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India's Best 5 Slot gaming Casino Ranking 2021

This article describes the primary features of slot game. Read, what is a slot game, where does it come from, and how does it run.








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2 Popular online slots sites - Get ₹100 Free bonus & ₹250 Free credit

Find the best online casinos in Indian Rupees, offering a top Free Bonus with no deposit on all betting games. Happyindia88 listed the 2 best choices currently available and high payout rates. Fun88 and W88 are the current top sites for Indian online casino players in 2021.

FUN88: Get ₹100 Free bonus no Deposit

  • Fun88’s Free ₹100 on email verification is a free credit that the online casino website offered this promotion to satisfy the new players and all inexperienced bettors.
  • To be able to earn free money without a deposit at Fun88 to place bets, play multiple games. Get it for the first time without even demanding a single Rupee of your own money.


W88: Get ₹250 Free Credit



  • For the online betting website W88, the play demo slot version is one of the most famous games on the internet. With the theme slots that are available for members to pick from several links.
  • It is also safe and has a payout rate of more than 1.91 % with a free credit of ₹250 on account safety.

Beginning of slot Gambling - Slots 2021 - How do they work?

Slots started in the late 18th century from traditional slot machines before increasingly developing digital slot gaming and enhancing the top online slots today.

  • A slot game or slot machine is a betting game to spin & win prizes. There will be a symbol marked on it.
  • When a player places a bet and click on the spin button, all the symbols face up in one row.
    Players will be rewarded according to the payout percentage of that figure.
  • Slot jackpots are cash prizes that will be delivered more and more until there is a winner.
  • The slot jackpot will be displayed on the screen of the slot game that you play online.
  • Jackpot payouts are always estimated as the most powerful evaluation scale.
  • Slot tournaments are conceptually built by the game’s partner. Player-to-player tournaments organized by slot providers.
  • Slot tournaments are shown according to the designated period. Normally, one week with a decided minimum bet.
  • At the end of the tournament, a player holding the highest stake will receive a reward of a slot tournament named: LIONS DANCE TOURNAMENT by a slot game provider from the PRAGMATIC PLAY club.

3 Steps to learn how to play slot gambling & get a free credit

Find the 3 step guide to learn playing slot online and get a free bonus of ₹100!

Is playing slot games online legal in India?

To play the slot, the player needs to set a bet. Then click on the SPIN button to make the reels spin, wait for the outcome and watch the symbols that arrive on the screen whether they come in the same line or not.

Online slot are computerized games that are available on multiple slots gambling websites. Open for product service in international lands.

Read to know if online slots are legal to play in India!


5 Highlights of online Slots 2021

From a numerical view, it will be observed that slots are not games where players hold an advantage. 

Know the Slots rules to play online that can make you win a 130% bonus up to ₹30,000!

  1. Return-to-Player (RTP) is a term applied to explain the rate that a slot pays back to its players. For instance, $100 if you bet on slots with 90% RTP, you may get up to $90 cashback if you win.
  2. In other terms, the higher the RTP, the more beneficial for the player. 
  3. Hence, RTP is a measure for estimating the best slot gambling for players.
  4. The house edge is the similar results that a casino will draw from a player’s betting series across time, whether you lose or win.
  5. For instance, the casino odds baccarat game is 1.06, which indicates that each $100 wagered casino will make a $1.06 earnings regardless you win or lose.

6 benefits of online slots gambling

6 elements that attract influential people to be most engaged in playing slots online.


1. Unwinding simplicity: Just click the spin button to make the reels move and be ready for the result when it stops without analyzing or planning anything.
2. Never dull: With great graphics and thousands of varied themes from slot games providers that often deliver new slots games every week.
3. High Payout Percentages: If Baccarat has a payout ratio of 1:1, the minimum payout ratio of the slot is 1:1.5, which is 0.4% greater.
4. Low stakes: Players can use a long time spinning the slots, probably spending only a few hundred.
5. Random result from bet history: There is no link on results at all to assures rights for all players.
6. Slot jackpots are impressive: When it comes to slots, users tend to believe in enormous jackpots that can be accomplished from thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions.

Even from a numerical prospect, the player’s possibilities of losing bets are high. 

9 Mistakes to be avoided in playing slot games online 2021

Online slots are broadly available with many parts, themes, and highlights available, executing it rather effortless to pre-select your preferred one. 

  1. Play too long, lose the power of money. As per the statistics from the explanations shared. Most players failed because they got held in the game.
  2. Newly joined players and members tend to suffer more than they win. Because they don’t bother about managing the significance of cash they play too much play. Hence, to win a slot, players must command their capital and executing events well.
  3. The slot is encouraged by favorite movies or TV shows like Game of Throne, Walking dead, Sexy in the city, and many more.
    All those slot have a comparatively high return budget due to authorized fees, and the player must be the one who spends this price.
  4. The slots game with low RTP % payback to players whether in jackpot style or other forms.
    It plays an essential part in picking a slot. Members must prefer a game with a high RTP %. The higher the RTP, the better for the player.
    Note: Never play slot online with an RTP is below 90%.
  5. Big odds slot are different from other games. Because it only demands a few seconds, the player can identify the outcome and win or lose which is very quick. So if you bet extremely big, your money will spread out quickly, and it’s the reason you’re tired from the slot.
  6. Failure to learn the rules and reward payouts. It is a misconception most players tend to skip explaining the rules for playing a particular slot game.
  7.  Playing multiple slot at the same time won’t help you win because the result of the slot is a combination of random numbers and will also cost you a lot of money.
  8.  Using the AUTO SPIN button incorrectly and way too much will make the player lose money.
  9.  For newcomers, you may not be familiar with playing slot for a long time to win the high-money jackpot. However, when you know how to play. You should pick a slot game including a jackpot because the winning chances of the jackpot are big as well.

Best 8 Slots Practices for newly joined members

You need expert advice and practice. Find the following expertise to share information with all slots beginners.

  1.  Learn the slot games rules besides the SPIN button. Always focus on the payout ratio of every slot game.
  2. Pick among low bets and high payouts; it will benefit beginners to get familiar with the slot rules.
  3. The purpose is to reduce failing bets and familiarize yourself with the main rules of the game. Hence, you must select a slot with cheap stakes rates.
  4. Prefer to play jackpots slot. Once you understand how it works, players must get engaged in the slot’s jackpot payouts. Because the results of the slot online are estimated based on random numbers leading to the winning chances.
  5. The least bet jackpot Slot online gambling needs a separate minimum bet. Players must prefer the minimum bet first to get the beat of the slot game.
  6. Pick a slot with a high RTP %. The higher the slot’s RTP, the greater the player’s possibility of winning.
  7. Manage your capital, playing time, and spin pace. Using the AUTO SPIN button too many times will lose you more money. Fix precise playing ends and try to stop commanding the game automatically.
  8. Discover online slot websites that give away free credits without any deposit.

6 Ranking models at Happyindia88 for Slots 2021

Happyindia88’s slots specialists have distinguished 6 fundamental ideas to rank good and well-known slots sites. Through the practice of playing slots games for more than 8 years from Happyindia88 club members.

Know the top-ranking online betting brands in India for new gamblers!

  1. Must be an international betting site because it will be high confidentiality of private information safe for players in India.
  2. The website must have a promotion for engaging slots like free bets with no deposit, free spins, and a bonus scheme for playing slots for the first time.
  3. A site must have a least deposit percentage
  4. Must have distinct types of slots to pick from.
  5. Availability of jackpot slots with high payout rates and low stakes.
  6. Mobile app support for playing slots or with a stable mobile interface.