How to win 100$ in Poker online every time? I earned a Car!

Luck in poker only accounts for 30%, victory depends on tactics. These #8 strategies point how to win $100 in Holdem Poker per game, helped me buy a Honda Pilot.


So, let’s deal with the most important question you have in your mind. How did I get my Honda Pilot by playing Online Poker in 5 months? Well, I started with a simple technique on consistency. I earn approximately 100$ for 5 months every day and saved them to pay the down payment for my card. I’m unraveling the 8 tactics that I followed constantly for 5 months W88.

#1. Play a few hands aggressively

One of the easiest, fastest, & surest way to win in online poker every day is to develop a solid hardcore preflop. But the most difficult part of this strategy is consistency & loyalty. You need immense discipline to stick to your preflop poker strategy.


  • Hence, the best way is to play a few chosen hands aggressively. Playing a few hands helps you to disguise your strong hands effectively. So that when it’s your turn to raise, your opponent will know least about your hands.
  • That’s why there’s a limit to playing poker hands before the flop, otherwise, you will end up playing all the hands in the game and will bleed your money like a dam opening.

#2. Never be the first to limp

Well, the first question here is, what is limping? Limping means calling the big blinds before the flop, that is, preflop. Never be the first punter to limp in an online poker table. Why? There are two strong reasons are stand by our statement – Never be the first punter to limp.

  1. You will never be able to win the pot in preflop the way you could if you raise.
  2. If you limp in preflop, you give the other punters greater odds, making it less likely to win.

Hence, there’s only one situation where limping is acceptable, that is when one punter on the online poker table already limped. This phenomenon is called over-limping.

#3. Play your strong hands fast

Punters with greater odds often play slow to grab as much amount as possible on the table. But this is as dangerous as playing fast. There’s an optimum timing for every hand rank. If you have stronger hands as compared to other punters on the table, then it’s best to build the pot. You should look for three indications to check the strength of your hands:

  1. Strong hands are difficult to be outdrawn.
  2. Scare cards that stop you from getting paid.
  3. The opponent is heavily weighted toward no showdown.

It’s disappointing when your opponent folds taking away an opportunity to earn a good amount. However, if you are not sure about your opponent, then it’s better to bet or check-raise.

#4. Be aware of ranges, not hands

How to judge your opponents on the poker table? One way to understand your opponent is to look and try to interpret how they think about their opponent’s cards. Beginners put emphasis on specific poker hands, whereas professionals look for the ranges.

  • What’s a range? It is several possible poker hands ranks that a punter can have in the game. For instance, a punter has a flush, bottom pair, ace-high, or draw.
  • While a new player looks at only one strongest possible hand, a professional looks at a variety of possible strong hands to win.

Gut feeling & poker strategy doesn’t go hand in hand, you can rely on both but the chances of winning the bet with luck get thin. Hence, don’t use one piece of information but every to make a good winning range.

#5. Disguise your hands perfectly

The only possibility that keeps you intact in poker is that you don’t become predictable. Let your opponents have the toughest time guessing your hands and moves. Here are my 4 techniques that will help you achieve this tactic, designed to confuse your opponents.


  1. Raise the same amount of money on every hand you play.
  2. Keep your confidence, play weak hands as if they are strong.
  3. Play as many hands as you can in post-flop with the same actions.
  4. Never show your cards on your face to your opponent, be unpredictable.

#6. Stick to a consistent strategy

This is the secret to my earnings from the last 5 months at W88 India, I stick to the winning strategy. When your emotions go down in frustration, it’s easier to flip out and change things up a bit. But let me tell you, this won’t go well your way & I’m saying it with certainty because I did the same mistake in the beginning.

  • When it comes to consistency, every hand, every session, every table game counts. Choose your strategy, that suits you better and stick to it until you reach the goal.
  • Every professional poker player has one thing in common and that’s their consistent tricks, tactics, and strategies. That’s how I got my car!

#7. Draw semi-aggressive bluff

Do you know what’s the fastest way to lose your money at the online poker table? Bluffing! Yes, bluffing is the most dangerous game in poker. It can make you win a lot or lose a lot. Bluffing is a technique to conceal your true emotions and pretend the opposite, if done effectively, it can turn you rich.

  • When should you bluff? Your cards will decide the answer to this question for you. Hence, if you have strong hands in the later streets of online poker, then go ahead and bluff.
  • Semi-bluffs are done when the cards are in the middle position of the online poker hand ranking chart. As a beginner, you should not bluff for hands you are not certain about.

#8. Emotional tilt will only hurt you

I can’t tell you how many emails I receive on daily basis describing how they have tilted huge amounts. & that’s why, I would like to grab your attention on the fact that when you sit at the online poker table, you sign up for any possibilities. No career is always a profit.

  • There are always three possibilities in everything, either you stay exactly where you are, move forward, or go backward. Hence, some days you might run good & some days, bad.
  • All you got to do on those bad days in to control your emotions and follow a consistent strategy. Neglecting your beliefs in your strategy won’t do you any good.

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The stock market never gave the amount of money as Online Poker did. I shared my experience to help you earn 100$ and more. Hope you take along some useful tactics from this and bring yourself more joy of earning real money via the fun & win online poker every time.

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