Is Betway blackjack rigged? Exposed 3 signs to know the fact

Blackjack is a casino card game based on luck. Uncover the 3 signs to know the fact whether Betway blackjack rigged by HappyIndia88 & save yourself from fraud!

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Introduction to Betway blackjack

Betway is one of the most trustworthy online gambling sites in the marketplace, it offers an exclusive variety of sports to bet on and casino games with live dealers. Blackjack is one of the most popular casino card games, based on luck.

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When a player’s overall loss in Betway blackjack is more than his profit, then the question of whether the Betway blackjack rigged or not, it pretty obvious. We are here to help you find an answer on your own. Let’s begin with understanding the simple concepts first.

Understanding house edge & RTP

Every casino player should know these two concepts of the live casino in the online gambling world.

  1. House edge: Whenever a player wins, the house claims a commission, it varies from game to game, which is known as house edge. It provides a mathematical advantage to the house; it can be as low as 0.5% in blackjack and as high as 5% in slot games.
  2. Return to player: Whenever a player places a bet, a payout amount appears on the screen, this amount is returned to the player in form of profit if he wins the bet. RTP can get as high as 99.5% in blackjack and 97% in slot games.

Do you understand the difference between the house edge and RTP now? House edge tells you the casino’s profit, meanwhile, RTP tells the amount of money the house will be returning to the player.

Working of online casinos

Newcomers in the online gambling world, often hear a popular expression, that goes like ‘the house always wins and even many old casino players sometimes wonder whether casinos are rigged.

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  • Online gambling sites are businesses, their ultimate aim is to make a profit and engage their customers in another level of experience.
  • Making their customers feel safe and secure is their main aim so that customers come in to invest more money.

The truth is, if the casino neglects its house edge, then it will run out of business. House edge is not meant to take advantage of customers, it’s meant to keep Betway India in business. Some casinos, mark the words please, some casinos only, not all; manipulate their house edge and RTP to gain more profit.

Is Betway blackjack rigged? Really!

If you are wondering that the house always wins, then you’re wondering right my friend. The house always wins in the overall profit, in the long term as it has a mathematical formula.

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  • But if you’re wondering that Betway blackjack rigged and you can never win, no matter what you do, then you’re wrong.
  • Betway is a legit casino, having 1.2 million active users from India only and licensed by MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) to perform gambling activities legally.

Betway blackjack is not rigged to cheat you. There are far fairer and more legit casinos than there are rigged ones; the ratio is 10:1 and Betway is not the one that cheats on its customers. If nothing satisfies you still, then find whether Betway is legal in India and choose the best for you.

3 Signs to know Betway blackjack rigged

Whenever you visit an online gambling website, look for these three clues to know whether the website is rigged or not. You need to Betway login first to start your Betway blackjack journey. Three clues are mentioned below to determine whether Betway blackjack rigged or not, and to determine any website is rigged or not:

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  1. Frequent defeat: If you lose more often than you should, statistically speaking. The house edge will give you a better idea about this, the greater the house edge, the more potential there is to get higher pay-outs.
  2. Unknown game providers: Look for legit game providers, like Evolution and Pragmatic Play. It’s important to know the credibility of a game provider before you choose to gamble. Choose known game providers with legit software.
  3. Invalid license: If you see a single red flag from the website, then run like a cheetah from it. Before starting online gambling, do thorough research and play with the casino operator who has a valid gaming license.

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We hope you got the answer about whether Betway blackjack rigged or not. We repeat, No! Betway blackjack is not rigged. You can figure out whether a website is rigged or not by tracking the three clues mentioned above. If you’re satisfied with our answer, then sign up at Betway India now and claim welcomes bonuses up to ₹15,000.

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