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Lightning Baccarat Evolution is a live dealer baccarat game that boasts an RTP of 98.76% with a lower bet of ₹199 and a maximum of ₹50,000 wagers. This online baccarat variant is available on desktop & mobile and emphasizes multipliers and Evolution gaming’s professionally trained live dealers.

Introduction to lightning baccarat at Dafabet India

Evolution Gaming at Dafabet extends its game portfolio by establishing a lightning baccarat variant in January 2020. The lightning franchise is an ingenious and impressive vision where you can achieve electrifying multipliers while playing your favored table games. Lightning Baccarat online is played with a charming live dealer who deals the cards to the player and banker spot of the table.


This nerve exhilarating baccarat version counts new levels of drama to the classic baccarat game. In other terms, ready for the finest online baccarat experience. HappyIndia88 will reveal to you everything that you must know!

How to play lightning baccarat at Dafabet India online – Within 3 steps

If you have ever played normal Baccarat online, then you don’t have a concern with the primary purpose of the game. The best online casino website for Indian gamblers is Dafabet to play lightning Baccarat online via evolution gaming.

Just observe the 3 steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Access Dafabet India, Login & Select Live Dealer

  • The first and foremost step will be choosing the most beneficial online casino site which has Live lightning baccarat online: Dafabet India.


  • Access the website and login into your account. If you are not a member yet, then complete your Dafabet Registration and follow the next step.
  • Once you are logged in to the Dafabet account, you need to go to the Live dealer menu from the menu bar and look for evolution gaming.

Step 2: Choose ‘Lightning Baccarat’ by Evolution (Evo Live at Dafabet)

  • Find the Evolution – Evo Live section from the listing of the numerous live dealer games.


  • Click on the Play now or EVO Live button and you will be redirected to the new window of Evolution gaming.


  • Go to the search bar to find the Lightning Baccarat table and choose the one that appears below by clicking the Play button.
  • A charming live dealer will appear in front of your screen to begin the fun play Lightning Baccarat online at Dafabet India.

Step 3: Place a bet minimum ₹100 & enjoy earnings

  • Once a game begins, as a player, you must predict the side: Player or Banker will win the round with a hand worth nearest to 9.


  • It is still that straightforward. Count a fascinating lighting impact to the game, a spontaneous multiplier around, and you’ve got yourself live lightning Baccarat.
  • Before placing bets, you must understand the importance of the cards that are used in Lightning Baccarat online. As said, the dealer will draw cards from a rack holding 8 shuffled decks.
  • Aces are rated the lowest and hold 1 point each. Cards from 2 to 9 are valued as per their numerical face number. Kings, Queens, Jacks, and 10s are counted as zero worth.
  • Choose the bet Chip of ₹100
  • Predict the winner between Player, Banker, and Tie
  • Confirm the bet within 10 seconds of a time limit.

Note: The suits of the cards do not impact the manner a hand is formed; only the numerical significances matter.

Live Lightning Baccarat – Side Bets

When completing side bets in, you are wagering that the player’s or banker’s 2 initial cards will be groups. Find the side bets in Lightning Baccarat online gaming as below:

  • Player Pair: if the 2 initial cards traded to the Player are a pair
  • Banker Pair: if the 2 initial cards traded to the Banker are a pair

The Return to Player (RTP) for side bets is 88.35%. The payout for side bets in live lightning Baccarat is 9:1.

Payout Table

If a player set a bet on the winning hand he will receive the payout as per the payout table below. If a player’s winning hand holds a lightning card, the winning will be multiplied by the worth of the particular card – 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x.

Player1 – 512: 1
Banker1 – 512: 1
Tie5 – 1,310,720:1
P Pair9 – 576:1
B Pair9 – 576:1

The interface of live lightning Baccarat

Baccarat online has been brought to a new status with this world-class game. Aside from the exciting gameplay, you can appreciate an inventive and exquisite interface.


When the round begins, players will have 15 seconds to set their betting chips. While completing the bets, you can notice the bet stake on the individual bet spot and how many players have put bets in the respective wagers. When the 10-second timer has passed, the lightning game round starts.

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Live lightning Baccarat online is a sensation title from Evolution Gaming provider. The variety of the primary game and to play lighting baccarat online at the Dafabet cards component bring the next level of excitement to the screen. This is a 100% recommendable game by HappyIndia88. You will demand to stick to all the conventional gaming rules, but keep an eye on the inventions that Evolution has contained in it.

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