing more than you win with such betting systems if your continue to place a bet till the very end, like the Martingale betting strategy, Fibonacci, etc.

  • People get too loyal to progressive betting in the hope to win in the next round but end up losing all the money in their bankrolls and that’s exactly why you shouldn’t follow the betting system religiously.
  • Don’t lose the track of your balance and be aware of your gambling pattern. Don’t lose your emotions, relax in the middle and take a break to make clear decisions.

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#7. Follow Responsible Gambling Conduct

There are millions of people engaging in online gambling and betting but not all of them make a living out of it. The trick is management, discipline, consistency, and following responsible gambling activities.


  1. Bankroll management: Progressive betting systems are made to play consistently and that affects your bankroll the most. Keep in mind the limit of your bankroll and play according, waste no more than 5% of your bankroll in online gambling activities. No one will come to stop you, control your urge or you might suffer a great loss.
  2. Time management: The most important possession of your life is not money, it’s time. Better use of it can make you a millionaire and worse use of it can destroy you. Keep track of your time and activities, and don’t involve in online gambling activity for more than 30 minutes in a day. Time management will bring discipline.
  3. Emotional tilt management: People don’t take the loss lightly which often results in aggressive behavior. Rare people have the ability to control their emotional tilt and they are blessed. It’s not the ability you are born with, you can inculcate it in your behavior and become the master of your emotions. Don’t let the loss destroy you.


How to win blackjack online casino with a minimum betting limit of ₹5 at 10CRIC. Yes, play online blackjack at an affordable price and grab a chance to earn real money by following the 7 ways given above. Increase your winning chances by 98% and payouts via a professional’s guide to win more money in simple steps. Join 10CRIC India and claim a 150% welcome bonus up to ₹15,000 on live casino.

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