Is online casino legal in India: Playing online is safe 2022

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If you want to play an online casino legally in India, you must know the site and how you can legally play and set your bets. Many online casino legally available over the internet worldwide and more laws have been enforced on country-wide and state-by-state ground.

Here, you’ll discover about legal online casino in India and, most significantly is online casino legal in India in 2022 or not.

The present standing to check is online casino legal in India

Playing online casinos in India is a growing concern in the Indian parliament. To answer is online casino legal in India – on one side of the parliament, you have people claiming that online casinos should be banned in India. On the other side, you have people supporting a legal but regulated online casino scene.


  • Until a decision is taken by the national Indian government, it is safe to say that online casino legal in India is will be a bit of a grey place.
  • There are no specific laws in India that the authorities can point to that outlaw online casinos.
  • The issue of online casinos exists in a state of being neither legal nor illegal. It is down to each local state to set its ruling on online casinos in their region.
  • Till now, only a few Indian states have passed their lawmaking on online casinos.

Is online casino legal gambling considered a game of chance or skill in India?

India primarily places the games into two broad categories to differentiate them. The two classes are either a Game of Chance or a Game of Skill.

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  • Game of chance: Game of chance are all those games played randomly. These games are based on luck or chance. A player can play these games without any prior learning or experience. For example, playing dice games where you need to pick a number, Etc. Such games are prohibited in India.
  • Game of skill: Game of skill are all those games played based on a player’s prior understanding or experience of the game. A player will need skills like analytical decision-making, rational thinking, ability, Etc. Some games might also mandate some training to win. Such games of online casinos are legal in India by most of the states.

Online casino gamblings license

For an online casino to lawfully work anywhere worldwide, it must hold a gambling license, since it plays an essential role in the gambling industry online.

Is online betting legal in India

  • Gambling licenses are allocated by various jurisdictions and permit the casino to run legal gambling websites in many countries globally.
  • 5 of the most well-known issuing bodies are the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the UK Gambling Commission, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), and Curacao e-gaming license (CURACAO).
  • Essentially, these licenses build government-approved casinos. A license verifies that a casino is operating legally and securely.

7 legal status of online casinos in India for gambling in 2022

  1. Horse racing and lotteries are legal in India. Horse racing implicates some prior skills so, it isn’t all about considering gambling
  2. Many Indian states have legalized lotteries. Those are Goa, Kerala, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, Punjab, Nagaland, West Bengal, and Sikkim
  3. Land-based and online casino legal in the Indian states of Goa, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Daman under the Public Gambling Act, 1976
  4. Maharashtra has prohibited gambling and believes gambling as illegal under the Bombay Prevention of Gambling Act, 1887
  5. E-gaming (games of chance) has been legalized in Sikkim and Nagaland.
  6. Telangana and Arunachal Pradesh consider the game of skill as illegal as per the Telangana State Gaming Act, 1974
  7. The Meghalaya Act specifies a licensing control for games of chance, specifically including games like slots, roulette, keno, wheel of fortune, baccarat, Etc.

India online casino gambling laws

The live online casino legal gambling laws in India are quite complicated, not to mention outdated. The laws of betting date back either decades or over a century. A few states have begun to revise their laws, but most still depend on ancient laws.

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One of the things that drive these laws so unessential is that most are authored long before the internet even existed, indicating there aren’t any explicit online casino legal gambling laws.


IT ACT 2000


  • In 1867, the Indian government settled they required to smash down on public gambling places & they formed the Public Gambling Act of 1867.
  • As a centralized law, it restricted and specified the forfeitures for running a public casino clubhouse.
  • Under the law, there is nothing that states that online casino gambling at a gaming company based outside of India is illegal. It signifies international sites are legal
  • By 2000, the government had recognized that they must make a law to deal with cybercrime, so the Information Technology Act (2000) was born.
  • The act specifies cybercrimes and defines suitable penalties for executing them.
  • Since online casino gambling isn’t cited anywhere in the Act, it is up to the understanding of the courts. Till date, no court has operated this Act to punish online casino gamblers.
  • Though the Public Gambling Act relates to online casino gambling through the country, an individual state can amend or modify laws at a state level.
  • State gambling regulations differ greatly from being very liberal, like Goa, to extremely strict like Tamil Nadu.
  • Only a few states have defined internet gambling laws – indicating that you can voluntarily place your bets online without the worry of consequence.

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The legal status of online casinos in India in 2022 requires updating various gambling laws that are more consistent. The government must step up its game by establishing a valid legal framework on the subject. Thus, you can believe the answer of is online casino in legal in India? Yes, it is legal.


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