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How to play poker?

Start playing the game in just three steps. Choose a valid website with the best offers and game choices you like and start winning outstanding jackpots to take home. With this guide, you can enjoy playing and earning in under 5 minutes!

Is Poker Legal in India? - Find more about the best Sites in India

It is essential to know about the Casino site before you start your game on it. As there are many fraudsters online, you need to be aware and check the following list of pointers from letting yourself get fooled by any of those.

  • Live casino broadcasts: A live Casino is an option for the players to play games from different angles and with live dealers.
  • Licensed: A legal website is one that has a license of either PACGOR, CURACAO, or IOS GSC.
  • Best promotional offers and bonuses: Official & legal online betting sites provide tons of promotions and bonus offers to attract new players.
  • Smooth deposit-withdrawal process: A top-quality online poker site ensures a smooth flow of transactions 24×7.

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What is an online poker game?


Poker online is a card game with its roots deep down to ancient times. With so multiple variants of a game spanning decades, it has become the most popular betting game in Live Casino. It is a 52-deck card game played among 6-8 players, including a dealer. The game goes with multiple rounds of betting and adding chips to the pot. The essential fundamental of the poker online game is that the player with the best card combination wins the pot (bet).
There are many types, and each has its separate rules to follow. However, the basic gameplay remains the same. Online game has flourished and took the attention of numerous gamblers worldwide.

Want to know the basics of the game? Read the article How to play Poker online for beginners to win jackpots!

What are the types of poker?

Poker India is the best game on every legal and legitimate online casino site. Start gambling and winning bets with the most popular online games below:

Texas Hold'em/ Hold'em Poker


It is a five-card game wherein there are three rounds of betting. Initially, 3 poker cards are revealed, and, a round of betting takes place. Then, one card with a betting round and then the last card with a betting round. This is the most popular game variant that amuses gamblers to bet on.

Poker 5 cards


The rules of the 5 cards are a bit different. However, it is identical to a stud card game with only one exception the player can change cards and can buy or exchange 1 or 2 cards here. The payout patterns also differ from other games.

Hold'em Casino


Another very popular version of a game with a live dealer option and outstanding graphics is a must-try. Here, you can put bets on the Live Casino broadcast with a hot & sexy live dealer to host the game.

Poker 13 cards


13 cards or a Chinese Poker cards game in English, is the game wherein players are supposed to arrange their hands according to the highest value and compete with the opponent.

Poker 4 cards


4 card type is supposed to be the most straightforward game to play. However, it does demand a high level of skill to win the match. It is equivalent to 3 cards wherein the participants are 5 cards, and they have to make the best four-card combination to win.

Poker 3 cards


This Poker card game is much similar to Dragon Tiger and Baccarat. The game is separated into two sides: the player’s hand and the dealer’s hand. The basic concept of the player with the best hand combination wins the bet remains the same.

What are the rules of poker?

Before beginning your poker online betting game, it is essential that you learn some basic rules to know the actual gameplay. Here are the basic rules a beginner must know:



  • Small Blind: The player sitting next to the dealer on the left and is forced to start the betting.
  • Big Blind: The player next to the small blind is also forced to place a bet.
  • Dealer: The one who is the last to place a bet.
  • Flop: A community wherein a player can exchange it with the cards in his hand to make the best combination.
  • Fold: Drop the bet.
  • Call: To place a bet.
  • Raise: Increase the amount in the pot by adding chips.
  • Check: No bets.

Know about the Poker rules for beginners to win jackpots!

Poker Hands

The most necessary and the major aspect that decides the winning or losing of any player. The hand raking must be known to make the best hand combination to win the bet.

Hand Ranking Type



Royal Flush

The most famous hand in a Poker game is a royal flush that cannot be defeated. It consists of the ace, king, queen, jack, and ten of an individual set.


Straight Flush

Five cards in the same set order. For a tie, the highest rank at the top of the order wins.


Four of a Kind

Four cards the same rank, and one side card, or a Kicker. For a tie, the player with the highest side card wins the round.


Full House

Three cards an identical rank, and two cards another matching series. For a tie, the highest three matching cards win the game.



Three cards an identical rank, and two cards another matching series. For a tie, the highest three matching cards win the game.



Five non-fitted cards in order. For a tie, the highest-ranking card at the top of the order wins.


Three of a Kind

Three cards the identical rank, and two are not relevant side cards. For a tie, a player with the highest, or sometimes, second-highest side card (kicker), wins.


Two Pair

Two cards resembling rank, two cards of another matching rank, and one kicker. If both players have an equal Two Pair, the highest kicker wins.



Two cards with matching rank and three are not related side cards. For a tie, the player with the highest, and if needed, second or third-highest side card wins.


High Card

Any hand that does not fit under the categories posted. For a tie, the highest card wins, such as Ace high.


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What are the strategies in poker?

Get to know the basic tips and tricks to start your game as a beginner. These basic strategies can take you a long way ahead to win huge jackpots.

Comprehend the rules and psychology

Poker-comprehend the rules

The major mistake that most beginners commit is to playing in multiple hands. The game calls for high-level thinking and assuming capabilities to make the best hand and beat your opponent. Avoid calling for multiple hands and concentrate on one to win the match.

Presume cards of your opponent


Although this sounds so unfaithful, some gamblers have the ability to assume beforehand, the cards of their opponent. This happens because they have played too many games types and became the master of it.

Get yourself registered today on the most trusted and popular online sites to play the game and start your winning journey! This guide will help you know all the basic things before starting on any platform. Happy Gaming!