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Online betting is forbidden in most states in India. Gambling rules and regulations differ from one state to another. Know the legality to play sports & casino!


Online betting rules in India are ambiguous and open to interpretation. If you ask 50 various people about the legitimacy of betting in India and you’ll get 50 various replies. Here, HappyIndia88 will attempt to provide you with a detailed but concise summary of the present legal situation.


The year 2021 noticed a slew of online betting rules being handed across India. Some states have set outright prohibitions, while others have driven restrictive revisions to exist laws ruling online gambling.
Online betting is regulated in India at the federal and state levels. On the federal phase, gambling is primarily managed by 2 or 3 acts depending on who you request:

#1. The Public Gambling Act of 1867

  • The Public Gambling Act of 1867 made it unlawful to drive a gaming house or be seen in one.
  • The act defines a gaming house as “any house, walled chamber, room or place, playing or gaming with cards, dice, counters, money or other tools of gaming or is discovered there attending for gaming, whether playing for any funds, wager, stake or otherwise.” The punishment for being noticed in one is up to a month in prison.
  • This act predates the internet by agreeably over a hundred years so there’s a fair agreement of discussion as to whether or not it involves online gambling.

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#2. Prize Competition Act, 1955

  • The Prize Competition Act, 1955 appears to address a very distinct type of online betting rules, but it has been analyzed as using all formats of gaming in which a reward is granted.
  • In brief, the act forbids prize competitors in which the awards exceed a thousand rupees a month.
  • The act describes “prize competition” with the following text: “‘prize competition’ signifies any competition in which prizes are proposed for the solution of any puzzle based upon the structure, arrangement, combination, or permutation of letters, phrases, or figures.”

#3. The Information Technology Act of 2000

  • The Information Technology Act of 2000 is even more challenging than the other 2 acts expressed earlier because it’s so wide in range.
  • This act still generates a great value of debate today due to its ambiguous terminology and brutal penalties for a wide range of offenses.
  • Like the other 2 acts, the Information Technology Act doesn’t particularly cite online betting rules.
    However, the below text can be analyzed to use to internet wagering: “Sending an abusive message via electronic norms – Transmitting any information via an electronic message that is grossly offensive or has threatening personality and might cause abuse, harm, criminal oppression, hatred, disgust, or ill intention, etc. or transmitting such mail intended to mislead or to fool the addressee or recipient about the source of such messages”
  • A violation of this part of the act may result in detention for up to 3 years and unspecified criminality.

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Online gambling rules in India are disconnected, badly penned, and aimlessly implemented. The truth of it all for online betting precisely is that people across India gamble online every day. There are no regulations that outlaw the sheer act of putting a few bets online. If you live in India, you have entrance to a broad scope of online casinos, sportsbooks, and poker rooms.
There’s no sense to restrict yourself from relishing the excitement and comfort provided by gaming websites. In most places, betting over the internet is more securer than playing it in person. Millions of Indians already gamble online and haven’t retained legal problems till today.


The legal position of online gambling in India in 2021 demands updating varied online betting rules that are more constant. Online betting in India, being a state matter permits the states to push frame laws to handle such moves within their states. This article critically analyzed the online betting rules in India and described what lies along and the reason to legalize it.

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