New poker app in India for mobile experience – Get ₹12,000

Download the brand new poker app in India to play via mobile in 2022, recommended by HappyIndia88. Know the 5 best poker apps & win actual money up to ₹12,000!

Ranking of 5 best poker apps in India to play via mobile

Know the best 5 poker apps in India to play using mobile application with real money, recommended by HappyIndia88.



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Poker is a card game where a player must either call or bet or raise or stake or fold. It is most famous in North America, where it was invented. Although numerous poker variants are defined – they all share specific essential highlights.

A poker hand is made of 5 cards. The worth of the hand is inversely proportional to its mathematical frequency; that is, the more unique the card combination, the higher the hand ranks.

New poker app in India – W88 Poker

If you want to spend quality time, you must play poker on the new poker app – W88 Poker. It is offering amazing rewards that come with games that have excellent gameplay.


  • In W88 Poker – a new poker app, winning technique, and luck can be just as necessary. Counting on your game’s knowledge, the tables can hinge on your assets just as fast.
  • W88 Poker also has a few alternative variations to present you with all the betting enjoyment you need.
  • For those who are aware of the classic online poker game, you’ll be glad to hear that W88 Poker hasn’t modified the technicians.
  • All it has done is adjust the game to its digital interface while maintaining its signature dynamics.
    W88 players can pick several themed deviations including their convenient Tournament choices.

5 Notable new poker app features

  • Are you curious about using the W88 Poker – a new poker app? That’s significant because it’s a relatively uncomplicated approach to utilize.
  • Beginners are always being enabled to give the interface a go because it’s implied to be beginner-friendly by format.
  • On W88 Poker iOS and Android – for mobile devices, you will hold quite a few choices at hand.
    W88 specializes in specific Poker Tournament themed preferences that you might be interested in. The options are as follows:


  1. Bounty Hunters – In this selection, you can make a reward for every player you hit out of every round. This bounty arrives in extra to the usual jackpot reward amount you can succeed.
  2. Omaholic – A bunch of daily games that are named the Omaha series. You can play them in tags like Bounty, Rebuy, and Freezeout.
  3. T$ Builder – A W88 Poker App game with a jackpot that results from your initial buy-ins. It’s a sort of tourney that operates for 30 minutes within various levels of buy-ins.
  4. Chinese Zodiac Freerolls – The game is a free tourney choice. Players must only wish a certain zodiac animal avatar as a cost. The game is highly advised for practice runs.
  5. Daily Guarantees – In these games, you can claim prize shares worth 100,000. On Sundays, the jackpot will double up to 200,000. As the name signifies, these headings are daily games with daily awards.

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W88 Poker App is one of the best modern iterations of the classic card game under new poker apps in India. You can look forward to winning huge bonuses while getting to play unusual and exceptional variations. Ensure to review W88’s entire Poker menu and try them all ASAP. Sign up now and download new poker apps in India – W88 Poker to your device.

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