10 best ways to win roulette online every time: Make ₹8k/day

Are you searching for hacks to win roulette online every time? Know the 10 best ways of online roulette how to make money and earn approximately ₹8,000 per day!

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This guide of HappyIndia88 has everything you must know on how to win roulette online every time and get better odds for making real money when you play this exciting casino game.

#1. Chase the outside bets

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  • Many players looking for tips on how to win roulette online every time are advised to bet on precise numbers for a massive bankroll gain.
  • Since the roulette online game is structured inside and outside bets, you must be familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of both.
  • When it comes to inside bets, they overlook paying out a more extensive multiple of your stake.
  • The downside is that the higher the payouts, the less possible it is to hit the numbers you need.

#2. Slow & steady wins the roulette game

  • The philosophy applies to gambling at the Roulette wheel. It is not extraordinary to quickly go with your gut and exceed yourself on single bets, or by smashing numbers.
  • By adhering to columns or outside bets, you’ll maintain more profitable longevity despite not winning 35:1.
  • Once you earn some smaller wins, then you can tackle out on an infrequent hunch and go for the bigger payout bets.

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#3. Be an observer

  • There’s nothing wrong with waiting for a few spins of the roulette online game before you set your foremost bet.
  • Multiple players consider that the table you prefer creates all the differences.
  • Many think that watching for anything that can twist the result is significant.
  • Be observant and that leads you to a final. You can smoothly get taken out, lose a trail of bets, and surrender the potential of the across-the-board game if you consume too much alcohol while playing. Avoid that!

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#4. Select your roulette board table wisely

  • Keep in mind, there is a prominent difference between the American roulette and the European table.
  • The European table odds are boosted by nearly 3% points. It has a zero slot, but the American table has zero and double zero.
  • Determine the table where you have the most suitable odds of winning.
  • You can consistently bet the zero or the double zero, and the odds are 35:1.
  • In the end, always prefer the European wheel when feasible. Every number matters.

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#5. Maintain your winnings separately

  • Suppose you start with $100, and your stake is $15, and win on a queue. You just won $30 and still have your initial bet.
  • Now, bring the $30 and set it in your winning stack. Be it there. Next bet, maybe go for high or low. Or, better yet, black or red.
  • This pays 1:1. So your $15 stays and the $15 win drives to the winning pile.
  • Avoid the lures to start doubling up or running for big numbers to hook up.
  • Observe the roulette dealer, be aware of the wheel, and get a sense of the other participants before becoming overly aggressive.

#6. Practice can make you more promising

  • Visit an online casino site and you will instantly discover that playing roulette online is more suitable than going to a regional casino and nowadays it is feasible to appreciate the game in the company of live dealers. 

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  • There is no fairer manner of testing with new roulette techniques than by eyeing them and in this mode, you can remember a lesson for free.
  • It is essential to practice new online roulette information on virtual currency or at lower limits if you’re not comfy testing them at high bets.
  • Take your time and don’t jump to judgments because the only form of understanding for sure if a plan is worth anything is by utilizing the approach for a long while.

#7. Pick the best online roulette

  • Not all casinos are made identical, and while some brands concentrate on table games, others focus nearly exclusively on slots.
  • One of the best online roulette advice is to discover a casino that has a reliable prestige for being a top roulette destination.
  • Such casinos will usually have a much broader scope of games, both algorithm-based and live tables, than moderate.
  • They will invest not only in traditional French roulette but other versions too, including some creative games with multiple reels and balls.
  • Finding a solid roulette casino is often easier stated than accomplished, but on the HappyIndia88 website, you’ll see more than the 3 best brands that will sparkle your curiosity.

#8. Try the demo version

  • If you are playing RNG games, you’ll basically always have entry to a free demo account, which is one of the most suitable roulette schemes that will aid you to master the game.
  • Demo play is precisely the same as actual play, with one noteworthy difference – you are not playing your stake, but virtual cash. So, whatever wins or losses you make, your deposit will remain undamaged.

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  • You must understand how the demo method is a crucial part of successful roulette play. It allows you to review the whole layout, know how to place wagers, and try the RNG without any monetary risk.

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#9. Know your odds of Roulette

  • European roulette contains 37 numbers whereas, the American roulette table holds 38 numbers.
  • The difference may seem minor, but it can impact the house edge.
  • The house edge on European roulette stands at just 2.7% while, American roulette is at 5.26%.

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  • Further, it would be better if you understand the odds in roulette. It will let you make an advised decision.
  • The below table illustrates the odds as they stand in European and American roulette:


European Roulette

American Roulette

Even money bet48.60%46.37%
Dozen bet32.40%31.58%
Corner bet10.81%10.53%
Split bet5.51%5.26%
Column bet32.40%31.58%
Straight-up bet2.70%2.63%
Topline betNA13.16%
Street bet8.11%7.89%
Double street bet16.22%15.79%

#10. Understand the structure of the Roulette table

  • Just like your regional casino, the design and the odds to win roulette online every time may differ from table to table.
  • Generally, there are 3 types of roulette tables you will come across – European, French, and American.
  • Depending on the layouts, the number of possible bets you can place will vary too.
  • The number of reels is also placed differently in a European and American layout.
  • Besides, it is also necessary to understand the minimum bet that can range from one online casino to another.

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As an efficacious strategy to win roulette online every time, you must not get taken away. Fixed a loss boundary before beginning to play and be sincere to risks that may arrive with gambling. Manage your bankroll efficiently and prevent the temptation of making bigger bets. Preferably, bet small, realize the art of online roulette, and build your bankroll gradually.

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