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Hello, gamblers! Eager to know the poker rules? Wanna master the game and grab those amazing cash payouts. Well, here’s a perfect guide to get you there. Let us start with basic poker rules and then learn the strategies to win the poker game.

What are Poker Rules for beginners? 

Online Poker starts with 2-10 players in a hand and a pack of 52 deck cards is used. Playing Poker is very simple, you just need to know the basic working of the game and strategize your bets accordingly.


Basic rules to play Texas Hold’em Poker

  • There is a dealer who starts the game by distributing two cards to each player. The players must ensure that they have high-ranking cards in order to win the game.
  • The betting rounds in a poker game depends on which type of poker you’re playing. There are 3 card poker, 5 card poker, stud poker and so on.
  • However, if you’re playing the most popular Texas Hold’em Poker, which is a five-card poker, then here is how you play Texas Hold’em Online.
  • Once the dealer has distributed two cards to each player, the betting round called “Pre-flop” begins.
  • Two cards are distributed and the players have the option to either a) Call (level the amount in the pot).b) Raise (raise the bet amount in the pot) or c) Fold (drop all the chips to the pot).


  • The very first player to the left of the dealer is the Small Blind and he has to add a certain amount compulsorily to the pot.
  • The player sitting next to the Small Blind is Big Blind and he has to compulsorily add double the amount of small blind to the pot.
  • After the first betting round ends, the dealer places three cards on the table and again a betting round starts which is called “Community cards” or “Flop.”


  • The purpose of community cards is to make a winning hand or high-ranking card combination by adding that card.
  • In this round, along with the previous options, players also have an option to Check (Placing no bets but staying in hand).
  • Once the Flop round is finished, the dealer places one more card on the table called “TURN.” Again a betting round happens and the dealer places the last community card on the table called “RIVER.”


  • A final betting round happens, and the player with the highest-ranking card combination wins the match.

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Poker Hand Rankings – strongest to weakest

After knowing the poker rules, now it’s time to know the winning part, that is the calculation! The poker rules chart is very easy to understand, no rocket science at all. Just a calm breath and start reading the poker rules chart to understand and strategise your winning hand according to it.


  1. Royal Flush: It is the rarest but highest hand combination in the poker game. It follows the pattern 10, J, Q, K, A of the same suit.
  2. Straight Flush: It is similar to Royal Flush as it follows the same pattern of any five cards in a sequence of the same suit that is not Royal Flush.
  3.  4 of a kind: Any four cards with the same face value irrespective of the suit.
  4. Full House: A pair of three cards with the same face value in different suits with a pair of two same rank cards in different suits.
  5. Flush: A combination of five cards of the same suit irrespective of the face value is a flush.
  6. Straight: Five cards of any suit in a sequential order is a straight hand.
  7. 3 of a kind: The three cards that have the same face value with different suits is a 3 of a kind hand.
  8. Two pair: Two sets of different cards with the same face value is a two pair hand combination.
  9. One pair: A hand combination having one pair of the same face value and different suits.
  10. High card: This is the lowest-ranked hand combination which has only one high card to win the bet.

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Basic Poker strategies – beginner’s must know

Every Poker game has the same set of rules. The only difference is the number of cards dealt in a hand, and the betting rounds depend on it. Apart from knowing the poker rules, let us know various poker strategies to begin your online betting journey.

Avoid too much calling 

Beginners have this tendency of calling a lot rather than placing a bet. Always remember, Betting is wiser than calling. If you think calling would do any good for you, then you’re highly mistaken. Poker game requires strategical thinking and high prediction skills in order to master the game.

Presume the cards of your opponent

This might sound fake, but there are so many poker players who have played in a lot of hands and are able to assume the cards of their opponent. As the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect,” it truly applies here as well. With more practice, you’ll inculcate the skills to assume and strategise your bets as per the winning hands.

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How to play Poker for real money?

Now you know the Poker rules and the basic strategies to improve your betting game, so let’s try our some hands!

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Weren’t the Poker rules simple and easy to understand? Just understand the poker rules chart and avoid the certain mistakes made by rookies and start practising your hands on any credible poker online site. This is it! After playing multiple hands, you’ll be confident enough to place your bets. GET! SET! POKER!

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