3 Strong Online Gambling Cases in India- Undefined Laws 2022

Laws are based on three elements: 1. Chance vs Skill, 2. Location, & 3. Online vs Offline. Learn to be vigilant with the 3 Online Gambling Cases in India 2022!


What is Online Gambling?

Gambling is one of the most popular past times for Indians, digitalisation era helped the players to bring gambling on their devices. Giving birth to an era of online gambling, all the things that punters could do in offline traditional gambling homes, they can do it now on their devices in the comfort of home. Punters need to deposit their money using multiple payment modes on online casino gambling platforms and wager the stakes on bets they want to play.


Around 40% of Indians showed their interest in online gambling platforms by visiting, playing, and engaging in online games like poker, baccarat, sic bo, blackjack, 3 Patti, Andar Bahar, Roulette, etc. Punters can also bet on sports matches throughout the world while watching the match. Experience an advanced level of online gambling through digitalization and

Online Gambling Laws in India 2022

The only deciding factor that can ensure the legality of online gambling activities in India is the laws. In India, there’s no definite law on online gambling; Gambling laws were made before the invention of the internet and haven’t been altered nationally since then. Those gambling laws were made on basis of traditional gambling techniques in houses. Hence, they are not applicable to online gambling, they are more like guidelines.


Is online gambling legal in India? Yes! Different state has their own power to create online gambling laws on the state level. The best way to know whether you can play online gambling without risking must consider looking into the online gambling laws of the state you are residing in. Not all online games are illegal and considered gambling. There are three elements that decide whether an online gambling game is legal in your region or not.

Online vs Offline Gambling Laws

As mentioned above, gambling laws were made before the internet come into existence. Therefore, most of the laws you read for gambling are for offline gambling games that are played in houses. Hence, there are rare online gambling laws made for online betting and gambling platforms. Some states are reforming their gambling laws focusing on online gambling platforms and issues related to them. Further in the article, you’ll learn 3 known state cases made to regulate online gambling in India.


Chance vs Skill – Legislation Laws

Gambling acts are not precisely written in the Indian constitution, the game will be determined as gambling or not will depend on the way of playing the game. If the game requires a set of skills, it is not considered gambling but if the game is based on pure luck, then it is considered gambling. Supreme Court of India in Dr. K.R. Lakshmanan v. State of Tamil Nadu case stated…

  • Game of chance: Gambling is a prize won by chance, be it rolling of dice in sic bo, spinning of the wheel in roulette, and shuffling of cards in baccarat and blackjack. Gambling is determined on the basis of mere luck, the conclusion of such games are based on prediction and are completely uncertain. The result of online gambling is unpredictable to the human mind, no human can predict the accurate roll of the dice every time.
  • Game of skill: On the other hand, the game of skill can be won again and again. But even in the game of skill, the element of luck cannot be separated. In the game of skill, winning depends primarily on knowledge, techniques, training, adroitness, and experience. For instance, golf, rummy, and poker are the games of skill with a tint of luck.

Supreme Court of India considers these two elements of the game, skill or chance, that determine the mere character of the game. If the luck element dominates the game, then that game is considered gambling. If skill element predominates the game, it is not considered gambling in sportsbooks.

Location of conducting the Gambling

Indian laws on gambling are not entirely clear when it comes to the constitution, it’s still the topic of high discussion in courts. One factor that still has to be discussed in the courts is the uniform location. Location for playing online gambling sites still remains in the grey area. Gambling laws were created before the emergence of the internet, hence they vaguely share information on online gambling activities. Online gambling laws for different states differ in every aspect. This creates online gambling legal in India, while offline gambling conducted in houses is illegal.


3 Online Gambling Cases in India to enlighten

Learn to be vigilant with the 3 Online Gambling Cases in India 2022 & do yourself a favor of researching all about online gambling laws in your region before playing online gambling games.

#1. Petition by Advocate Atul Batra in Delhi High Court

Delhi Court issued a notice regarding the plea for regulations in online gambling laws in India by Advocate Atul Batra. Gambling is a state subject and hence, the division of Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Sachin Datta bench is just a responsive party, not responsible. Gambling is a state subject under List II of Schedule VII in the Indian Constitution.

  • Advocate Atul Batra plead the writ of mandamus to consider online gambling games illegal that are based on luck. Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Sports is also respondent in the bench and decision-making process.
  • However, after the hearing, it is clear that no law can be binding on every state without consent. As mentioned before, gambling comes under state legislation to decide. The national government can’t force every state to consider online gambling illegal.

#2. Police approached CERT-IN to stop online gambling

Aurangabad police reached CERT-IN to cease the online gambling platforms running without authorization. CERT-IN is an agency that deals with cybersecurity. They didn’t condemn the online gambling platforms, just the ones without the proper authorization to do so. Cyber Police are authorized to check illegal online gambling websites to cease, suspend, and ban. This practice is important to keep the fraudulent exercise in check and save the citizens from losing their money to unauthorized platforms. Learn before you lose & always choose reputable online betting India sites to bet on sportsbooks.

#3. K.R. Lakshmanan vs State Of Tamil Nadu

The case involves a horse racing club in Madras, The Madras Race Club was formed in 1896 and registered as a company in the 1956 Act. The main principle of business is horse racing in Madras Race Club. The case was put forth to stop horse racing and consider it gambling and illegal in the high court. When the petition was dismissed by the high court, it was further taken to the Supreme court for justice and went for a hearing.


Supreme Court considered horse racing as a game of skill since it requires keen observing skills to predict the winner of the race. Section 49 of the Police Act in gaming zone considered horse racing as legal gambling in India. Further, it is considered a game of skill with keen requirements of observing skills.

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The gaming industry in India has a size of ₹30 Billion the date, it is estimated to double in the upcoming 5 years. Even with vague laws, the online gambling industry is thriving, some states are trying their best to save the youngest players from extreme losses by making understanding laws. But, even they can’t neglect this growing industry, like the alcohol industry. As mentioned above, 3 online gambling cases in India might provide you the stand to research. HappyIndia88 recommends researching the online gambling laws of your region before participating in any kind of online gambling.

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